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Strandpaviljoen Lage Duintjes
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Strandpaviljoen Lage Duintjes

35146 hours ago

Strandpaviljoen Lage Duintjes

35149 hours ago

Strandpaviljoen Lage Duintjes

35152 hours ago

Strandpaviljoen Lage Duintjes

35155 hours ago

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Comments (25)

indigo 04/19/16 11:09

Nice clear sunny day, wish I were here...

indigo 04/08/16 09:05

Looks like they are putting up a change area or something...

MD 04/01/16 12:43

Hi Indigo ...... a couple of different views of this place. You know ...... it's not too far for me to visit. LOL

indigo 04/01/16 10:37

Another nice day and the porch is packed with people !!

MD 03/31/16 11:15

Hi Indigo ... it's in the 50's. It does look a nice place to visit....... :D

indigo 03/31/16 10:24

Must be warmer, people out on porch and door open. Wish I were there...

indigo 03/17/16 11:16

Putting the sand back on the beach (resanding the beach) ? Haha....

indigo 02/28/16 12:47

NQ, I had 60 yesterday and very sunny til about 3:00 then turned cloudy and windy.

N Q 02/27/16 13:36

indigo I'm not sure if your temps are going to be the same as mine today but they're saying it's suppose to get up to 54°. If it does get that warm then I'll probably be wearing short sleeves too :)

indigo 02/27/16 12:53

They are out on the porch in short sleeves today...

trix abound 02/07/16 12:13

yep....46 F.....very nice day!!!!

indigo 02/07/16 10:25

Must be mild day, lots of people walking the beach and on the deck..........

MD 01/01/16 13:04

At least it's nice and dry for them.

indigo 01/01/16 11:30

Lots of people here today, even sitting out on the year survivors maybe.

MD 12/24/15 13:23

6 horses with riders just cantered along the water's edge.

indigo 12/24/15 10:03

They either cleaned the camera lens or installed a new camera, very clear pics.

MD 12/19/15 14:01

Hi Indigo ...... tulips from Amsterdam.  :)

indigo 12/19/15 11:19

Thanks MD, I wonder why these countries have to rename them selves, Holland is the name I grew up knowing during the second world war. My uncle served there for awile. Holland, land of flowers.

MD 12/18/15 14:00

Hi Indigo ....... this is The Netherlands, I think they used to call it Holland. It's as mild as the UK - which is exceptionally mild at the moment. I love this view.

indigo 12/18/15 12:50

They put the tables and chairs out the other day, is this in a warmer part of Norway Mira ?


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