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Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake
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Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

37 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

40 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

43 hours ago

Lakewood Boat Ramp on Devils Lake

46 hours ago

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Comments (92)

deacon 03/08/21 22:45

The weather is warming up, I hope these fisherman get their shanties off the ice soon before it's too late.

Phoenix 02/11/21 16:23

Gordy, hope the people in the pickup trucks made it out..  

Gordy Weigle 01/21/21 23:25

A few years ago I was talking with a park ranger up in Madison, Wisconsis. On average, they retrieve 2 or 3 pickup trucks from local lakes each spring; folks who drove onto ice before it as solidly frozen.

Gordy Weigle 01/21/21 23:18

Lots of ice fishing huts out on the lake, should be seeing lots more this weekend.

As a private pilot, during daylight hours in winter, I often flying north from Illinois into Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a clean, beautiful, and neat state. Among other things, they‘re big into winter sports.

As with Minnesota (“Land of 10,000 Lakes“), they literally have thousands of lakes; most of which are covered with ice fishing huts.

It’s nice to see Christmas light displays, especially from the air; and I always make it a point to make at least one night flight during the holiday season.

stargzr 01/07/20 20:44


MD 01/07/20 20:37

Pouring rain every day for months means drought in the summer for us. Even rain in the summer means drought. Doesn't make sense.

BJ just sent a text saying "10 years ago today, most of the UK was covered in snow."   I'd been in the UK for less than a month and wondered if I'd done the right thing.  :D

stargzr 01/07/20 19:39

Right, but we all know you're a snowphobic.  LOL

Actually the amount on this cam is way below usual.  I feel bad for all the resorts....and a little concerned for us in Oregon since a low snow pack means drought in summer. 


MD 01/07/20 19:20

Hi stargzr .....  I can see Big Sky is short of snow but you're not calling the snow on this cam a scarcity?   This would be enough to isolate my place for ages.  :D

stargzr 01/07/20 18:17

Scarcity of snow everywhere so far this winter.

MD 11/21/19 03:06

Mine's pure white.

Sondland has dropped Trump from a great height ...... said "Was there a quid Pro Quo? Yes." Also says everyone was in the loop. When the Republican countered how could he know that ..... Sondland said that although the White House wouldn't release documentary evidence ... he had a copy of an email he had sent and there it was .... with copies sent to Pompeo, Mulvaney and a string of others who deny knowing what Trump was up to. Excrement and fan stuff. Yet the Republicans are saying that Sondlands evidence exonerates Trump.

stargzr 11/21/19 00:59

And so it begins. :)

I kind of wish Trump's presidency would turn mine the beautiful white my mother had.....but still stuck with the "mousy" gray !

MD 11/21/19 00:52

I actually have white hair at the front already. LOL!!!!

stargzr 11/21/19 00:35

If you watch enough of that stuff it just might turn your recently done, beautifully purple hair WHITE. LOL

MD 11/20/19 23:36

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr that's looking chilly. I'm just catching up with Sondland's bombshell. Such fun.

stargzr 11/20/19 22:26

Been watching it snow all day..........hypnotizing!

stargzr 10/12/19 02:19

Just turn the sound up and listen to that wind!

Mike Magma 10/12/19 01:47

Whiteout conditions even before Halloween, prepare people!

MD 10/11/19 13:41

Oh I love that film.

stargzr 10/11/19 02:45

Hah! " Bedford Falls" cam no longer available.......snowed in.


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