Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room
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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

3 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

6 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

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Comments (166)

MD 01/17/19 09:49

Hi JimE   ........ have a great time.  Safe journey.

MD 01/13/19 07:37

Hi JimE  ....... thank you for having a good time on my behalf .....  I appreciate it.  I'm already counting down the days to your departure .... early start on 17th  .......

Make the very most of it.  I used to scuba dive when I was in the police force.  I was part of the (then)  Walsall Borough Police Underwater Exploration Team.  I never got to do it in clean water though!!!!!!

JimE 01/12/19 21:18

MD, since you are going to live vicariously throgh me I'll be sure you have A GOOD TIME!!!  From treks in the jungle to SCUBA dives and Luau's, I shall try and make the best the Island has to offer.  I am skipping Zip Lining this trip as I do not care for the lines after my last visit here! So you don't have to worry about that!!  LOL.  About the road repairs after the earthquake.  Yes they were fast and they are also temporary repairs, but it does demonstrate the old  adage of 'where there's a will - there's a way' attitude of most Alaskans.  I shall keep you advised of 'our' advantures on Kauai!

MD 01/03/19 01:53

JimE ...... pineapple and coconut will do nicely!  You were just unlucky last year ....... surely a one-off.   I'm quite envious .......  I'm pretty sure I'll never get to Hawaii.  You make the most of it and tell us how you get on.   I'll live vicariously!

I was amazed at how quickly the roads in Alaska were repaired after the earthquake. 

JimE 01/02/19 22:08

Hi MD,  I leave AK early on the morning of the 17th January.  Arrive on Kauai early that afternoon if all goes well.  I don't want a repeat of last year at this time!  We are still experiencing some aftershocks here from the earthquake last month!  I won't miss them in Hawaii.  Pretty sure Kauai, being the oldest of the Islands, is aso the most stable.  Anyway it looks as if the Big Island has settled down as far as volcanic activity goes!  I'll snack on some Pineapple and Coconut for ya!!!

MD 01/01/19 13:33

Hi JimE  .....  Happy New Year ....... how many days until you set off?

JimE 12/31/18 23:34

Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou, everyone!

MD 06/12/18 01:08

Well darn!  I missed it. I'm already 2 hours into the 12th.

Moose 06/12/18 00:23

Happy Kamehameha Day everybody!

MD 06/06/18 00:23

Hi Jime .......... so nice to have it to look forward to.  When Alaska is bitterly cold ..... you'll be sunning yourself. :D

JimE 06/05/18 23:26

Reservations are made Jan 18 - Feb 3 on Kauai, Poipu to be exact.  Plane reservations paid for.  All set to go here at my end.  Pretty sure all other parties are ready too.  I'm looking forwad to do some off road explorations this trip as on the last trip to Kauai I almost got that Mustang stuck in the sand.  Renting a Jeep this trip to ease my mind a little!  Not sure as to the availbility of live cams as I didn't see any during my last trip - BUT I WILL LOOK!

Connor RK800 07/19/17 04:43

I love hawaii! Their culture is interesting.

Rain Shadow 04/29/17 00:33

Jime, I suppose it depends what your priorities normally are when you visit.  I have never been to Hawaii but if I did go, I would certainly love to try some of those eco hostels and tours that they are so proud of.

JimE 04/28/17 23:44

I'm thinking I may go back to Kauai this year.  Any thoughts out there?

MD 02/06/17 20:58

Hi Jime ...... I'm glad you weren't ill. We really enjoyed your visit to Hula Daddy. I'd love to see your pictures but it's not wise to put email addresses on  here. And I agree with you about wearing a mask. It makes sense.

JimE 02/06/17 20:39

Arrived back in Alaska safe and sound!  Unfortunately there is much more snow than when I left, guess we missed a couple of good storms !  Both women travelling with me were ill for almost the entire time we were in HI.  They are still ill as I type (must be those high altitude 'tubes' we all fly in) I am going to take after the Japanese and start wearing a surgical mask when I fly!!!  It was good that I got them their own rental car while we were there, at least I was able to travel a bit without feeling totally gui;ty of abandonment!  I went on the boat ride to see the lava hitting the ocean... what a spectacular sight!  I have picture for anyone brave enough to send me their email address!  Well that's it for now, I'd better get with the program and unpack!!

Rain Shadow 01/26/17 18:48

Jime, here is another camera you could potentially wave from.  This one also has sound, so we might be able to hear you as well, if you shout loud enough

MD 01/26/17 02:10

Jime ..... thank you! 

Rain Shadow 01/26/17 01:46

Mahalo, Jime.  I hope you continue to have a relaxing and enjoyable time.  Here is a link to some other Big Island cameras  I suppose you could try visiting any of these places and letting us know.  Isaiah, I posted a couple of screengrab pictures of Jime below.

isaiah A. 01/26/17 01:37

Oh no i missed seeing him :(

Enjoy your time in hawaii! :D


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