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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam
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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

2269 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

2272 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

2317 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

2320 hours ago

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Comments (4857)

Neku Sakuraba 07/20/18 02:10

I agree with you and Spike MD.

Minor development if anyone is interested her YouTube Mind Control Weapon added two new videos.

bunnylover88 07/18/18 08:28

Someone gave a very interesting analysis and theory as to why she suddenly went offline.

The theory is Chip Chan's finance has depleted. Therefore, she can't pay her utilities bills like electricity or internet connection bills any further. If you notice her livestream for the past several months before it went offline she ate lesser and lesser as compared to the past. Again, a sign that she was saving as much money as she could. She could be now just relying on welfare benefits without any savings... therefore, unable to pay any additional expenses.

Another theory is she had been online for so many years because she had been tapping to her neighbour's or nearby business' unsecured internet access. And they have secured their wifi with a password, therefore, rendering her offline. 

Don't forget, if she can configure everything and go online live by herself, she prolly have the knowledge on setting up wifis, configuring webcams, and so forth. If she can be offline for so long, then the above theory kinda seems true.

MD 07/13/18 23:38

Hi Spike.  I agree with you about fake timestamps being farfetched.  Nobody is likely to give you a source. Chip Chan was alive and on cam on the 4th of June ....  ages after that baloney report of her supposed death.  It's all smoke and mirrors.

Spike Ppiegel 07/13/18 22:46

If that's true can you cite the soruce you're referencing? Checking their website I can't find anything that either of you have mentioned. Fake timestamps seem rather farfetched personally.

hyunparksung 07/10/18 13:29

Hi all... american korean here and what officerp said is real.... yon hap news is a mainstrean news media in south korea like how cnn or fox is mainstream media in america. i did saw the news on yon hap news 2 months ago too and i can re-affirm what officerp said is real. but again we cannot be sure if the woman is chip-chan.... but with her cam down for so long i think it real. there are many fake photos circulating with fake timestamps to say she's alive but the message are the same only different timestamp. if not, the message is from old times (as I always read her written messages) but just photoshopped timestamp.

Neku Sakuraba 07/07/18 23:17

Knud A you can check Chip-Chan’s subreddit for more information, but the post I got it from was

Her cam didn’t stream on opentopia

Her “main” webcam site is

Timestamp has 5/23/2017 so whoever reported her dead couldn’t be the same person with the differences in dates.

People are still speculating that she’s alive, however it could be internet/equipment problems.

Can't say for sure of course.

johnny joestar 07/04/18 19:40

It's the end of an era

Knud A 06/28/18 19:36

Hi guys....

What happened with Chip-Chan? The only fact i can see right now is that Chip was last online on April, 17th 2018(according to the last captured still shots here @Opentopia.

Neku states,she is still alive(source?).A so called "officerp" posted some trivial story,which he read allegedly @ YonHap News without naming the exact source/url,that  awoman in her 30s-40s was found dead in her apartment.

"officerp" if possible name your source or correct the post you made!!!

MD 06/17/18 18:06
Brenda LANCOUR 06/12/18 23:56

Hey Chip its been a long time since I have checked in with you.I pray you are doing well and getting up for a while.just wanted to stop by and say hello even though you can't understand.that's ok..god bless you chip and I hope all is well with you..

Neku Sakuraba 06/09/18 08:51

The rumor isn't true.

She's fine...well as fine as Chip-Chan can be.

johnny joestar 06/09/18 01:30

I hope the rumor that she died isn't true. If so, RIP Chip-Chan ;((

MD 06/05/18 12:58

Jime ........ that sounds good to me.  :D

Jime 06/05/18 01:47

MD,  reservations are made Jan 18 - Feb 3 on Kauai.  Poipu to be exact.  Plane reservations paid for.  All set to go here.  Pretty sure all parties are ready too.  I'm looking forwad to do some off road explorations this trip as on the last trip to Kauai I almost got that Mustang stuck in the sand.  Renting a Jeep this trip to ease my mind a little!

MD 06/04/18 22:40

Jime ........ I hope your traveling companion has fully recovered.  I really could do with another vacation.  How about you?  :D

Jime 06/04/18 22:26

Hi MD,  glad to see there's a few of us left with the more traditional outlook.  All is good this year here after a rocky start, as you remember.  Hope all is well there!

MD 06/04/18 19:55

Hi Jime ..... I never doubted it for a minute.  :D

Jime 06/04/18 19:21

So much for all the naysayers,  she is alive and on cam!

jules 05/31/18 21:54

glad to know she’s still alive 

MD 05/31/18 19:58

I see it.


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