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Comments (12)

MD 08/31/19 17:58

Thank you. That's a very kind offer.  Been a while since I went sofa-surfing.  LOL!!!!

Just watched a Randy Rainbow Parody -  Be Your Best.  That was after I watched the Kavanaugh one ...... odious creature.

stargzr 08/31/19 16:46

Can't help you with the flight, but I've got a couch.  :D

MD 08/31/19 16:41

The tickets for his show aren't expensive but when I add on the flights and accommodation  .........  I guess I'll wait for it to turn up on youtube.  :D

stargzr 08/31/19 16:07

OMG....he is brilliant !!  By the way, he's appearing here in Eugene on 9/27.  (you should fly on over and catch his show). :D

MD 08/31/19 15:44

I agree with you about the election being so far away.  People seem to have short memories.  He could be flavour of the month by the time of the election.

Jeanne has a way with words.  :D

I'm still working my way through Randy Rainbow clips on youtube. He really does make me laugh.

stargzr 08/31/19 15:31

Jeanne Moos always makes me laugh.   :D

stargzr 08/31/19 15:20

Hi, MD.....who knows what his motives are.  I suspect he doesn't even know himself.  It's probably more of a "one-up'smanship" play.  I wish the election were now while he's at his lowest approval rating and before the Dems can screw it up !!!

MD 08/31/19 14:55

Hi stargzr ..... are we surprised?     

The Guardian shows a tweet from Trump about a disaster in Iran at a launch pad.  It's full of detail and has a picture of the scene.  Trump also says good luck with finding out what happened.   He might just as well have come out and said "we did it."  He's probably put lives at risk by bragging about it.  The Intelligence people and White House Officials are unable to shed any light on the matter.     Could he be starting a war to deflect attention from the state of the economy?

stargzr 08/31/19 14:46
MD 01/25/14 20:34

Mira Bilis, will this do?

Gracie 07/01/11 23:21

another one that is way behind the times.  Looks like the mid of winter


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