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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam
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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

4 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

7 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

10 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

13 hours ago

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Comments (3959)

Helen Boo 04/27/17 22:00

RainShadow, thanks for the links!

Rain Shadow 04/27/17 19:03

There are so many more interesting cameras out there than this one.  If you want a website that is like "Opentopia On Steroids" then I still suggest Insecam  Or for just beautiful HD views try Skyline

Helen Boo 04/27/17 18:41

Maybe she is a drinker. Alcohol use in S Korea is off the charts. Who knows? But yeah, booooring.


Seafoam Green 04/27/17 17:37

Can someone point out which pictures look like different girls? I'm not seeing it. Is it plausible that a couple of girls are playing a decades long prank on the internet??

The video looping theory definitely seems plausible--it seems biologically impossible for someone to be sleeping as mich as chip does constantly. But why the hell would she even bother looping video? Just because she's nuts?

Lulucian 04/27/17 10:40

Different girls in alternating recorded videos, not live ar all. I lost interest... 

Seafoam Green 04/26/17 09:34

If you scroll down, there's screenshots that prove she has been visited by someone, but it's a few years ago. 

superbDOG46 04/26/17 03:25

Grr i missed it! She moved the cam alot

Bob K 04/26/17 02:33

Color me a little confused.  I caught her the other day creating a new poster, puting it up, then a few minutes later changing to still another.  When she got done, she moved the camera a little so it would include her. All well and good.

But, checking the recent snapshots (3 hours ago, 6, so on) they all showed the latest poster.

Tonight, bringing up the animation of recent snapshots, the bed sliopcover (or whatever) showed 3 different coverings. 

Wisteria Dunham 04/26/17 00:30

omg Rain. that would be insane.

Rain Shadow 04/25/17 23:37

Thank-you, M D. Healthy debate is the cornerstone of civilization.

If anyone has ever seen the movie 'The Truman Show' then this could also be something along similar lines.

Lulucian 04/25/17 23:31

I agree with you, Wisteria. Any campaign would have an objective to achieve but this story is just going on the same way forever. The same for alternate reality games. I would be a waste of time not to reveal something because there is a huge audience. 

Mommie Dearest in Devon 04/25/17 23:30

Rain Shadow ...... I award you ten out of ten for persistence.  :D

Wisteria Dunham 04/25/17 23:11

I don't know about a marketing campaign. It just doesn't have direction as far as I can tell. I mean...people have watched this for a long time and it seems to keep bringing more people but what's the end game?  I can't imagine a company doing this. Even if it was a campaign to raise awareness about mental illnesses (as many people think she is mentally ill) why would they let it go on for so long. I just don't get it. 

Wisteria Dunham 04/25/17 23:06

It could be some kind of alternate reality game. I don't know much about them. But it has gone on for so long. And she doesn't give us much to work with. 

Lulucian 04/25/17 22:57

Thanks, MD. I didn't know about the s in the link. ;)

Lulucian 04/25/17 22:53

Even being a fake live video, who could be behind all this? I read Galaxy Note in one of her posters, maybe samsung? I've never heard of a marketing campaign for sooo long and anonymous. 

Rain Shadow 04/25/17 22:29

And do not forget, video looping and masking are popular techniques with performance artists, along with repetition and keeping the audience guessing.

Wisteria Dunham 04/25/17 22:18

God I know. I don't eat much at all but I would be dead if I went that long without eating lol

Wisteria Dunham 04/25/17 22:17

The clock in the background helps this feel real. But this could be video masking. It's kind of hard to explain and it does take a little knowledge to do. Yet, it isn't that hard. When my daughter was 9 she took a video editing class and they did this kind of thing. It just means part of the video is recorded at one time while another part of the video was recorderd at a different time and they are layered. 

i watch the duck of truth and he debunks ghost videos on you tube. He explains video masking pretty well

Helen Boo 04/25/17 22:09

She may have a big ol' plate of food under that blanket.


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