Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe
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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

3 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

6 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

9 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

12 hours ago

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Comments (563)

Rain Shadow 05/06/17 22:59

It is looking busy here now.

MD 05/06/17 22:48

One day I'll claim my free ice cream.  :D

MD 04/19/17 19:59

Yes .... I find it very interesting. I like the way the owner puts those measures so we can see how much snow they get but I like it even more when they have plenty of customers. They deserve the business. The menu is amazing. Maybe I should do crowdfunding to get a plane ticket.  (Joke.)   Also .... I really pushed for a good deal  ...... whoever turns up with me also gets a free ice cream.  :D

Rain Shadow 04/19/17 19:22

That sounds like a "sweet deal," M D.  This is always an interesting camera.

MD 04/19/17 00:10

Rain Shadow ..... thanks for bringing that link forward. I have an arrangement with the owner  ........ free ice cream if I can just get there.  LOL!

Rain Shadow 04/18/17 23:11

It looks like they will be opening soon.  Their website has a good link to a 360 degree Google view of the inside of the shop.   A candy lover's paradise

Rain Shadow 01/16/17 20:50

That is a very chilly temperature.

MD 01/11/17 17:11

Thanks for putting the measures.

deacon 12/12/16 10:47

Seattle and Portland area has been getting hammered lately.

Way557 11/19/16 16:09

Another cam with first snow of winter.

MD 11/10/16 12:20

Hi Jime ...... it was fun ..... for me!   LOL

Jime 11/10/16 00:59

Aw shucks, looks like I missed out on the Curious George vs. 'Drama Queens' vocabulary war!  Too bad for me.

Rain Shadow 11/01/16 00:44

It looks like they are staying open later tonight.  I see people walking around in Halloween costumes.

deacon 10/14/16 14:34

It is going to be very stormy here this weekend. Might make some interesting viewing.

Curious George 09/29/16 15:12

A cop? WOW...I guess I'm in big trouble now! Well, you'll just have to frisk me and take me in for stupidity! :)

MD 09/29/16 14:39

George .... I've heard worse ..... I used to be a cop!   :D

trix abound 09/29/16 14:34


Curious George 09/29/16 14:26

OMG! I did indeed type harty! I’m so embarrassed! OK, I concede, you win! Please accept my sincerest apology! I take back everything I said about you!

MD 09/29/16 14:15

George .... you didn't use the word "hardy,"...... you said "harty" which doesn't exist.


"Curious George 09/24/16 21:17

It's only 50 degrees and most of these people are wearing short sleve shirts and shorts and to top it off, they're all eating ice cream! These mountain people are a harty group! Where I live, when it's 50 degrees, people put on their scarves, parka and gloves before heading outside!"

I shall really miss you.  :D

Curious George 09/29/16 13:56

Yeah, my mother is very proud of me! She also told me if you argue with a fool, you lower yourself to their level so...since you're not intelligent enough to Google the word hardy, I’d like you to do me a big favor! If you see Kay, you… should tell her about how your mother should have swallowed the load you came from because, you must be one of the most miserable people on the planet! You do nothing but complain and ridicule everything and everyone! What a sad way to live! Sit on that and rotate as it’s they only pleasure you’ll get for the rest of your miserable life! It’s been nice chatting with you!


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