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USC Roach Cam (Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches)
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USC Roach Cam (Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches)

8717 hours ago

USC Roach Cam (Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches)

8720 hours ago

USC Roach Cam (Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches)

8723 hours ago

USC Roach Cam (Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches)

8726 hours ago

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Comments (34)

MD 04/25/19 04:21

Yummy .... carrots!

deacon 05/20/18 11:46


MD 04/23/17 21:06

Trix and I actually saw bugs walking on the notes on Chip Chan's cam.

I see that Chip was mentioned on this cam on the 13th August 2014.

Rain Shadow 04/23/17 20:32

Or Chip-Chan's apartment.

MD 04/23/17 20:20

Rain Shadow ..... thanks for that .... I did say last year that I wished it was live feed.  They seem very lethargic    ........ I think they move much quicker in restaurant kitchens.  :D

Rain Shadow 04/23/17 19:56

USC have put the live stream up on YouTube  (Note: It looks better in 720p HD mode and with the stupid live chat disabled.)

isaiah A. 01/24/17 01:13

glad thats not at my house! :)

MD 08/28/16 21:36

I wish this was live feed.

MD 07/16/16 20:16

Yes we are.   LOL!!!!

zedyer 07/16/16 20:00

How lucky!

MD 07/16/16 18:46

Zedyer .... I think you're right about that. There's no way he could keep quiet for this long. Somebody has to be getting the benefit (?) of his pearls of wisdom.  :D

zedyer 07/16/16 18:09

He definately has alot to say. Maybe he's busy speading his wisdom somewhere else?

MD 07/16/16 15:45

I think he looks in from time to time. I miss him.

zedyer 07/16/16 15:37

Does kyle still come on here?

MD 07/16/16 15:22

Kyle .. I disagree. We can't beat nature at her own game.

kyle 04/19/15 06:20

Hmmm let me answer that question, ants have wars, and do kill even their own type if from another nest, but never heard of them being canibal, think of them like robots, with a central control station, it best describes their behavior. The Queen uses a clean up crew to rid the nest of diing and dead ants, natures way of preventing a disease from wiping them out, however I've seen it happen, a nest will all die off nearly over night. Put it this way, if too numerous, Nature notices and attacks, its happening to humanity now as i write this, Nature is experimenting with various ways to thin us out, and sooner or later will succede, happens to all Gods creatures. As long as we maintain a vigilance, we can survive, and are. we are the only species that can beat her at her own game.

All be well girls

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/09/14 15:39

Ewww, ok no breakfast for me, lol.

MD 10/09/14 15:37

Carol... there are lots of different strains of ants and some do kill others but I'm  not sure they eat them. I've watched ants dissect a dead scorpion and carry the parts away. Fascinating little things.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/09/14 15:21

Ewww, they both gross me out. I had asked on the ant cam if they kill and eat each other, do u know the answer?

MD 10/09/14 15:19

Carol..... I wish it was!   I also love the ant cam.  :D


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