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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room
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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

5 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

8 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

11 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

14 hours ago

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Comments (227)

stargzr 06/20/20 04:20


Couldn't have put it better!       

MD 06/20/20 04:12

I don't care how long George Floyd's criminal record was ..... he was handcuffed.  Police officers should not be judge, jury and executioners.  I used to be a police officer and met plenty of "thugs" as you refer to them but you only deal with the offence they are committing at that time .... not for their previous offences.

Would the other "thug" be the man who grabbed a taser gun that had been fired twice so was not capable of being fired again?  The one who got shot in the back as he was running away ...... which shows the officers were not in fear of their lives?  After what happened to George Floyd ...... I'm not surprised he ran.

And BLM is a terrorist organization?  I think Black lives do matter and police officers who take the law into their own hands should be accountable.

Gordy Weigle 06/19/20 22:27

Hope things are quiet in the UK…..they’re insane in several U.S. cities.

Rioting and looting, sponsored by terrorist organizations such as Antifa and BLM; each trying to present a couple Thugs as Heroes. Both thugs have extensive criminal records.

Both thugs were killed while resisting arrest. One thug's family is trying to pass him off a devoted, loving husband and father. His police record points in the other direction, with several arrests for physical violence against his own family members.

The cop who killed him faces serious charges, but he likely saved a future life by his actions.

MD 06/15/20 21:46

Hi JimE .... you do know you're allowed more than one thought a day??  LOL

It wouldn't be half as much fun to visit without the hustle and bustle. I hope you'll be able to have your vacation there but as far as I can see in the UK .... we might as well right off the whole year.  We usually have a carnival that last about 10 days.  They put the bunting up the other day but the carnival is canceled.  It was thought that the flags would brighten up the place.  Such a strange time we are living in.  Roll on a vaccine.

JimE 06/15/20 20:25

Just my thought for today....  Hawaii MUST be a quiet place these days without all the tourists and hullabaloo!  MD, not sure about my holiday this winter!  Travel looks limited as do accommodations!  I suppose, time will tell!

MD 03/13/20 19:02

Hi Deacon ...  long time no see.  I hope you are keeping warm and well.

deacon 03/13/20 17:57

Aloha !

MD 02/26/20 00:42

I never knew it was so useful:

JimE 02/25/20 23:02

MD, I think Castor Oil is an old Scottish remedy that fixes 'everything"!!

MD 02/25/20 22:27

JimE ....   my grandmother took castor oil every day and when my dad was born he had a full head of hair.  As he grew older he developed a hairy chest and back .... he hated that.  When I asked my grandmother why she took castor oil she said "because it keeps you regular."   My mother used to refer to gran as the old witch.  Having heard some of her remedies ...  it could be true.  LOL!!!!

I look forward to seeing your pics when you find a suitable cam.

JimE 02/25/20 21:20

Thanks for the hair comment, MD.  My Grandmother says it's due to the fact that my mother took her teaspoon full of Castor Oil, or some such concoction, every day during her pregnancies (I had two sisters).  Anyway when I was delivered (as it was in the old days) I had a head full of flowing locks.  I'm pretty sure none of that means much these days - i'm just glad to have what I still have.  You should see my hair brush; but they seem to be replacing themselves.  Anyway I have more pics to post, just have to figure out where to do it.  Looks likes Pointe Santo Condo's is replacing that old out of focus camera.  Hope you are well, and remember to stay away from the Coronavirus!  Cheers JimE.


MD 02/23/20 14:47

Thanks JimE   ..... nice to see what it looks like from the outside.  I keep saying it but that's a lovely head of hair you have.  :D

When you were visiting ... everytime you disappeared from this cam I looked at the roasting room cam to see if you went in there.  The whole place looks as if it smells delicious.  Thank you for sharing.

JimE 02/23/20 00:46

Should have posted this along with the first one.

JimE 02/23/20 00:25

Here's one of your typical tourist snapshots.

MD 02/22/20 00:36

Hi JimE  ..... I see it ...... lovely white snow.

I take it you had a wonderful vacation.   :D

JimE 02/21/20 19:42

Hi MD,  tell me if you can see this image?

MD 02/06/20 23:18

Thanks JimE.  Same again next year?

MD 02/06/20 23:16

That was a good close-up of the hat.  And you have a proper camera   ....

MD 02/06/20 23:09

JimE   ... I can almost smell that coffee you're drinking right in front of me.  :D

MD 02/06/20 23:02

What a lovely head of hair.  Don't forget to pick up your hat.  :D


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