Kaiyō Hainan B & G Marine Center

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Kaiyō Hainan B & G Marine Center
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Kaiyō Hainan B & G Marine Center

6 hours ago

Kaiyō Hainan B & G Marine Center

9 hours ago

Kaiyō Hainan B & G Marine Center

12 hours ago

Kaiyō Hainan B & G Marine Center

15 hours ago

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Comments (10)

MD 12/06/14 17:47

Mira(cle)   Well done!  :)

MD 12/06/14 17:25

Carol... that's good to hear. I'm going to put this link on The Bench. Mira said the other day that anything that needed tweaking could be put there so she will find it. I think this qualifies for a darned good tweak!!!!  LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/06/14 17:14

Lol, I have not been back to work yet. Doctor won't release me. But I have been getting out a lot more. 

MD 12/06/14 17:07

Hey Carol.... I only mentioned you yesterday!!!  I said that I'd seen nothing of you for a week so you must be back at work. Go on.... tell me you've not been at work but had a short break somewhere!  :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/06/14 17:03

Hey Mira? help!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/24/14 14:19

Another Mira. I am not having a lot of luck this morning, lol.

Steve Sharp 06/08/14 20:04

Could be placed here  to catch the sunrise thay are beautiful.

Mira Bilis 03/05/14 22:19

It is a lovely view.  I like to think some people out there simply place cameras in strategic positions purely to share the beauty .... I can relate to that.  :-)

MD 03/05/14 22:12

It's a lovely view but I wonder why the cam is there. Unless it's just to let us see how beautiful it is.


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