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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe
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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

4 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

7 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

10 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

13 hours ago

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Comments (777)

MD 04/17/21 18:08

I love to see it busy.  Won't be long now.

Phoenix 04/17/21 17:43

Now they have painted the floor, and put out chairs around the tables!


Phoenix 04/07/21 20:34

Looks like they are going to roll out a carpet??

MD 04/06/21 23:56

Hi Phoenix .....  I have indeed.  I love the raspberry squares. 

Phoenix 04/05/21 13:57

Hi MD, have you ever tried  Ghirardelli Chocolate? It is rather good... 

MD 04/04/21 15:38

Hi Phoenix ..... I feel sorry for the Europeans ... not being able to get our chocolate.  I'm just having a late lunch .... a box of chocolates.  LOLOLOL!!!!  The UK isn't having a problem importing chocolates.  Daughter gets me Leonidas and Duc d'O and several other continental brands.  I'm also lucky enough to be within walking distance of a chocolatier which sells superb handmade chocolates in case of emergency. It would have to be an emergency to pay their prices. :D

Happy Easter

MD 04/02/21 00:34

Phoenix ..... in summer it's often standing room only.  It's a fun cam to watch.

Phoenix 04/01/21 22:07

Hi MD, just had a look at Sheris wares, and think I went up five pounds in weight just looking at all the goodies! There was one bag called "Bear Poop"! wonder what that tastes like? It's a cute little store, must be cuter in the summer when all the flowers come out. Bet they get a lot of tourists!!

MD 04/01/21 18:56

Hi Phoenix ... thanks for that lovely link.  Years ago a deer was spotted inside Sheri's, near the tables.  That was when I took to Google maps to see where the deer could have come from.  I realised then what a lovely little place it is and I too would love to visit. I did at one time put Sheri's menu on here.  OMG ... some delicious looking things available.

Phoenix 04/01/21 14:24
Phoenix 04/01/21 14:23

Phoenix 04/01/21 14:22

Here's a page with some info on Winthrop with some photos.. looks really cute!!

Phoenix 04/01/21 14:10

Hi MD, thanks for the info... I took the address and used Google Earth and saw the Town Hall.. so the sweet shop is directly across the road from it. Unfortunately could not see it very clearly as the sun was way too low and the glare and dark shadows got in the way. Winthrop looks like one of those old American towns that time forgot! I'd love to visit it someday.. :-)

MD 03/31/21 23:20

I think I've got it .........   click on Town Hall:

and wait.  :D

MD 03/31/21 23:09

I give up.  :D

MD 03/31/21 23:07

Obviously the bit that didn't print properly is the most important part.  If you Google Town Hall Winthrop you will see a picture of the building opposite .... the information station is on the left and the town hall is on the right.,+winthrop,+washington&client=firefox-b-d&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=77eoU45mVA-cjM%252CvAj2fcA4T__EsM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kS0OUkrbes-i1bFTsU-Fdl7qsBj5w&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiq5oyItdvvAhU0gf0HHZsxABkQ9QF6BAgcEAE#imgrc=77eoU45mVA-cjM

MD 03/31/21 23:03

Hi Phoenix ...,_WA_%E2%80%94_Town_Hall.jpg

Phoenix 03/30/21 12:36

Snow has all gone, the new stuff must have rained away I see.. Like how they have a bowl of drinking water left out for the dogs.. they do that in West Seattle too...  nice touch! Wonder why they and the house across the street still have their Christmas lights??? 

Phoenix 03/21/21 18:40

Gosh, snow has almost gone!


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