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Norwalk Cove Marina
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Norwalk Cove Marina

5 hours ago

Norwalk Cove Marina

9 hours ago

Norwalk Cove Marina

12 hours ago

Norwalk Cove Marina

15 hours ago

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Comments (13)

MD 04/22/15 13:24

Come back Kyle. :)

trix abound 03/17/15 15:49

very nice....i had to enlarge the pic to 300%....

MD 03/17/15 15:48

Mira ... yes ..... I'm thinking Carol is fully recovered now. Out and about.

MD 03/17/15 15:47

Trix .... it's the "lot of words" that does it! :))

Mira Bilis 03/17/15 15:43

(I like Carol's new profile picture ... what a lovely lady.) :)

trix abound 03/17/15 15:40

MD...he sure knows a lot of words that "get people running off"

MD 03/17/15 15:33

Trix .... that's the comment I've been searching for. :)))

trix abound 03/17/15 15:26 know it's his secret the others won't read it!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

MD 03/17/15 15:21

The spelling made me laugh .... for one so well read. :))))

trix abound 03/17/15 15:19

LOL....another fine warning for those without radio's!!!!!!

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/04/14 12:37

Beautiful this morning

MD 11/02/13 00:34

LOL!!!! Come back Kyle and we'll dance the hornpipe round the mizzenmast! :))

kyle 12/01/11 05:28

a couple of the guy ropes have come loose, it could get interesting if a fair gale came along and the canvas expanded into a make shift sail


If you should be so brave to shout such olden sayings, you'd likely be run off for slighing some, on the edge idjit, who considered himself likely slighted, sigh, I'm afraid most are not very read


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