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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe
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Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

3 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

6 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

9 hours ago

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe

12 hours ago

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Comments (682)

MD 08/03/19 17:51


Thanks. They aren't new.  Enjoy the celebration ..... and the chardonnay.  :D

stargzr 08/03/19 17:45

This was from previous owners' website.;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=346349867

stargzr 08/03/19 17:30

Don't think so but can't prove it by me.....I'm celebrating my grandson's 21st birthday.   LOL. !!!!!

MD 08/03/19 17:12

stargzr ...... are those new chairs and tables?

stargzr 08/03/19 16:38

And now the dudettes show up.

stargzr 08/03/19 16:34

So cute......4 dudes and a baby dude.  :)

MD 07/24/19 10:12

I'm sure it will pick up.  Heck ......  I'd even buy an ice cream from Trump if the weather was hot enough. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stargzr 07/24/19 09:53

It was probably the "free ice cream" that killed the cam !   LOL.    Good to have them back...hope business picks up for them.   :>



MD 07/24/19 09:46

Stargzr ...... you don't know how relieved I am.    I emailed Tate and Kyle on the 28th of June and not long afterwards the cam went dead!    I put them the link to Opentopia and told them that Doug used to comment. I asked them if they would be putting the snow measures.  So ....... they are fully aware that we are watching them and obviously don't mind.   Of course ........  I told them about my free ice cream etc.  LOL!!!!!!

stargzr 07/24/19 09:00

Yaaaaaaaaay........welcome back Sheri's !!!!

stargzr 07/06/19 12:59

WoW !!!!  A crowd.   :)

MD 07/01/19 14:49

Yes.   I love to see it busy.

stargzr 07/01/19 13:51

Looking good.  :)

stargzr 06/29/19 06:47


MD 06/29/19 06:44


I pushed the ice cream offer and Candyman offered me some other dessert as well ...... then I asked if I could bring a friend.  Bless him ..... he said yes.  I hope they have a lovely retirement and that the new people do very well.

stargzr 06/29/19 06:41
stargzr 06/29/19 06:39

Ha!  I just checked their web site and saw that the live cam is shown there and available for all to see, so Opentopia isn't really invading their privacy.  And thanks for the ice cream. LOL

MD 06/29/19 06:35

You know I'm not really worried about the ice cream deal ...... you can have it.   :D

I'm inclined to agree that the previous owners will pass on all the relevant things they need to know ..... and maybe Candyman will tell them about the cam.  After all ...... those snow measures are put there for our benefit.  We have our rights.  LOL!!!

stargzr 06/29/19 06:17

You're probably right.  I'm thinking that maybe the previous owners passed on the "snow" info (and hopefully your free ice cream deal.)  :)

MD 06/29/19 06:12

Hi stargzr ..... I  went to bed at 3am thinking exactly that.  I read your link again and thought of writing to the new people.  Then I wondered if they would be happy knowing that we look in.  I decided to leave well alone ..... we don't want to lose the cam.


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