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N Salem St

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N Salem St
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N Salem St

6721 hours ago

N Salem St

6724 hours ago

N Salem St

6727 hours ago

N Salem St

6730 hours ago

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Comments (33)

tag 07/04/17 15:42

Love this. Small town living!

MD 05/06/17 20:15

It's quite a market. The stalls go as far as the eye can see.

Rain Shadow 05/06/17 20:11

It looks like another street market.

MD 12/03/16 22:45


Rain Shadow 12/03/16 22:22

It is a parade.  Unfortunately, the camera link keeps breaking so I opened the direct link and kept it on in the background.  You might have to keep refreshing the page to get the picture up, though

Rain Shadow 12/03/16 22:06

It is very busy here.  I wonder if there is a Christmas parade or something.

Mira Bilis 02/24/16 23:02

Tornado/severe weather warnings across many parts of southern and eastern states at the moment ...

MD 11/29/15 13:30

Zed .... gotcha!

zedyer 11/29/15 09:52

MD the car was on the left and turn into the car park then came out a second later and went the other way into the distance

trix abound 11/29/15 00:17


MD 11/29/15 00:11

Zed ..... have you been drinking? LOL      The street has 2 way traffic ..... so vehicles coming out of the car park can turn either way.

Mira Bilis 11/28/15 23:59


zedyer 11/28/15 23:52

The other way of the other way which is the other way that I was talking about

MD 11/28/15 23:47

Which way is the "other" way?

zedyer 11/28/15 23:36

Someone just went into the car park and came out and went the other way #touristproblems

zedyer 11/28/15 23:35

Some guy whizzed past on his little scooter probably on the limiter

zedyer 11/28/15 23:30

Nice and clear

Mira Bilis 11/28/15 22:30

An improvement on Devils Lake! LOL

MD 11/28/15 22:26

NQ .... very nice.

N Q 11/28/15 22:06

There's some pretty wreaths here on the street light and the white building.


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