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Comments (10)

Mommie Dearest in Devon 12/03/14 13:29

Every time I see this... I think of Dona.

Wikem Dice 07/04/14 21:44

Get back to work, ya lazy Germans.

Mommie Dearest in Devon 03/07/14 11:49

Dona's back!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Dona.

dona brantley 03/07/14 03:14

sorry        kyle before you leave you take a shower and put your own close on    smile dona

dona brantley 03/07/14 03:12
kyle 05/31/13 20:34

Had a friend that worked for a Small town paper, not easy work kid, im proud of you.  About the dirtiest thing more serious is the human mouth, money is very dangerous for those types of nasties that can live for more than short periods, outside of a host. Hhahah  however you would not use your mouth on many hands (sound like a old type Politician hehehahahah) 

Be well all, kidding around as usual

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/31/13 20:14

Blummin eck smile Dona! You certainly went up the ranks. It's good when you enjoy your work. My first job was in a bank. I really enjoyed it but then the novelty wore off, counting dirty money. Until you handle vast quantities, you don't realize how filthy it is. I wish I was handling vast quantities now!  :)) Don't forget the fireworks tomorrow at Talmadge Bridge.

dona brantley 05/31/13 20:02

md iloved my job  i started out as an inserter  ended up quality control i startedin1979 andleft in 2000                   smile dona

Mommie Dearest in Devon 05/31/13 15:39

Hi Dona. German efficiency, although I bet they are all like this nowadays. And I'm impressed with you. I've never done any one thing for 20 years........ except be a nuisance!

dona brantley 05/31/13 04:39

this makes the machines i worked on look like old relics  im over whermed the 20 years iworked for apaper        noone was to see the inserts ahead of press time this is awesome just awesome


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