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Buckaroos of 302 Club
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Buckaroos of 302 Club

5 hours ago

Buckaroos of 302 Club

8 hours ago

Buckaroos of 302 Club

11 hours ago

Buckaroos of 302 Club

14 hours ago

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Comments (23)

MD 02/28/20 18:14

Homely ......  I was joking!   LOL

stargzr 02/28/20 18:00

I can relate, Homely......same with my grandson (the long hair and beard.)   It's the way of the young.  :D

Homely 02/28/20 17:34

Well, now we have conflicting reports. Truthfully, I hardly recognize him any more since he moved up there. My handsome, cleanshaven preppy boy now has shoulder length hair, a beard, and wears so many layers of clothing that he doesn't even look like he is the same size!

MD 02/28/20 16:09

I can just picture it ...... a bathtub and a long straw.  LOL

stargzr 02/28/20 15:59

The way things are going in today's world, I may resort to making bathtub gin !!

MD 02/28/20 14:12

Stargzr  ...... what on earth made you pick up Merlot?  It's going to be such a shock compared to a white wine.  But yes, thank you  .....  send it over.  LOL!!!

MD 02/28/20 14:10

Homely ......  I don't think it was your son ....  I waved and he didn't wave back.  :D

stargzr 02/28/20 05:10

My goodness, Homely, I did indeed see him trudging through the snow.   :D

Homely 02/28/20 04:41

Stargzr, if you look very closely at the picture in the link you posted, you might see my son walking by ;-)

stargzr 02/27/20 23:41

Just as was a SNOWY scene and might've put you off your feed .   LOL

Speaking of which, I picked up a bottle of Merlot along with my regular whites.  If it gives me a headache I'll send it off to you !

MD 02/27/20 23:17

I got here too late .... the cam is temporarily unavailable.

stargzr 02/27/20 17:34
MD 02/25/19 08:06

Looks like they've turned the camera angle to the left.

Homely 02/24/19 14:12

This was down for a few days and I was worried, but now it's just moved to a different view. Glad!

MD 12/15/17 18:36

Moose ...... wishful thinking. Sadly ...... Opentopia is fading away.

Moose 12/15/17 18:21

MD... Is there usually a spike in cam count in January, or was it just wishful thinking?

Mira Bilis 12/12/14 19:54

Very nice view ... a familiar scene.

N Q 12/12/14 18:32

and lets double cross our fingers that those new cam owners don't know how to secure their cams :)

MD 12/12/14 18:25

NQ... I'd never seen it before. I hope we get a bumper bunch of new cams in January. I'm thinking that lots of people will have cams for Christmas. I have my fingers crossed.  :))

N Q 12/12/14 18:09

Thanks MD, I knew there was another snowmobile cam but I never paid attention to it's name.

I think this one might of just came online today, when I added a name and city to this cam it had only 30 views and now it's up to 44 views.


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