Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

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Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake
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Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

4 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

7 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

10 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

13 hours ago

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Comments (65)

MD 01/23/19 07:31

Blanket coverage!

stargzr 01/22/19 19:46

S N O W !!!!!!

MD 07/16/18 18:36
Im Winter ist es viel geschäftiger.
48692 07/16/18 17:15

Da ist ja gar nix los. 

48692 07/16/18 17:14
48801 01/14/18 23:47

Way557, those are ice fisherman going out to their ice shacks on the lake by truck and snowmobile.

Way557 01/14/18 14:49

the ice truckers are back.

MD 11/09/17 16:14

OMG yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'd never heard of them until Rain Shadow brought them to my attention but now I know where to find all sorts of packages of them. I don't know whether or not I mentioned I'd had a 140g snowman ....... a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup snowman????  Roll on Christmas.   :D

stargzr 11/09/17 15:55

I totally agree!  And now that you've found Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, life looks pretty good.  :D

MD 11/09/17 15:51

The main thing is to keep young at heart and enjoy the things we can still do.  Thank goodness eating chocolate is easy.  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

stargzr 11/09/17 15:32

Ditto !!!!

MD 11/09/17 15:31

Hi Stargzr ...... I can remember making angels in the snow.  Now ....... I'd never get up again.  :D

stargzr 11/09/17 15:22

Wheeee........making donuts in the snow!  :D

Way557 04/23/17 23:08

i think they should of waitied awhile before putting in the boat dock.

48918 03/12/17 00:14

OK, this is awesome! Ice trucking! Just hoping it doesn't crack/break. 

Rando 220 02/27/17 18:39

Camera looks a little overexposed..

MD 02/12/17 14:06

There's obviously a route to be followed. He went out towards the middle and then did a sharp right.

MD 02/12/17 14:05

Ice-road trucking.  LOL

Way557 02/12/17 13:41

Yikes, a truck going out on the lake.

MD 02/06/17 13:05

Thanks Way557 .......I'll come back later when it's light.


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