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Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake
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Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

3 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

6 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

9 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

12 hours ago

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Comments (82)

MD 11/21/19 03:06

Mine's pure white. 

Sondland has dropped Trump from a great height  ...... said "Was there a quid Pro Quo?  Yes."  Also says everyone was in the loop.  When the Republican countered how could he know that ..... Sondland said that although the White House wouldn't release documentary evidence   ... he had a copy of an email he had sent and there it was .... with copies sent to Pompeo, Mulvaney and a string of others who deny knowing what Trump was up to.  Excrement and fan stuff.  Yet the Republicans are saying that Sondlands evidence exonerates Trump.

stargzr 11/21/19 00:59

And so it begins.  :)

I kind of wish Trump's presidency would turn mine the beautiful white my mother had.....but still stuck with the "mousy" gray !

MD 11/21/19 00:52

I actually have white hair at the front already.  LOL!!!!

stargzr 11/21/19 00:35

If you watch enough of that stuff it just might turn your recently done, beautifully purple hair WHITE.  LOL

MD 11/20/19 23:36

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr   that's looking chilly.  I'm just catching up with Sondland's bombshell.  Such fun.

stargzr 11/20/19 22:26

Been watching it snow all day..........hypnotizing!

stargzr 10/12/19 02:19

Just turn the sound up and listen to that wind!

Mike Magma 10/12/19 01:47

Whiteout conditions even before Halloween, prepare people!

MD 10/11/19 13:41

Oh I love that film.

stargzr 10/11/19 02:45

Hah! " Bedford Falls" cam no longer available.......snowed in.

stargzr 10/11/19 02:16

Right out of "It's a Wonderful Life",  i.e., Bedford Falls.

MD 10/10/19 22:35

It is  ........ or January.  Shortens the winter.

stargzr 10/10/19 19:44

Isn't it about time for you to go travelling???   :D

MD 10/10/19 19:37

Yes ...... it's a beautiful time of the year.  I also love spring when everything comes back to life.   So that's just winter and summer that don't suit me.  LOL!!!

stargzr 10/10/19 19:06

Greetings, MD.  Just enjoying my second cup of coffee before heading out for the day and couldn't resist posting this.  The people who live in N. Dakota are a hardy lot and used to this, but - brrrrrrr, indeed !

We've got typical autumn weather here, 30F when I get up in the morning and by late afternoon it'll be 60F.  My favorite tiime of year with all the colored leaves.  :)

MD 10/10/19 18:58

Hi stargzr  .... nice link  but brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

MD 01/23/19 07:31

Blanket coverage!

stargzr 01/22/19 19:46

S N O W !!!!!!

MD 07/16/18 18:36
Im Winter ist es viel geschäftiger.

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