Big Sky Resort - Mountain Village Cam

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Big Sky Resort - Mountain Village Cam
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Big Sky Resort - Mountain Village Cam

3 hours ago

Big Sky Resort - Mountain Village Cam

6 hours ago

Big Sky Resort - Mountain Village Cam

9 hours ago

Big Sky Resort - Mountain Village Cam

12 hours ago

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Comments (263)

Moose 06/20/17 20:13

I have always found it extremely improbable that 15 tons of aluminum should be able to fly under any circumstances, and it is nice that at 120 degrees the scientists agree with me.

Rain Shadow 06/20/17 16:12

Silver Squirrel, I hope you do not have to travel far at the moment  Do you use solar panels to power your air conditioning, etc.?  It would seem to be the most sensible option in your climate.

Moose 06/17/17 18:47

Hi Silver Squirrel...Montana has a wide range of weather patterns, depending on where you are.  High mountains in the west and flat plains in the west.  The record high is 117 and the record low is -41.  Big Sky routinely gets over 300 inches of snow per year, and sometimes goes over 450 inches.  It is indeed a wonderful place, but it takes a special type to live there all year.

Silver Squirrel 06/17/17 16:52

Montana sounds like a lovely place to be, given that temps in the Phoenix area this weekend will soar to 114-120.

Moose 06/13/17 17:00

Of course!  Everywhere else is having a heat wave, so it makes sense that Montana would do the opposite.  I once made a snowman on July 4 just a bit north of here.

Rain Shadow 06/13/17 16:53
Jime 05/25/17 01:00



Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/25/17 00:52

Jime ...... it's always good to have a plan ...... something to look forward to.  :D

Jime 05/25/17 00:44

Yes it's beena day or two!  Rest assured I'm planning the next voyage!  I'll be sure to let you know.  It will most likely be Kauai though.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/25/17 00:33

Hi Jime ...... haven't seen you for ages.  I bet it seems forever since your vacation.  :D

Jime 05/25/17 00:18

Hi MDD!+


Jime 05/25/17 00:18

I can see dirt again.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/17/17 18:32

One thing's for sure ..... Mother Nature will always have the upper hand.

Rain Shadow 05/17/17 18:10

Mother Nature loves to mess with us, it is revenge for us messing with her.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/17/17 17:35

It's a waste of good snow at the resort but 2 snowflakes near me is an inconvenience.  :D

Moose 05/17/17 17:11

Now MD, there you go confusing me again!  One minute you lament the shame of wasting good snow, and the next you say what an inconvenience it is.  Either way it makes a beautiful scene on camera!

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/17/17 17:06

Hi Moose ..... I think snow is an inconvenience at any time.  :D

Moose 05/17/17 16:51

This late season snowfall is probably more of an inconvenience to the staff than anything else.  They are trying to prepare for the summer season, with the hiking/biking trails, golf courses and all that summery stuff and here comes 6 inches of snow!  Not nearly enough to justify trying to keep the skiing open but enough to make it impossible to do anything useful outside.  The snow will probably be gone in a couple of days anyway.  They are under a winter weather advisory now, but rain is forecast for the weekend.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/17/17 15:40

I think they will have to revise the times they are open. Seems a shame to waste good snow.

Rain Shadow 05/17/17 15:28

More snow in the mountains.


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