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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam
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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

39 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

42 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

48 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

51 hours ago

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Comments (4646)

Jime 10/18/17 20:39

Looked more like sloppy, gooey wet mud in a jar than medicinal salve.  She eventually spread it on her torso, legs and arms.  In all the years I have been observing this cam I have never seen any skin flaws on Chip, but then she hasn't shown us any really close ups either!  Maybe Leeches are in store for her next escapade.  Who knows what will be next with this strange captivating woman.


superbDOG46 10/18/17 10:20

Whats nasty about the ointment?

Jime 10/17/17 02:29

She's awake rubbing some kind of 'ointment' on her face and in her ear....  Nasty looking stuff!


frank west 10/12/17 00:17

annnnnnnnnnnd it's still down if she was really into this "p" guy the cameras woudl be up if she really thought someone wanted to kill her the cameras would be up

Dena 10/11/17 21:29

this is 100% legitimate people have been watching this for years.  The camera is a security cam setup.  It's very spotty.  There was a time it was done for almost a month.  It links to which as you can see now is down.  I dunno if it's her internet or what.  

frank west 10/07/17 01:16

check more often to see how much its down its days at a time maybe she tried harder before but the gig is up

kat was here 10/06/17 06:39

everyone keeps saying how fake it is but like legit theres gotta be something going on for her to have done what shes been doing for this long

frank west 10/06/17 06:23

no matter if p is real or if she thought p was real, having those cameras down for 3+ days at a time would send her into a legit insane panic are you serious people, she thinks the guy wants to kill her and this is some five nights at freddy's shit the camera is her door being closed she ain't gonna leave the shit off this fucking long fucking people can't do anything nowadays everything is so obviously fake UGH

frank west 10/06/17 06:20

it was up for that one day and not even the whole day it's been down now 3+ days in a row this bitch is fucking jet skiing with kim jong un, seriously people no matter what the "real" answer woulda been if any of the shit going on with her was real she would make damn sure those cameras were on if she has nothing to do but sleep and eat she'd be keeping these fucking cameras up this is fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake

cthulha 10/03/17 09:33

cam is up,what happened in her room?what a mess. Anyone knows what this paper says?

frank west 10/01/17 16:08

this cam's literally down more than it's up I don't know why but I have to keep coming back only to get mad at the people who think this is real lol

superbDOG46 10/01/17 03:34

Cam down.

superbDOG46 10/01/17 03:31

There is a giant picture frame with a picture on it at the right.

MD 09/30/17 13:19

Hi SuperbDOG46 ..... that plan was clear enough for me.   :)

superbDOG46 09/30/17 04:33

And if it was from her old house she would be living in her bathroom already.

superbDOG46 09/30/17 04:28

I made the floorplan. It looks ugly cuz i used a stylus for that.

superbDOG46 09/30/17 04:28

Screenshots from her ustream. She moves the cam alot . I got the pics from forums.

Helen Boo 09/29/17 21:16

Even though I was the one who suggested that she moved, or was evicted, I don't think she did. Where did you get that floor plan from?

superbDOG46 09/29/17 16:35 floor plan of her old house

superbDOG46 09/29/17 15:51

And i didnt know she knocked down a wall with her bare hands


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