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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam
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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

241 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

244 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

289 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

292 hours ago

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Comments (4830)

MD 04/17/18 11:01

Hi Silver Squirrel / Arizona Sue ......... multiple personalities?  You'll soon be having your own webcam right next to Chip Chan's.   LOL!!!!!

Silver Squirrel 04/17/18 01:33

MD, thanks for the additional information.   By the way, Arizona Sue is Silver Squirrel.  I accidentally signed in with my hotmail address, which I never use.  

MD 04/16/18 21:57

Make of these what you will  ......... I think they are works of fiction and vivid imaginations.

MD 04/16/18 21:49

Hi Arizona Sue ....... The link was from superbDOG  ....... all I did was remove the "s." 

I've only just read the link and I think it's a load of baloney.  I agree with the comments that say she should be left alone.

I always look at the Animation of Last Snap shots.  She turns over so many times -  It makes me feel giddy.  :D

Arizona Sue 04/16/18 20:04

MD, thanks for sharing the Reddit link.  Interesting.

superbDOG46 04/16/18 14:10

I found this 8chan guy who made a group to track down C-C and i posted it on reddit.

superbDOG46 04/16/18 14:07

Thanks for remembering md!

Mukuro 04/12/18 18:02

Her camera doesn't work again... Oh well. I hope she is alright.

Brenda LANCOUR 04/11/18 17:10

Hello chip..I pray you are doing well..thought I would stop by and see how you are doing..I was hoping to see you up

But I guess not..maybe you were up earlier when I was not here..I'm glad people are checking in on you chip even though you don't check your comments or even understand Us.We don't care we just care about you and want you to do well.I know I do..please stay safe Chip God Bless You and Peace Be With you..

Neku Sakuraba 04/11/18 14:09

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545}

No one is making you watch this Steve.

She says the chip is near her ankle bone if the chip does control her then, no she couldn't get it taken out. I doubt anyone watches her 24/7. If you have better things to do why are you on here and leaving a comment? Your last sentence doesn't make much sense either...

MD 04/09/18 18:03

superbDOG46  .......... Happy Birthday.  Now you're grown up ....... well ....a teenager!  :D

Brenda LANCOUR 04/09/18 17:51

Hey chip. Its been quite a while since I have been here.I hope you are doing well..I have been busy and have bot been able to get here but I had time today..I pray you have been up a little bit and even went out..its nice to see you again chip..I know you don't understand me or even view your comments but I don't mind. I like talking to you anyway .God bless you Chip and I will try to get back here more often to check up on you .take care of yourself dear lady..and PEACE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS .

johnny joestar 04/05/18 19:34

Anyone know what the signs say?

MD 04/05/18 16:54

I agree.

Steve Paul 04/05/18 16:43

This is stupid if tgis has been going on for 12yrs don't you think she could get out tgis chip in her leg isnt right no way to sit here and watch this girl.sleeo for 20+hrs I have better things to do... and a bent copper keeping her there just doesn't make sense 

Steve Paul 04/05/18 16:40
unknow helper 04/03/18 23:18

hi Chip Chan

I tried to translate your texts but its verry hard... can you just say you are allright? I saw you move a little bit on your sleep.. I think (hope) your better...

we are here for you chip. we love you 

Mukuro 04/02/18 12:06

I hope nothing bad happens with her anytime soon. She is too young to die! But if something do happen (i hope not!!!) we will probably know from Korean news because its unusual for lonely young women to die alone in her apartment with all this signs and webcams! And people from Internet will find out about Chip-chan's situation if she will disappear for long periods of time. There is a lot of us who interested in Chip-chan, we will never forget her or leave her if she stops streaming. We can't help her in real life unfortunately, but here in Internet we at least will try to find information if she alive or not! But I hope everything be okay with her. With our dear Chip-chan! ;)

DA Riles 04/02/18 03:33

The worse part is we will not know if she dies 


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