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Comments (847)

MD 01/17/22 01:02

Hi Sue .....  I watched Trump's ramble live on David Pakman on YouTube. It's just the same old same old and I can't understand why people waste their time going to his rallies.  You only need to hear him once.  He's just on repeat cycle every time.  He must pay them to be there.  I did notice that people started sneaking away after about an hour.  I was determined I wasn't going to watch but I couldn't resist.  LOLOLOL.  I laugh but he's a dangerous man. He's an embarrassment to America.

And yes indeed ....  you have to be at your very best for May .... I know exactly what you mean - having done the same myself. My occcasion was my stepson getting married but I probably didn't feel too much pressure because I knew hubby's ex for almost 20 years before they split up. She's seen me at my worst so anything would be an improvement.  :D

October is a lovely time for visiting France.  I see that the French government have announced today that you have to be fully vaccinated to enter any venues.  I agree but you can imagine the complaints there will be.


Arizona Sue 01/16/22 20:58

Hi MD.   I agree with you on traveling.   Hubby and I definitely want to do that again before our various aches and pains overtake our ability to do so!   I'm in the process of scheduling a knee replacement.   There's a family wedding in Florida in May and I don't want to be hobbling along on a walker or crutches -- knowing that hubby's ex wife will be there!  I must look my best and thinnest!  LOL.   Our thought is to set up a river cruise in October, because no one has a crystal ball (I wish) about Covid.   Trump, the Orange Asshat, was in Arizona yesterday, fanning the flames of his "base" here.  I remain embarrassed that we live in this Laugh Outloud state, which remains the butt of Saturday Night comedians, albeit very true and on point.

MD 01/15/22 21:00

Hi Sue ...  I used to love those sort of breaks.  Exhausting but so rewarding.  I'm glad I did it when I was young enough.  My last few breaks have just been 2 countries - and that's 2 countries that I've visited before ...  a sort of nostalgia trip.  I do miss traveling.

Arizona Sue 01/14/22 22:21

Hi MD.  We loved visiting France in 2013.  Our first trip abroad.  A Costsaver Trafalgar tour which was fast paced but such fun.  Five countries plus crossing the Channel on a ferry to Calais.  A great bit of fun.  

MD 01/13/22 20:03

Hi Sue ...  I'm seeing those cruises advertized on tv.  So very tempting.  Anywhere in France is worth visiting. I absolutely love the country ... and its people.

Arizona Sue 01/12/22 00:25

MD, you've been on this site a lot longer than me.  I bow to your wisdom!  Hubby and I have started looking at river cruises in France in October 2022.  We have a balance due us for a cancellation in 2020, so we want to use the credit before it goes away.  Fingers crossed 😷👍🏻

MD 01/11/22 01:28

Hi Sue.  I'd rather not.  I get the feeling that Opentopia is hanging on by a thread.  If they think we are too much trouble Flemming might just pull the plug. Besides which -  I really have had more threatening things said to me face to face ...  and I've always had the last word.  LOL

Arizona Sue 01/11/22 00:10

MD, please report this nutjob to the site administrator.  

xfactor1 01/09/22 01:24

Hey MD the childish Moron, why don't you give me your address and phone # and the next time I'm in Cornwall visiting friends we can meet up in Devon and you can tell me that to my face. Oh, or I can just find that info myself in 15 minutes or less. LET'S GO MD!!!

MD 01/09/22 00:30

Hey Nick ... I didn't realize you meant Biden was responsible for "wiping out the virus" all over the world, just your country. Thank you for your kind wishes for the new year.  All I have left to say to you is  ....  Let's go nickthe greek!

xfactor1 01/08/22 23:36

Hey MD the brain dead, I didn't know that US rebublicans ruled the whole world, are you telling me the virus is not in any other countries? The virus started in China and probably would have never reached the rest of the world if we would have stopped trade with China many years ago. Nixon should have never went to China back in the 70's and should have left them in the stone age but you know corparate greed. Actually I'm republican because they stand more for my moral values than dems do but honestly I don't trust any politicians from either side, they all all corrupt and greedy. I have been on this weblite for about 10 years and once chatted with you from time to time, I just get a little triggered when people from other countries think they know more about what's going on in my country than I do. I don't know if you're Brittish or not but if you are, my grandfather and uncle both were injured fighting for your country in WW2. Personally the government has never given anything to me, I'm retired for several years now and had my own sucessful business with no help from anyone, my wife and I have been married for 40 years and raised 4 great childred who all own their own business, I live in the southern US which is one of the few remaining areas of the country that still belive in the moral values that God taught us. Good luck to you in this new year.

MD 01/08/22 21:46

Hi Sue .... I will ....  but it's such fun!   LOLOLOL

I can't believe how deep the snow is now  - and those icicles are quite eyecatching.

Arizona Sue 01/08/22 20:56

Sorry to see that a Trumptard Troll has entered the room.  Ignore him.  

MD 01/08/22 15:57

Hi Nick .... the virus would be wiped out but Republicans would rather "die for their Freedoms," than get vaccinated.

Arguing with someone genuinely ignorant (so not just stupid but deliberately uninformed) always reminds me of a quote.

" I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

George Bernard Shaw

xfactor1 01/08/22 05:13

Hey MD, I do watch Fox as well as many news feeds from around the world, I also watch Sky News and can tell when any of them are lying because I have lived here for 61 years and can see what goes on around me with my own eyes. I guess you follow CNN, MSNBC, Rueters and BBC? I have traveled all over the world, have have spoken to many people and it always makes me laugh when I hear some of the mainstrem media stories that people are getting in other countries about the US. Oh and by the way, Trump is the one that got he vaccine manfactured and started, Biden said he was going to unite the country and wipe out the virus right

xfactor1 01/08/22 05:02

Hey Phoenix, I see you have been heavy into the liberal kool-aid, you really should lay off of that stuff. So, you like working to give hand outs to illeagals coming in to the country breaking our immigration laws? You like giving money to students for a free ride education, you like de-funding the police departments while crime runs rampant in all the democrat run cities etc, etc? I suggest you load up all your socialist/communist ideas and head to China, good luck speaking your mind over I've been working hard and serving my country for 61 years, what's you story?

xfactor1 01/08/22 04:54
MD 01/08/22 00:33

Hi Phoenix ....  thank you for your supportive comment.  I really do think that some people are brainwashed. Ted Cruz said that Jan 6th was an act of terrorism but then Tucker Carlson got him to reverse what he'd said.  Nobody seems to have the courage of their convictions.

Anyway, enough of that ....  has your husband offended any more neighbors recently??  LOLOLOL

Phoenix 01/08/22 00:00

Hi, Nic the greek. You really should check yourself into a mental hospital,................ asap I refer to my friend.. MD who i really support. You need help.. 


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