Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe
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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

5 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

8 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

11 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

14 hours ago

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Comments (627)

stargzr 11/13/18 00:50

Moose......your rulers are up.

Moose 10/22/18 13:34

The rulers should be going up soon.

MD 09/23/18 18:19

I'm thinking about it.   :D

stargzr 09/23/18 17:52

I don't see why you can't take a "short" hop across the Atlantic, 3000 mile auto trip, pick me up and Bob's your uncle !!!

You said you like to travel.  :)

MD 09/23/18 17:45

I wish you'd take that road trip and have my ice cream and baked apple fritter.   :D

stargzr 09/23/18 16:31

Right !

And for those who may not have seen the story.....

MD 09/23/18 15:57

The fanciest salt and pepper pots I've ever seen.   :D

stargzr 09/23/18 14:37

Pumpkins on the tables, nice touch,

MD 09/02/18 23:35

I love to see it so busy. Gives them chance to put a bit of money away to carry them through the winter months.

stargzr 09/02/18 22:51

Look's like the whole town is out for the holiday weekend !

MD 08/25/18 18:02

This year's going by even quicker than the last one.  Sign of old age.  :D

stargzr 08/25/18 17:54

Lot cooler, autumn on the way.

stargzr 07/30/18 20:22

Wish Sheri's would deliver.......too hot to move!

stargzr 07/16/18 23:45

In the 90's.......absolutely ICE CREAM weather !!!!

MD 06/24/18 17:37

I wouldn't have a problem with that as long as you sit in front of the cam to eat it.  And don't forget the baked apple fritter ....... the boss included one!!!!!   :D 

stargzr 06/24/18 16:28

Greetings, MD.  One of these days I'll take a road trip up to Sheri's and see if I can talk them into giving me "your" free ice cream cone !!!!   :D

MD 06/24/18 16:22

Hi stargzr ....... I enjoyed reading that again .......... the menu is fantastic.  Really does make me wish I lived closer.  Just waiting for that lottery win.    :D

stargzr 06/24/18 15:52

For all the newbies....

MD 06/19/18 17:32

Humidity make it so uncomfortable.  I've just said to Trix that 75F is comfortable  ....... not that I'd want to work in that heat.  I hope Moosette is relaxing in the garden ....... not working.  :D

Moose 06/19/18 16:54

I was wondering if you were oblivious to that number.  I don't know if it got that hot, but it was close enough for me!  Moosette is out in the garden right now, it is only 75 F or so.  Still very humid but not as abusive as yesterday.


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