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Overlooking Palmdale from Tenhi Mountain

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Overlooking Palmdale from Tenhi Mountain
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Overlooking Palmdale from Tenhi Mountain

32403 hours ago

Overlooking Palmdale from Tenhi Mountain

32406 hours ago

Overlooking Palmdale from Tenhi Mountain

32409 hours ago

Overlooking Palmdale from Tenhi Mountain

32412 hours ago

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Comments (12)

MD 10/09/14 15:41

Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!  It looks nothing in the day but at night... fantastic.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/03/14 11:03

I never get over this view, especially at night!

MD 07/09/14 16:30

I think it looks better at night.

MD 11/26/13 23:20


Mira Bilis 11/26/13 22:56

I can see the building if I zoom in using Bing Maps 'Bird's Eye' view (Google Maps is too fuzzy.) Looks like there are metal poles up on top of the mountain where the cam might be.  Mind you ... judging by the view from this camera, it looks like it's bolted to a cactus!  ;-P

MD 06/09/13 22:57

The cam can't be mounted much above ground level.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 02/15/13 17:37

But it doesn't say what it is attached to up there, lol.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 02/15/13 17:36

According to the site, it says:  "The Palmdale Cam is located at the 4,000 foot level of Tenhi Mountain 3 miles Southwest of Palmdale." 

Gracie 06/29/11 15:23

one of the small ones on the bottom captioned 6 hours ago... looks like 2 chairs, maybe a lift of some kind?

Gracie 06/28/11 13:51

Hi Terri it's a pretty site but your guess is as good as the next as to what the camera is mounted to. In the extreem lower right corner looks to be the back of a chair..with the letters POLA or POLR visible.  Whatever it is it's surely high

tag 06/28/11 01:54

So where is this cam mounted? Almost looks like a helicopter, but it's not moving.

SoCalGal California 03/02/11 00:47

Interstate 15 which travels past Palmdale towards Hesperia, Victorville, Barstow and ultimately Las Vegas. It gets mighty hot and smoggy in these parts.


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