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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam
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Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

5 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

8 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

11 hours ago

Chip-Chan's Apartment Webcam

14 hours ago

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Comments (2750)

Ilog123 01/20/17 15:23

Chip-chan only understands Yunki's posts cuz they are korean and thats the only language she knows. The pictures you see Like her blog posts, emails, etc are actually google translated if your asking me.

michael matoff 01/20/17 15:02

she is reading these posts. when we talked about the signs shes altered them.

when we talked about her appearance she changed that too.

she responeded to the facts about schizophrenia with a response, "i dont hear you" when i fact she does.

no aruements here, just trying to clarify the facts

Ilog123 01/20/17 14:05

Is she applying makeup?

Ilog123 01/20/17 14:04

I dont know she uses her chair as a bed

Ilog123 01/20/17 14:01

And she changed the cover of her chair  bed

Ilog123 01/20/17 14:00

She just took a bath lol cuz her hair is wet qnd she has new shirt

Ilog123 01/20/17 06:10

why were arguing if its a poster of sticky notes? and her big hands?

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/20/17 02:02

 Yunki ..... thank you.

yunki 01/20/17 01:44

면역되서 니말 안듣는다   =   i'm so immune to you that i don't hear you

that's the only new sentence there

yunki 01/20/17 01:30

if someone is going to randomly come here and insult our intelligence when most of us are just here for friendly discussion, they're not welcome. go take your arguments elsewhere. 

the sign up right now is the one about urine and blood but since it's so old it's worth pretty much nothing to note 

also her handwriting in N Q's screenshot is so, so much better from how she writes now lol :/

new viewnetcam notice, i'll let everyone know if there's anything different from usual

Rain Shadow 01/20/17 00:21

Thank-you, N Q.  Huge papier-mâché hands to go with the aforementioned giant feces-covered raincoat, no doubt.  Chip-Chan's art installation just keeps getting more and more inventive.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/20/17 00:15

NQ ....... bless your cotton socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/20/17 00:12

Trix and I have both seen her change the post-it notes and the first time it happened we commented on the surprise we had that they were just small notes.

N Q 01/20/17 00:11

Michael you're right, these aren't small notes on her camera but hell she has the biggest hands I've ever seen !!

Rain Shadow 01/19/17 23:54

I must also be obtuse (and dillusional, apparently.)  I have clear memories of seeing her stick post-it notes to the lens.  There are also multiple pictures of her online with notes of all differentshapes and sizes, just type "Chip Chan" into Google Images.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/19/17 23:42

I don't see the strings ..... I must be obtuse.

michael matoff 01/19/17 22:55

those are not post-it notes should you apply one to the cam lens you wouldnt be able to read it. those are full size posters hunging from the ceiling, the strings holding them up are clearly visible. how abtuse are you people any ways.?

Ilog123 01/19/17 15:49


-Chip Chan 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017

Mommie Dearest in Devon 01/19/17 15:46

Oh yes ...... there have been plenty of them.   LOL

Ilog123 01/19/17 15:39

you must be wondering about the mistakes in your life lol


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