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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe
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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

1583 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

1586 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

1589 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

1595 hours ago

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Comments (739)

MD 01/24/20 01:52

I really enjoyed your link.  Made me smile.  I remember my last dog trying to eat snow as it fell and somewhere in the deepest recess of my mind .......  I can remember when I liked snow!!!!  :D

It's been 44 here today and no sun at all.

stargzr 01/24/20 00:55

Wheeeeeeee.......I'm sure those folks weren't all that thrilled, but I'm envious!  We've got snow on the tops of the foothills, but nothing touched the valley floor (yet.).   I doubt we'll get anything this year.  It went up to 61F today.

MD 01/17/20 01:43

WOW!  That's what I call snow. 

stargzr 01/17/20 01:08

Wheeeee, we got a triple layer cake now   !!!

MD 12/22/19 20:55

Very pretty  ...... but looks so cold.

stargzr 12/20/19 22:15

Ahhhhhhh......great minds.   :D

MD 12/20/19 22:12

Almost 7 years ago ........

MD 01/22/13 21:56

Found it!   Reminds me of iced cakes and someone's eaten half of one.  Wasn't me!   :)

stargzr 12/20/19 21:09
MD 12/20/19 21:02

I suppose a slice of table will do just as well.  :D

MD 12/20/19 21:01

The previous owner used to clear half of a table so that the people responsible for snow clearing could look at this cam and see how much fresh snow had fallen.

stargzr 12/17/19 04:25

OMG......well, when I lived in California our water was rationed every summer it seemed, because of drought.  But you're right, DJT would have all the answers.  :)

MD 12/17/19 04:19

They actually do restrict our water.  Almost every summer we have hosepipe bans  ..... you can't water you gardens with fresh tap water.  That's because we have the "wrong kind of rain."   Seems that if it doesn't rain right into a resevoir .... it's no good.  I'm not making that up.  And you've seen how much rain we have.  We've had amber flood warnings the last few weeks because of all the rain. We've had floods .....  but comes the summer ...... the water authorities will tell us "Sorry folks. We didn't manage to make use of it." We also get the wrong kind of leaves on railway tracks that cause disruption to train timetables.  I'm sure Trump would have the answers.  LOL!!!!

stargzr 12/17/19 03:37

ps.  Don't forget, this is the same guy who thinks we need to show ID in order to buy groceries !

stargzr 12/17/19 03:32

They DON"T limit it.  But in his pea brain he's thinking that the move to conserve water is putting a limit on access to our use of water.  I didn't say it made sense, just that I understood his meaning.  I think I need treatment.  LOL

MD 12/17/19 03:27

I thought you were just stressing a point.  LOL

When you say limiting the amount of water .... do you mean low pressure?  I'm having difficulty working out how they limit it.  Mine is on a meter  ..... I pay for every drop I use.  BJ pays water rates and can use as much as she likes once she's paid that basic rate.  I know that when I have a shower at her place  .... I use far more water than I do at home.

stargzr 12/17/19 03:12

There are evil spirits in this computer.   :)

stargzr 12/17/19 03:04

You know, the scary part is that I KNOW what he meant.  What he was getting at is that the EPA has limited the amount of water available to citizens which makes it necessary to flush multi-times (and produces low flow showers.). I disagree with his premise, but it scares me that I understand what he's saying!!!!!

MD 12/17/19 02:59

You're slacking.  Trump said 10 to 15 times ........  he would expect the maximum. LOL


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