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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Comments (699)

MD 09/12/19 11:49

No thank you.   The UK is a mess and Bojo might be ...... erm ..... Bojo ....... but he's not a dictator.  I'm sure if Boris tried half of the things that Trump's done  ...... he'd be out on his ear.  Trump is corrupt and the whole world can see it and nothing is being done.  There seems to be no end to it.  If he gets in for another 4 years I will never, ever read anything about him again .....  unless he gets charged with something.  I'm even starting to think he will get away with everything.  Ordinary American people must be in turmoil.

stargzr 09/12/19 01:01

And I, on the other hand, don't watch, listen to, or read anything about Trump !  So maybe we should swap countries. :D

MD 09/12/19 00:56

I can honestly say I know nothing about what's going on.  Trump is a full time job for me.  The things he's said today .......   LOL

stargzr 09/12/19 00:28

Speakng of WEIRD stories...........looks like BoJo has got himself in a bit of a pickle !

MD 09/12/19 00:23

Of course it was a sign.  How many times have you seen a Cornetto label appear from nowhere and stick to someone's leg????   LOLOL!

BJ is a King fan.  I've only ever read one of his books and it did nothing for me.  I can't remember which one it was but BJ agreed at the time that it wasn't one of his best.  I watched The Green Mile last night.  Now that was a good one. 

stargzr 09/11/19 23:35

You took that as a sign ??????   LOLOLOLOL

I have every book King wrote......he was 7 years behind me at the Univ.of Maine and grew up close to where I did, so a lot of his stories mention places very familiar to me.

MD 09/11/19 23:31

Pps ........ I'll try peanut butter next time I crack open the vanilla!

MD 09/11/19 23:29

Ps.  You won't believe this.  I'm watching Crouch End  ... an episode from a series of Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes.  It's supposed to be set in London but It didn't look right so a took a look on IMDb and found it was actually filmed in Australia.  A couple of seconds after I found that out ..... "the heroine," Doris, was walking along and a label blew around and then stuck to her leg.  It was a Cornetto label!  I took that as a sign ..... so I'm eating one right now ....   my second of the day.  LOL!!!!

stargzr 09/11/19 23:26


I actually don't eat much ice cream, but when I did, I used to top it with peanut butter.  No calories, there, no ma'am. :D

MD 09/11/19 23:18

I pour maple syrup or black treacle on to the ice cream and it sets like toffee.  If it wasn't after midnight I'd go and get some!

What a lovely picture you were painting ..... autumn,  sitting in the sun reading and feeding a squirrel ...... and then ..... quelle horreur ..... no Cornetto.  :D

stargzr 09/11/19 23:07

Good to have a backup plan.  :)

Autumn has come to the Pacific favorite time of year.  I was just sitting out on my patio in the 72F sunshine, reading Jo Nesbo's latest book and feeding apple slices to the squirrels and I doesn't get much better than this. (unless, of course, I had a Cornetto).  LOL

MD 09/11/19 22:32

That is really sad.  I have one every day.  I also keep a 2L tub of vanilla ice cream just in case I run out of them.  :D

stargzr 09/11/19 21:33

Well, I'm apparently out of luck if I want to try some Cornettos. :(

MD 09/11/19 20:15

I've only been eating ice cream since I started having my shopping delivered.  I don't live close enough to shops to buy a box of Cornettos and get them home without them thawing out.  So I blame Tesco. LOL!!!!

stargzr 09/11/19 19:23

I think you're a bit like my Dad who would eat ice cream if he was in the Arctic during a snowstorm !  LOL !!

MD 09/11/19 19:06

I had ice cream an hour ago, but I was indoors.   It's 63F in my part of Devon  .....  at 8.06pm.

stargzr 09/11/19 18:33

A little cool for ice cream today.

MD 08/03/19 17:51


Thanks. They aren't new.  Enjoy the celebration ..... and the chardonnay.  :D

stargzr 08/03/19 17:45

This was from previous owners' website.;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=346349867

stargzr 08/03/19 17:30

Don't think so but can't prove it by me.....I'm celebrating my grandson's 21st birthday.   LOL. !!!!!


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