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W Cedar St & 10th St
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W Cedar St & 10th St

1333 hours ago

W Cedar St & 10th St

1336 hours ago

W Cedar St & 10th St

1339 hours ago

W Cedar St & 10th St

1342 hours ago

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Comments (30)

MD 02/02/16 20:41

I've just seen a car drive up then turn to the left. I wouldn't want to be out driving in this.

Mira Bilis 02/02/16 20:23

I noticed the big blob of cloud on today's satellite shows the extent of the snowstorm quite clearly.

MD 02/02/16 20:03

Lots of snow falling here too.

MD 05/17/15 13:33

Hi Dave .... I've seen answers on Opentopia to questions that had been asked 3 years before!!   I'm hoping the cam comes back ...... I quite liked it.

Dave Osborne 05/17/15 09:23

Hi!!  Sorry I haven't answered until now.  

The problem could be due to the work being carried out near it, or it COULD be a communication issue or some other technical hitch.  We'll see what happens, no doubt.

MD 05/06/15 14:45

Hi Dave ..... we aren't having much luck with this cam.

Hi Mira.

Mira Bilis 05/06/15 14:39

Hi Dave ... the link appears to be broken now.

Dave Osborne 05/06/15 14:11

Hi Mira and Mommie Dearest in Devon.

Yes, I changed my name on here to Dave, as it is less formal than my 'Sunday name'. (Only my mum uses that(!))

As for contacting Admin, I think that, as the position is out of their control, I'll leave it and be patient.  Mommie Dearest, I guessed you were being flippant.  No worries. :-)

MD 04/27/15 15:59


Mira Bilis 04/27/15 15:40

I'll get me coat .......................................  ;P

MD 04/27/15 15:32

Hi Mira ..... I don't suppose for one moment that Opentopia admin would know anything about how long it's likely to remain like this. After all ..... it is sort of "poached" so Beresford Fire and Rescue aren't likely to say "Hey ... OT ... by the way...."  :))

Mira Bilis 04/27/15 15:19

Dave ... you could try asking the admin, Flemming Funch.  Click on the 'About/Comment' link at the foot of this page.  However, he doesn't often respond to emails unless it's regarding abuse on the site.

MD 04/27/15 14:53

Hi Dave .... were you David before?  I was just being flippant in that previous comment. I have a feeling that the "powers that be" don't look at the comments very often.

Dave Osborne 04/27/15 14:40

Mommie Dearest in Devon, point taken.  This query was actually directed at the 'powers that be' who are in charge of the Opentopia site.  Mira, thanks for the info.

MD 04/25/15 20:24

David ..... how would we know .... we only look at the cams.  :))

Mira Bilis 04/25/15 20:15

Hi David ... no idea, but the fire dept. is at 111 W Cedar St and the camera is hosted by this company ...

Dave Osborne 04/25/15 19:52

Has this been moved to this position permanently?

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/10/14 22:48

Found the name of this place.

MD 08/06/14 13:40

I know this is south Dakota but I just noticed on the map that north Dakota is almost a perfect rectangle. Very neat.

MD 08/06/14 13:37

It's going cloudy where I am. Looks like we may get some rain. But I don't care.... I still have 2 croissants left!!  :D


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