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Lake Arbutus

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Lake Arbutus
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Lake Arbutus

6701 hours ago

Lake Arbutus

6704 hours ago

Lake Arbutus

6707 hours ago

Lake Arbutus

6710 hours ago

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Comments (49)

sinister smile 02/08/16 21:45

I love some of these snowy scenes, but only when I don't have to experience it myself. The beauty soon wears off when you are stuck with it.

MD 02/02/16 20:54

NQ .... the view has changed again.

MD 02/02/16 20:43

Thanks Mira.

N Q 02/02/16 20:35

They changed the view on this cam since I made that post. The way the cam was turn earlier you could see how hard it was snowing.

Even though it's snowing here, it's in the low 30's so it feels pretty nice out. Since last friday it's been in the 40's here so a lot of the snow that we had melted and even though tulips won't be coming up for months, I did notice some nice green weeds coming up yesterday :)

Mira Bilis 02/02/16 20:34

Here's another Brighton webcam but apparently there's a 2 hour time delay on it, so it's not really "live"  ...

Mira Bilis 02/02/16 20:25

The Brighton cam hasn't worked for quite some time.

MD 02/02/16 20:21

Mira .... noon today it was 49 in Devon. A real spring day .... complete with showers. LOL

I've lost the Brighton cam!!!!!!

Mira Bilis 02/02/16 20:16

Makes me shiver just looking at it.  It's a balmy 38 degrees where I am, with sunshine.

N Q 02/02/16 19:54

They're right in the middle of the storm path here. It looks like it's really windy !

trix abound 01/24/15 19:20


MD 01/24/15 19:02

I agree. I think things happen for a reason. I've had things that didn't work out as I wanted but then something better has come along. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings ..... nothing much I expect, as it'll be Sunday.... but you know what I mean.  :))

Mira Bilis 01/24/15 19:00

Thanks NQ.  :) 

trix abound 01/24/15 18:51

i think our lives have been pre-programed...nothing we can do but enjoy the ride!!!!

MD 01/24/15 18:47

Exactly!!! I have no regrets whatsoever. I can't imagine my life happening any differently from how it has been.

trix abound 01/24/15 18:42

i have many nice memories but no just is what it is!!!!

MD 01/24/15 18:37

Trix.... I know. I have lots of lovely memories.


trix abound 01/24/15 18:22

yes it does...he was a sweetie and still know...the one we were too young to appreciate!!!!

MD 01/24/15 18:16

Trix... wow! Primitive cryogenics. I used to go fishing but never ice fishing. Does it bring back good memories for you?

trix abound 01/24/15 18:09

yes MD...with my 1st hubby....we would catch the fish and just set them on the ice...they would freeze and when we got home i would fill the tub and put the fish in....they thawed and would swim around...poor hubby had to catch them again...LOL

MD 01/24/15 17:54

Trix.... did you now???? No wonder you knew about the augur on Hornavon cam.  :))


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