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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam
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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

122 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

125 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

128 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

131 hours ago

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Comments (4563)

Laura Gamble 08/21/17 18:14

@Banana if you do decide to do a cam post something here!  I'll wave to you (PS I love crocheting!) 

Hannah Chan 08/21/17 10:52

've tried to use an app to translate it, by the way. Most of it is a garbled mess. I can only make out a few actual words that make sense. Faeces, brain manipulation needle, not stopping, etc. The rest, I can't make out. I came here after seeing a video on chip chan and honestly, I was freaked out by it. I'm not one for discrediting someones experiences, but i've got to be honest, I think shes just mentally ill. I don't think anyone is holding her captive, she is displaying pretty much all the symptoms of someone who is a paranoid Schizophrenic and possibly agoraphobic. I just feel more and more sorry for her each time I tune in to see if perhaps shes awake or at least not looking like shes dead in the corner.

Hannah Chan 08/21/17 10:45

Its completely random. She'll usually lie there for a few days. From what I can gather, the sign says something about a brain manipulation needle, and the second sentence says "Not stopping", so i'm assuming shes referring to the broadcast that was meant to be ending on the 15th. 

Ava H 08/21/17 02:06

Does Chip-Chan have any set time she wakes up? Or is it random? Very strange livestream :)



Hope everyone is having a good day/evening

superbDOG46 08/20/17 03:11

I am uploading to yt a recording of chip chan changing tje sign in high fps. And i found she has a stream of her webcam on her monitor. We need to find that stream.

Banana Peanuts 08/19/17 19:48

Thanks for the screenshots!

Rain Shadow 08/19/17 17:55

Three screenshots:

Rain Shadow 08/19/17 17:42

Chip-Chan is awake and changing her signs as we speak. 

Banana Peanuts 08/19/17 17:20

I run a charity and my address and stuff is public anyway. I'm nonestly not worried. I'm armed and have dogs. LOL

Meanwhile. We can't even see chip chan anymore! That sucks somewhat

Rain Shadow 08/19/17 16:17

Personally, I cannot image anything more potentially threatening to ones privacy and security than a publicly broadcasting camera in the home.

Banana Peanuts 08/19/17 16:09

MD lol I won't stream it all the time. I could care less what people think of me. I'm a cripple who is home 24/7 haha.

MD 08/19/17 15:37

Banana Peanuts ..... are you sure about doing that? Just imagine reading some of the comments you would probably get ...... people (including myself) can say some awful things.  :D

Banana Peanuts 08/19/17 01:25

MD I'm considering a living room cam. I'm disabled and homebound. So like I'm on my couch on the computer or crocheting or doing needlepoint. Maybe it and my cats and such will amuse the masses. I would love to see more living room cams just of people doing people things

MD 08/18/17 22:03

Banana Peanuts ..... I had a shock myself when I looked at it. Someone put the link to it ages ago and I saw people watching tv. I fished the link out of my bookmarks for you and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that couple.  There used to be quite a few living room cams that were fun to watch ..... and not indecent.  Such a shame they've gone.

Banana Peanuts 08/18/17 21:55

MD not my type of cam lol. I like clothed people doing day to day stuff lol

MD 08/18/17 16:04

Thanks Rain Shadow.

Rain Shadow 08/18/17 15:22

M D, just for your info, I hope you have some kind of built-in protection on your laptop, as my computer is basically telling me that link is toxic.  If you do not, then I recommend downloading then running a Malwarebytes scan, or something similar.

MD 08/18/17 12:15

Correction ...... there is a naked woman and a man in his Calvin Klein underpants.

MD 08/18/17 12:12

Banana Peanuts ....... at this very moment there is a semi-naked woman having lunch on this cam:


Heavy Metal Universe 08/18/17 11:14

I agree with Martin L I on that manic depressive recluse thing. She does not need to work because she inherited a large amount of money from her parents. (If you believe what she has told us.) So interacting with people is not necessary.


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