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Neumayer Station III
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Neumayer Station III

60025 hours ago

Neumayer Station III

60028 hours ago

Neumayer Station III

60031 hours ago

Neumayer Station III

60034 hours ago

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Comments (48)

Rain Shadow 03/25/17 20:17

I think that is unanimous.

MD 03/25/17 20:11
Rain Shadow 03/25/17 20:11

Germany, according to the Wikipedia link above.

48801 03/25/17 20:10


lago marsino 03/25/17 20:05

Which country does this station belong to?

smoke weed, play beyblades 02/08/17 16:57

they just said screw it lets just set up a camera right here

MD 01/12/17 15:49

Lovely clear sky.

MD 02/09/16 23:03

Animation of last snapshots ...... it never goes dark and the weather is beautiful.

trix abound 01/05/16 16:44

i don't see the alien, either!!!!

MD 01/05/16 16:24

On animation of last shots ... the thing on the left disappears and re appears.

Kendaren 08/17/15 14:46

Is this camera under the snow blanket? lol

MD 08/09/15 23:39

Thanks Mira .... I've bookmarked. :))

Mira Bilis 08/09/15 23:21

Another lovely film, if you can make time to watch it ... :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 04/28/15 05:55

I really wish this was live..

MD 02/24/15 19:24

This place looks the same all year round.

MD 01/09/15 21:34

Mira.... thanks for that, I could have watched a lot more.

Mira Bilis 01/09/15 21:27

Amazing video ... :)

MD 12/12/14 18:46

I wish it was live feed so we could see them drive off after the party!!!

trix abound 12/12/14 18:40

Christmas party time!!!

N Q 12/12/14 18:29

Reinforcements have arrived, or are they just having another party :)


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