Downtown Stevenson and Columbia River

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Downtown Stevenson and Columbia River
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Downtown Stevenson and Columbia River

4 hours ago

Downtown Stevenson and Columbia River

7 hours ago

Downtown Stevenson and Columbia River

10 hours ago

Downtown Stevenson and Columbia River

13 hours ago

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Comments (100)

Moose 09/03/17 17:15

Anyway, I liked it.  I do not think I have ever used to word "orb" in my life!

MD 09/03/17 17:11

I was obviously suffering with Kylitis!  :D

Moose 09/03/17 16:57

MD... "A moon or sun-type orb"?  You know who that sounds like, don't you?

MD 11/15/16 18:50

Ps ... the reflections on this cam at the moment are showing me a moon or sun-type orb.... very pretty.

MD 11/15/16 18:47

I'm so glad you're happy. And you upgraded ...... good for you. Life's too short to be miserable.  :D

After I looked at your picture I clicked to see the others. That's a lovely pic of the moon.

Thrill House 11/15/16 17:36

I had to take a screenshot on my phone and its zoomed in...but it's us! I upgraded to a local boyfriend out here and I'm very happy!

Thrill House 11/15/16 17:36
MD 11/15/16 16:32

Hey Thrill House!!!!!  Lovely to see you again. I can't believe it's been 2.5 years!!!! I remember when you were thinking of moving .....

Sadly, I have no idea how you can share your photo.  We can only hope that some smart person will read your comment.  :D

Thrill House 11/15/16 15:39

You guys, I finally visited this cam! I've been out here 2.5 years now and Stevenson is just as lovely as it looks. The cam is coming from the Skamania County Courthouse. I just happened to be driving through Washington and I was so happy to find the cam! I was able to wave at my dad in Michigan. Hope all is well Opentopers! Also I took a picture, how do I share it with you? 

Mira Bilis 02/21/16 23:49

LOL MD ... you mean you're not familiar with that movie?? :)

MD 02/21/16 23:46

Mira .... you sure you've not been at the wacky baccy???? LOL!!!!!!!!

Mira Bilis 02/21/16 23:00

Rain? In Washington??  Surely not!  LOL!! ;)  Actually they remind me of that movie "The Clouds of Sils Maria" where there was a scene with a cloud formation that looked like a long serpent winding through a valley.

MD 02/21/16 22:50

They look full of rain.  :D

Mira Bilis 02/21/16 22:25

I love those low clouds over the river.

N Q 12/13/15 00:11

This cam is down more often then up but in the early evening you can see a tree lit up. Later in the night it just becomes another blur of lights.

MD 08/22/15 23:57

Mira .... quite a few of the Washington cams seem smokey. Be sure you have a Plan A and a Plan B.

Mira Bilis 08/22/15 23:50

It could well be smoke MD ... the Cougar Creek fire is in that area.

MD 08/22/15 23:29

Mira .... I see your previous comment mentions heat haze. I hope you're right.

Mira Bilis 07/05/15 18:18

Hi Mike ... I think that's heat haze ... I'm in northwest WA and we get the same thing near the water of the Strait.

Mike Magma 07/05/15 17:03

Looks quite smoky there this late morning.


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