Overlooking Świnoujście

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Overlooking Świnoujście
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Overlooking Świnoujście

6 hours ago

Overlooking Świnoujście

9 hours ago

Overlooking Świnoujście

12 hours ago

Overlooking Świnoujście

15 hours ago

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Comments (10)

MD 12/15/17 18:38

I've seen worse ....... but only just.

Moose 12/15/17 18:31

Another pointless cam.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/25/13 00:02

OMG, lol, ok I will take spiders over scorpions!! 

MD 12/03/13 22:02

Lol. I don't mind spiders but I draw the line at scorpions. We used to find them in our shoes and slippers when I lived in France.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/03/13 21:55

Lol, omg, no spiderwatch!!!!!!! I am sure there are some really nasty spiders here in Southern Cali. but thank goodness i live in the heart of the city so do not see a lot of them where i live. I am sure if u go out to the desert or in the mountains you would see some really nasty big ones, ewwwww!!!!!

MD 11/10/13 13:12

Lol. Dona and I had fun finding the "contenders" for dirty cams. Maybe we should do "Spiderwatch." ....... better not, don't want to give you the shivers. How IS southern Cal for spiders?

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/10/13 00:39

Hey MD, I have seen cams that would have definitely won that award, lol. I will take dirty over the spider webs though!!

MD 10/10/13 15:39

Hi Carol, at one time, we had a bit of a joke going on about dirty cam awards. This would be a good contender. As I was looking, some lights have just come on in the distance. And now it's raining. Or maybe it's an automatic cam washer.  :))

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/10/13 01:32


MD 06/12/13 17:49

Through that sturdy spider's web, I just watched a ferry go by.


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