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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Comments (807)

CH Tv 11/06/21 23:24

Is it rainy season?

CH Tv 11/06/21 23:23


MD 08/29/21 15:40

Hi Phoenix .... with DeSantis in charge I'm surprised it's only 10,000 new cases.  It seems he has a death wish for his voters. The real reason is that the more vaccinations are done ...  the less Regeneron will be sold.  Seems to me that the whole GOP is infected with Trumpitis.  Now if only there was a vaccination for that!

I'm warming to the idea of Scotland, west coast of course.  :D

Phoenix 08/28/21 14:19

Hi MD, you should take a trip to Scotland... yes, the midge season would be bugging you! LOL! They are nasty wee boogers.. and Hi Sue, Culzean is a beautiful castle, the scenery down there is spectacular too. The farm with the Clydesdales must have been fun, I love those magnificent horses. 

Yep, they are talking about a booster vaccination now in September. There was over 10,000 new Covid cases here over a week ago. :-(

MD 08/16/21 15:45

Hi Phoenix ...  I just looked at that webcam. Beautifully clear.  I'm warming to the idea of a holiday in Scotland but somewhere in the recesses of my mind - something about midge season is bugging me.  Did you see what I did there?  LOL

MD 08/16/21 15:41

Hi Arizona Sue ... my son and his partner bred horses but the only time I've been riding was on a donkey at Blackpool - on the beach.  We were up there on holiday,  I was about 5 years old.  My mom was overweight and my dad said that if she went on a donkey it would end up looking like a camel with a hump at each end.  That is memorable because for the rest of the holiday they didn't speak - apart from to argue.  LOLOLOL!

Arizona Sue 08/14/21 23:17

Phoenix, did I mention that hubby and I visited Scotland in 2019 and toured Culzean Castle?   It was an incredibly beautiful August day and our friends hosted our trip to Maidens.   Also I requested a visit to see the Clydesdales and we toured a working farm in the pouring rain.  It was wonderful.   Yes, I'm a horsey girl -- since I was about 8 years old -- and I belong to a riding club here in Phoenix area -- old folks on horses!   One dear lady is in her early 80s, so I have hope to be able to ride for a few more years.

Arizona Sue 08/14/21 23:14

Hi MD and Phoenix:   I hooe you are both doing well and staying healthy.   Hubby and I will definitely get a booster jab in the fall, when it becomes available.   New cases and hospitalizations are happening here in Arizona, thanks to a do nothing governor (his last name is Ducey, but I call him Governor Douche Bag) -- idiots who refused to get vaccinated ae now filling the hospital beds.   Phoenix, my husband and I love visiting Scotland and plan on seeing our Scottish friends sometime next year.   We also love England, so dear MD, who knows whether we may find ourselves in your part of the country, which we've never seen before.  Fond memories of past trips.   Especially the white cliffs of Dover and crossing the Channel on the ferry to Calais in 2013.   

Phoenix 08/14/21 14:01

Hi MD, that was funny to need a translator to speak to people! But I've had the same problem, or rather others have had the same problem when speaking to someone with a rich Scottish dialect! That was lovely of the hotel owner giving you the picture to keep. Nope, wasn't Sue that said the west coast of Scotland was the best place... it was I.. because I'm prejudiced.. you see, because that's where I come from. You should go for a trip up there, and here's one of the places to visit while you're there.. They installed a new webcam not so long ago, and it's a beauty! Very clear and when you expand it to full screen, you can see the peoples faces. Worth a look ..

MD 08/02/21 14:38

Hi Phoenix ....  before the pandemic I used to go out for a pub lunch with my neighbours.  They are from Yorkshire and we often need a translator.  I asked his wife what drink her hubby would like.  I thought she said Alpha beer.  She'd actually said "half a beer."

Someone else told me the west coast of Scotland is the place to visit ...  I think it was Sue.  I'm living in the southwest so it would be a straight-up journey.  I'm sorely tempted.

I have pictures everywhere of places I've visited.  I even have a framed picture of Rimini that was given to me by the owner of a hotel in France where we were regular vistors.  We always had the same room and one day I noticed the picture had disappeared.  I mentioned it to the owner.  When we checked out he produced the picture and insisted I take it home with me.   I'm looking at it right now.

