Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Grove Cam

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Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Grove Cam
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Grove Cam

4 hours ago

Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Grove Cam

7 hours ago

Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Grove Cam

10 hours ago

Indiana University of Pennsylvania - Grove Cam

13 hours ago

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Comments (10)

MD 01/05/18 03:05

As if!!!!!!!!   :)))

Moose 01/05/18 02:59

Of course.  I believe you are toying with me now.

MD 01/05/18 02:54

Awww  ....... your concern is touching.  Don't worry - maybe tomorrow I'll go looking for new cams .... and with a bit of luck I'll find one or two.  Can I comment on them ????   :D


Moose 01/05/18 02:48

Oh my.  I have been misinterpreted again.  I was concerned for your not finding new cams, per your comment.  Worried about your emotional well being.

MD 01/05/18 02:44

Oh dear.  I didn't realise that finding new cams was so important to you.  Next time I find one .... I won't put a comment on it .... I'll put the details on The Bench and then you can "find" it for yourself.   :)))

Moose 01/05/18 02:23

Aha.  I was baffled by yor other comment about rule of thumb.  It got pushed off the recent list and I had to hunt for it.  I wonder what else I missed by having a life outside of OT.  And your exploits with the Japanese cams were only a month or so ago.  If you would not have gone crazy and found them all at once, there would still be some to find.  Other than these recycled ones.

MD 01/04/18 20:37

My rule of thumb is ..... if I've not put a comment - then it's probably new to me.   :D

Moose 01/04/18 19:58

I guess a new cam is different than a cam with no comments.  I wonder if all those Japanese cams are new or not.

MD 01/04/18 19:34

Seems ages since I found a new cam.

Moose 01/04/18 19:14

Duplicate cam with different name.


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