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Port of Everett
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Port of Everett

6 hours ago

Port of Everett

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Port of Everett

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Port of Everett

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Comments (11)

MD 02/25/19 14:00

Hi Foodie Foodnerd ........ the food was delicious.  We had tomato and orange soup, mackeral salad and then apple cake with chocolate sauce.  The mackerel was delivered to the bar as we were drinking an aperitif   ..... that's how fresh it was.  3 courses for 8 euros .... which was about £7.  It might sound impossible to believe but the ceiling in the bar is about 15 feet high.  Their air con  consists of opening the door at the far end of the bar!  The atmosphere is lovely.  The music was from the 60s and 70s.  I love the place.  I'm sure I shall go there again.  I used to live a couple of hours drive away from Barcelona and used to visit often.

I agree about Chip Chan.  Must be a scary world she lives in.

What a shame you can't get to the port to wave at us.  Another Opentopian, JimE,  went to Hawaii and waved to us on a cam.  Still  ..... even if you can't get out and about so much  ....... Opentopia is a way of globetrotting   .... and it costs nothing.   :D

Foodie Foodnerd 02/25/19 13:07

Thanks, MD! Bar Oviso is one of my top favorites; how was the food, and what did you order? (that question must take you by total surprise... :^D )

I do hope Chip Chan gets the help she badly needs for her range of physical and mental health issues. It must be absolutely terrifying to be inside her head.

Do tell us if you're ever going to be in front of one of these again! This one is literally a couple of miles (a kilometer?) down the road from me, but I had to stop driving due to medical crap and it's difficult to get out much anyway.

One of my oldest friends went over there, and waved to us, held up a little sign in front of the Beatles' Abbey Road -- The Crossing camera on that site, but it never loads properly anymore on my ancient laptop.

I always enjoy the people watching aspect, but this one also boggled my brain trying to watch the traffic without freaking out thinking head-on collisions are about to happen when they turn into the left side of the road and what would be oncoming traffic here.

MD 02/25/19 08:15

Mere bagatelle.   :D

That's the fun of Opentopia ...... you can travel all over the world in your armchair.  I actually had the fun of going to Barcelona and having a meal in the Oviso Bar ..... and waving to the cam.  One Opentopia viewer took screen grabs and made a jigsaw of it for me.  Another viewer did a short video.

I'm sure Chip Chan is still carrying on:

Foodie Foodnerd 02/24/19 22:04

MD, I'm thinking heated wire coils buried in the cement. What could several thousand miles possibly cost for materials, installation, heating and maintenance? Mere pennies per mile, right?

A bit surreal to see the rain I'm seeing and hearing outside along with indoor ski tracks in Finland, an outdoor mall in Japan, a skatepark bowl in Australia, etc.

Whatever happened to the Korean woman with severe depression? She slept a lot, often had Korean-language newspapers and signs covering her windows. I think at one point she considered Susan some sort of webcam rival?

Too bad she likely doesn't know people literally all over the planet still remember her, worry about her and hope she's well.

MD 02/22/19 05:41

Hi Foodie Foodnerd,

I propose that all new sidewalks and roads should be constructed with underfloor heating.  That should solve it!  :D

Foodie Foodnerd 02/22/19 02:42

MD, it's 2019 out there! WHY haven't we yet improved snow enough so that it falls anywhere except the roads and sidewalks? How complicated could that be; it's squishy water! We're not smarter than a bunch of squishy water?

Seriously, I hope you're safe and staying warm. :^D

MD 02/09/19 15:10

I like to see snow on the cams but not in my back yard.  :D

stargzr 02/09/19 14:46

Wheeee ! 

MD 05/27/18 13:42

And it's another cloudy day.

MD 07/24/14 15:46

Very cloudy today.

Holly 08/26/12 23:25

One of my favorites : )


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