Phoenix 08/01/21 15:31

Hi MD, I had a listen to your language and could hardly understand what they said!! Sounded a bit like Yorkshire dialect ...  Some people have trouble understand some of the Scottish dialects, so ....  :-)
I had a keek at the castle ... Beautiful, truly magnificent.. You are so lucky to have visited so many of the gorgeous places in the world. Yes, you should go to Scotland.. go up the west coast, but then I'm prejudiced, coming from that side of Scotland.  :-)

MD 07/25/21 16:06

Hi Phoenix .....   The Black Country is only a relatively small area.  We have our own language.

I have so many lovely memories ... my travel agent sent me their latest coach holiday brochure.  I turn the pages and I've been to most of the places.  The other day I put a comment on here about visiting this place:

When I lived in France I was closer to Neuschwanstein than I am to Troon right now. Maybe I should try a holiday in Scotland. It looks beautiful.

Phoenix 07/23/21 20:37

Hi MD, I had to look up "Bosson Heads" and "the Black Country" to see what you were talking about.. Yup, I remember the heads, I used to know somone who collected them many moons ago, but it escapes me who it was.. old brain cells not being what they were! Did not know that part of England was called the Black Country, although by looking at the lay of the land and what was there, no wonder! Yep, where's there's much there's brass :-)  Wish i could have shared in your hedonistic life style... must have been fun! 


MD 07/22/21 23:51

Hi Phoenix ....  I remember the chalky water at Broadstairs! It was very strange.

My first 40 years or so were spent in the Black Country, not a very salubrious place but we have a saying - "Where there's muck - there's brass."   So when hubby retired we decided to enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle. If I shuffle off this mortal coil tomorrow I have no complaints.  I've had a ball.

The man who owned Le Bishop used to collect Bosson heads.  Hubby and I used to travel a lot and he asked us to bring him back any that we found.  We only ever bought them at flea markets but apparently we found him some good ones.  The last time I was in Le Bishop there were heads on the walls that we had found.

Phoenix 07/21/21 18:13

Hi MD, I had a look at the links you sent me... you have been extremely fortunate to have lived in these towns... beautiful!! The restaurant Le Bishop looks very cosy and inviting, no wonder you miss it. I only faintly recall the Model Village and Broadstairs, as I must have been around ten years old at the time. I remember swimming in the sea at Broadstairs and the water was warm and a chalky white colour!!  Hardly any folks at the Sweet Shop today. :-(

MD 07/04/21 15:52

Hi Phoenix .... the village is at Ramsgate.  I'd never heard of it, even though I'd spent holidays as Westgate - not very far away.   I like Broadstairs, really old English.

This was the last place I lived in France:

This is where I lived before that:

We lived 300 metres from the beach that you can see at the start of the video.  That is Frejus Plage.  The town you can see in the distance is St Raphael where we used to dine almost daily at Le Bishop Restaurant,  although the sign outside looked more like Sherlock Holmes.  I really miss that place.

Phoenix 07/02/21 00:02

Sheri's Sweet Shop is livening up!! It's extremely hot up in Washington State now, up well over normal. 

Phoenix 07/02/21 00:01

Hi MD, I've seen the webcam.. always looks like it's very dark weather. Marine Biological Association on Citadel Hill.  Torquay looks lovely, reminds me of the Italian Riviera. You're lucky to live so close to these places. Nearest I was was to Broadstairs where my Aunt lived. I remember she took me to the white cliffs, where the water was chalky! There was some sort of miniture village in Ramsgate or Margate? 

MD 06/28/21 00:46

Hi Phoenix  .....  I can't get in to celsius.  It means nothing to me.  When we moved to France I quickly got used to kilometres and kilos.  I'm in south Devon.  24 miles from here:

and 15 miles from here:

Phoenix 06/28/21 00:08

Hi MD, where are you? Odd, when we moved here in 1992 I got used to the measurments, but never the Celsius, versus the Fahrenheit.. OK.. a bit odd am I!


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