Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

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Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake
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Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

3 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

6 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

9 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

12 hours ago

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Comments (52)

Way557 04/23/17 23:08

i think they should of waitied awhile before putting in the boat dock.

48918 03/12/17 00:14

OK, this is awesome! Ice trucking! Just hoping it doesn't crack/break. 

Rando 220 02/27/17 18:39

Camera looks a little overexposed..

MD 02/12/17 14:06

There's obviously a route to be followed. He went out towards the middle and then did a sharp right.

MD 02/12/17 14:05

Ice-road trucking.  LOL

Way557 02/12/17 13:41

Yikes, a truck going out on the lake.

MD 02/06/17 13:05

Thanks Way557 .......I'll come back later when it's light.

Rain Shadow 01/13/17 18:43

Ice fishing, perhaps.  The lake certainly looks frozen enough.

TJ Baker 06/12/16 17:15

Ah, maybe so. It looked like they were checking on someone on-shore. Hope everyone is OK. 

N Q 06/11/16 13:03

There was a high wind storm that went through here yesterday so there's a chance the police were out there warning people before the storm to get off the water or there might of been a drowning.

TJ Baker 06/11/16 02:07

What happened here earlier today? I checked back and saw a number of police vehicles here. 

MD 08/16/15 15:16

Looks like it's blowing straight from the other shore to this one.

Mira Bilis 08/16/15 15:00


MD 04/18/15 17:26

Yes ..... I saw the snow yesterday ..... nature has gone crazy.

N Q 04/18/15 17:25

They had snow here last week and I think earlier this week. 

If this is a public boat launch then they won't open it till all ice is off the lake but this might be a private boat launch because this winter they had this cam pointed in the other direction where they are building either a resort or a hotel.

trix abound 04/18/15 17:23

MD...i expect summer to last to December....but it won't!!!!

as you can see on some snowed out west yesterday!!!!!!   Colorado, Minnesota...

MD 04/18/15 16:58

Trix .... I never realised how bad the winters are for some American states. It's something that has only come to my attention from chatting with you. I hope you get a good summer to make up for such a bad winter.

trix abound 04/18/15 16:48

MD....still snow around the tree lines!!!!!!!

MD 04/18/15 16:36

I know .... but I just couldn't resist! 

I've been out for a potter round ...... there's not a cloud in the sky but they say it will go cold tonight. I suspect that "cold" for us would be "warm" to you.  Has all of your snow gone yet?


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