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State Hwy 104 at Barber Cut-Off Rd
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State Hwy 104 at Barber Cut-Off Rd

4656 hours ago

State Hwy 104 at Barber Cut-Off Rd

4659 hours ago

State Hwy 104 at Barber Cut-Off Rd

4662 hours ago

State Hwy 104 at Barber Cut-Off Rd

4668 hours ago

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Comments (129)

trix abound 08/26/15 01:55

Homicide Hunter:Lt. Joe Kenda comes on at 10....4 more minutes!!!!

MD 08/26/15 01:22

It's a strange summer.

trix abound 08/26/15 00:57

OMG....we had 2 hail storms during a thunderstorm with the sun out full force....very odd!!!!!   in a flood watch for 1 more hour!!!!!

MD 08/26/15 00:50

The phone I've got is smarter than me.  I've had it a while and it still sometimes beats me. :))

We have gale force winds and heavy rain at the moment.

trix abound 08/26/15 00:43

i don't want any phone smarter than me...LOL

MD 08/25/15 23:32

A few mins ago my daughter was explaining to me what a smartphone does. I told her I'm not smart enough for one. LOL

trix abound 08/25/15 23:12

LOL....i have many days like that myself!!!

MD 08/25/15 23:08

Trix .... you know how little it takes to get me confused ....... especially when you try to help me. LOL!!

trix abound 08/25/15 22:56

well there you go then....i'm confusing and crazy.......LOL

MD 08/25/15 22:46

Dona ...... in order to have room for the new tub of ice cream ..... I have to eat quite a dishful tonight! I agree with you about a nice bunch of friends. I've missed NQ the last few days and Homely hasn't put anything for months but they are part of our happy band. I don't think you've been on at the same time as Syrsa or Carol Scarborough. They are nice people too. Most everybody on here is good fun. Of course ..... Trix and I get moaned at sometimes for chatting all over the place ...... not that it stops us!!!!!   LOL!!!!

Trix ..... you often confuse me ....... but I like it. L O L !!!

trix abound 08/25/15 22:14

LOL dona....i re-read what i said and totally understand your miss-understanding :)....i'm sorry i caused you hurt feelings!!!

dona brantley 08/25/15 21:48

thank you MD lol    you  trix mira  homely  nq   all feel like good friends  to me      TRIX   im sorry                   MD           its a good thing that your icecream is an OCEAN away i would eat it all lol          dona

MD 08/25/15 21:34

Dona and Trix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I disappear to order chocolate and ice cream and this is what you get up to!!!!  LOL!!!!!

Dona ..... we all have bad days .... I know I do. We are right to be concerned. That Mira should be on here putting our minds at rest!   :D

Trix ..... save that frown for hubby ...... he really does deserve it.  LOL!!!

dona brantley 08/25/15 21:19

TRIX IM SORRY I MISS UNDER STOOD what was said  so very sorry its been a bad day  sorry    dona

trix abound 08/25/15 21:10

dona....dona....dona.....i ment Mira should not make us worry ....we all worry when friends are missing for any length of's human nature!!!!......i'm frowning...trix

dona brantley 08/25/15 20:52

trix i was not trying to make anone WORRYidid not understand what i was seeing       you willNOT have to worry about what i should or should NOTdo or say any more  DONA H. BRANTLEY

trix abound 08/25/15 20:25

MD....another thunder storm is going through now...this is the 4th or 5th one today....the last 1 involved hail!!!!!!

trix abound 08/25/15 20:23

yes MD....she shouldn't make us worry so!!!!!!

MD 08/25/15 19:59

Trix ..... I can see why Dona was worried this morning though. I think Mira's area is ok but I'll be glad when we hear from her.

trix abound 08/25/15 19:39

it doesn't look smoky either!!


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