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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room
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Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

4 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

7 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

10 hours ago

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee - Tasting Room

13 hours ago

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Comments (252)

MD 01/07/22 14:16

Hi JimE ...  I'm hoping most of your packing is done.  Bon voyage and have fun.

JimE 01/03/22 21:01


MD 01/03/22 16:34

Hi JimE  ....  not too old .... just sensible.  I had a wonderful time.  Spent Christmas and  New Year on my own and thoroughly enjoyed it. I never get bored and I love being able to do, or not do, whatever I want.  I suppose that comes from being an only child.  LOLOLOL

I've just spent 40 minutes on the phone talking to a couple who are off to the Canary Islands on the 6th for 2 weeks and then on the the West Indies for a further 6 weeks.  How the other half lives!!

You go and enjoy yourself and then let us know all about it when you get back.  I really look forward to my vicarious vacations.  Take care and safe journey.  MD

JimE 01/01/22 21:44

Hi MD, Happy New Year to you as well.  Quiet night in the house last night for me.  None of that 'bar crawling' or other sillyness, guess I'm too old!  lol.  Anyway I'll be leaving for HI on the 10th, about a week from Monday and be there for three weeks.  I'd be looking for my straw hat if I were'nt typing this right now!!  I promise no 'name tag' this trip!!  I hope your new year was good and that you will prosper during this coming one.  I'll try to keep you posted about my whereabouts in HI especially if I find spots with cameras!  ALOHA!

MD 01/01/22 15:16

Hi JimE ....  you know I always love to hear from you.  Happy New Year!

Dare I ask about your Hawaii trip? 

JimE 12/26/21 02:48

Merry Christmas to all my friends here on Opentopia and to all those who just put up with me!!  Happy new Year!

MD 09/03/21 13:44

Hi JimE ....  I'd have been very disappointed if you hadn't been vaccinated.  I shall be having my third shot.  I just wish I was off to Hawaii as well but I know you will put photos for me to live vicariously. Last time you were in the coffee shop - I had both cams up and was able to follow you from one cam to the other.  As you disappeared from one you turned up on the other one.  I'm not sure we still have the other cam. You won't need to wear a label on your hat this time ...  we all know who you are.  LOLOL!!

JimE 09/03/21 02:29

Hi MD, Yes.....  I just recieved an email from the real estate agent explaining what Hawaii's Govenor has to say about vacation reservations.  Basically he says no restrictions for those visitors fully vaccinated or tested negative withing ten days of arrival.  With my many years in the armed service and shot up with who-knows-what for the other who-knows-what, I went and got vaccinated.  Now they are saying a tird round may be necessary!  I suppose I'll do that too.  Anyway I am looking forward to being out of Alaska this winter!  I did take a quick trip last month to South Carolina.....  WAY too hot for a cold blooded Alaskan!  I hope all is well with you and do expect some photo's.  I promise to pre-advertise my arrival here at Hula Daddys!  Aloha for now!

MD 08/13/21 22:57

Hi JimE ...   only 21 weeks to go!

JimE 06/20/21 03:53

Hi MD, not sure if I have posted this anywhere else but I may have.  I have committed to next year's venture to the Big Island.  My dates are 9-31 January 2022.  I promise, if the good Lord is willing, to wave once again from the Hula Daddys Coffee shop as it is one of my favorite stops on the island.  I am looking forward, be it apprehensibly, toward my visit after missing this year's trek to HI due to the COVID pandemic.  I hope to include some side visits to the Volcano Park and a visit to Mauna Kea and her sister peak of Mauna Loa.  Hopefully Mauna Kea will be at night this trip so I may observe the heavens through some telescopes at this world premiere observation site! Yes, I will again get a new hat!!!

MD 01/25/21 23:53

Hi JimE  .....  you came close.  LOLOLOL!!!!

I've enjoyed your visits.  I'll be glad when you are able to visit again.   It doesn't seem like a year since you came through the door wearing your new hat.

JimE 01/23/21 23:20

Oops, Hi MD!  Didn't think I'd forget did ya?

JimE 01/23/21 23:18

This time last year I was standing in that doorway as I have many times....  Thanks to COVID, I will not be making my annual pilgramage this winter.  I look forward to next year and a longer winter in Alaska this year!

MD 09/18/20 00:40

Snow already?????  From heat wave to snow in the blink of an eye. 

I don't think it's worth risking going anywhere.  I like continental holidays but not so long ago our government said it was ok to go to various countries and we wouldn't need to quarantine on return.  Lots of people took advantage of that and went abroad .... only for the government to change their minds and say you have to be back almost immediately or do 14 days quarantine.  Plane companies took advantage of that and inflated prices astronomically.

I think you and I will be sitting this one out  ...... which is a shame because I love to see your photographs.  Oh well  ......  hopefully next year ......

JimE 09/18/20 00:14

Hi MD, Aye Lassie I'm aware of the new travel requirements.  But that's ony the beginning as you are aware.  Social distancing and masks are still required on the Islands as well.  I can't imagine the restrictions placed on activities and sight seeing tours as well as dining etc.  I think I'll just stay here and suffer!  LOL.  Did I mention that wev'e has snow already and the predictions are for a colder than normal winter??  Are you doing a holiday this year?

MD 09/17/20 15:31

Hi JimE   ...... or should that be wee Jimmy from Scotland?   LOL

Maybe you could still visit Hawaii but I think it would be risky to book as things can change so quickly.

Hawaii’s governor says that starting on 15 October, travelers arriving from out of state may bypass a 14-day quarantine requirement if they test negative for the coronavirus.

China Cat 07/28/20 23:08

Cute black puppy on cam!

JimE 07/26/20 01:48

Yes MD as a matter of fact I was born in a tiny village in Scotland and raised for those first seven years in Yorkshire!  And let me tell you - Barton is NOT a big place even today.  I last visited when I was stationed in Germany with the US Air Force and went back to Great Britain in 1976, so it's been a while!

MD 07/25/20 23:38

Oh heck JimE  ........   you mean my tiny island.  I had you born in Hawaii.   It was only when I thought "Wait a minute .....  you don't cross the Atlantic from Hawaii."    Years ago my daughter did me a cross-stitch sampler saying  "To my mother, who never met a purpose she couldn't cross."   I don't know what she means. LOLOLOL

MD 07/25/20 23:29

Hi JimE  .... no  .... you never said!  WOW!  No wonder you love going there .....  you're going home.

I see that Trump has issued an emergency declaration for Hawaii as it waits for Hurricane Douglas to hit.  I do hope they don't get hit too badly. 

I'd love to see the Northern Lights.  They look lovely in videos but in real life they must be amazing.  I know you will find somewhere to go or something to do but it won't be the same as going to Hawaii.  I just thought  .... no wonder you look so comfy in Hawaiian shirts ....  it's in your genes.  LOLOL!!!


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