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DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter - Cat Room
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DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter - Cat Room

35 hours ago

DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter - Cat Room

38 hours ago

DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter - Cat Room

41 hours ago

DOGSASPEN Animal Shelter - Cat Room

44 hours ago

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Comments (32)

Ekaterina 08/13/17 15:39

Hello Tanya, this is for you!

Olive Kittylover 10/02/16 19:14

beautiful orange kitty!

Mira Bilis 01/14/16 00:44

This always looks like a really nice place.

Chemical 01/14/16 00:28

And I love those cats!!

Chemical 01/14/16 00:26

I don't believe in superstitions, they're quite silly and highly illogical. I've always loved black cats, ravens bats, know, the things people consider "dark, mysterious and wicked". Bad luck? Nope, quite the opposite ;-)

doglover1111 08/20/15 22:21

The little white pup is the cutest thing... Looks kinda like my Rosie.(:

Mira Bilis 03/20/15 15:18

Black cats are my favourite.  :)  A good link MD, which explains it well.

MD 03/20/15 15:13

And I agree, silly superstition. :)

MD 03/20/15 15:12

Trix .... I'm not sure how you'll take this .... black cats and witches seem to go together. LOL!!!

trix abound 03/20/15 15:10

just a silly superstition!!!!

tx2 03/20/15 15:05

Havent you heard of the bad luck cat, the black cat that brings bad luck.

trix abound 03/19/15 19:25

i didn't know there was a stigma about black cats....i have 2 of them!!!!!

tx2 03/19/15 19:14

Black cats are the most commonly left alone due to the stigma arround them.

Hope they get adopted, animals with no one to care for them are so sad, you can see it in their face.

trix abound 09/23/14 12:53

kitty cat is closely watching the guy clean the cubicles...

Enna Mahtal 03/08/14 00:42

I wish I couls pet them. I hope they get adopted.

Chemical 01/18/14 18:20

Just discovered this cam! I like it and I love black cats!

raven880 12/09/13 22:44

3 beautiful black cats there now.  I see 2 of them often.

Ent Wife 12/01/13 21:55

Perhaps it should be renamed CATSASPEN.  Nice cam.

raven880 11/26/13 01:46

Now everyone is gone and lights are mostly off but 3 black cats are roaming....and in a fight. But they seem to have separated now.

raven880 11/25/13 23:40

Oh, cool!  There is a girl sitting on the bench! petting the cats and there are anLOT of cats out to play. 


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