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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room
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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

4 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

7 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

10 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

13 hours ago

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Comments (194)

MD 01/24/20 14:28

JimE ...........

MD 01/21/20 00:59

Hi JimE   ....... I look forward to seeing you.  Have a fantastic time.

JimE 01/20/20 21:32

Hi MD, okay I leave tonight for Hawaii, be there tomorrow (21 January) will post a time for the 'screen test', LOL.  Hope all is well!

MD 08/23/19 18:03

Oh I'm sure someone was very happy to find it.  You can buy a hat in Alaska any time ......  why not buy one on vacation?   A useful souvenir.  :D

JimE 08/23/19 17:52

Hi MD,  yesi I just had too much to carry through the TSA and produce inspection stations to keep track of the hat too!  I hope someone is enjoying it as it was only two days old when I left it!  Anyway January is closing in and I hope to get another straw hat before I leave Alaska.

MD 08/23/19 17:30

Hi JimE ...... I love it ...... what a shame you left it.   Not really long to wait now.  I count the days when I'm going anywhere.  LOL!

JimE 08/23/19 15:58

I was going to wear this hat but it was left at the airport on Kauai!

MD 07/21/19 16:24

Hi JimE  ........  don't worry about larger letters on your hat ....... we will know it's you. I've never seen anyone else on this cam with letters on their hat!!!!    It sounds lovely ...... especially diving with manta rays but I'm not sure about the night trip.  Mind you  .......  if I was there I'm sure I'd do it.    I'm envious.   :D

JimE 07/21/19 15:48

Well I have decided to vacation next winter on the Big Island of Hawaii.  In fact, you may spot me in this very coffee store and I promise to put larger letters on my hat!  Some of you will know what I'm typing about!  My reasoning was simple, i wanted to dive with the Manta Rays again.  I promise to TRY and get some pictures with my new underwater camera.  Remamber last time I was there I posted some pictures of the 'fire hydrant lava'  flowing from Kilauea into the ocean.  I understand there is NO lava to be found on the Island at this time.  I am getting another 4 wheel drive Jeep this next trip and plan on making the apex (peak) of Mauna Kea.  I would love to do this trip in daylight and at night, we will see how things go!  I will be staying at Wikoloa Village this trip.  Hope to see ya!

MD 02/14/19 19:34

JimE  ...... that's exactly how I am .... lemons/lemonade.  Make the best of what you've got and always look on the bright side of life.  So many people seem to wallow in misery.  I have to laugh at your "low, low 70's and some rain."  You're talking about my summer.  LOL!

JimE 02/14/19 18:32

Yes, MD...  I have been visiting the Islands for the past ten years or so.  This year we experienced the coolest January, February yet.  While we didn't experience the 191 mph winds or the snow, we did experience two cold fronts move through and temperatures in the low, low 70's and some rain.  However it ws a far cry from the sub zeroes experienced here in Alaska.  If you're like me... when life hands you lemons- you make lemonade!

MD 02/10/19 13:59

Hi JimE  ...... that sounds absolutely fantastic.   Thank you so much ......  I had a wonderful time!   I always have "catch of the day" meals.  You can't beat them.  Always have what you wouldn't get at home .....  that's the best part of the vacation.  I always "eat local" when I go abroad. (3 always!!!!!)

I'm really envious.  All of those tropical fish and sea creatures.  That's what I call a vacation.  I hope we go again next year.  :D

JimE 02/10/19 13:40

(cont'd.)  We tried to get to the Forbidden Island of Ni'ihau to dive on the sunken crater of Lehua but were thwarted by eleven foot swells and even higher seas.  We did dive in the Pacific on a cove just west of the village of Kaumakani and saw turtles, porpoise, all the tropical fish imaginable and of course many whales!  A few nights out for superb dinners consisting of the 'catch of the day' capped off these adventure filled days!  I opted for the Jeep with four wheel drive for this trip and I put it to good use venturing well into the jungle and along serene beaches.  All in all, another great adventure in the hawaiian Islands.  I know I needed to post this before posting the other part!  DOH!

JimE 02/10/19 13:33

Hi MD, I typed this response earlier but as you can see Opentopia magically made it disappear therefore this will be a two part response!  I'm here to tell you that YOU had a vicarious good time on vacation this year!  We did not go ziplining as I promised, but we did some river kayaking in the Hanalei River on the north shore of the Island of Kauai.  We paddled up river until we encountered a massive log-jam which prevented further progress.  It looked as eerie as the movie set for The Creature from the Black Lagoon movie!  I have the pictures to prove it (to be continued).


MD 02/06/19 10:12
MD 02/06/19 09:59

Thanks Homely  ....... I love a bit of history.

Homely 02/06/19 09:26

MD, then you will enjoy reading about the fort at Crown Point. We drive past it on our way to DS's uni and I am absolutely dying to stop there and explore one of these days. Alas, it's either covered in snow or we are in too much of a hurry to see him (or get home) to stop thus far. Here's the link:

MD 02/06/19 08:53

Hi Homely ..... only the other day I read about those wrecks!!!!!


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