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Comments (18)

MD 03/03/14 19:33

Dona, thanks for telling me, I didn't like to ask again.  :))

N Q, don't proofread, it spoils the fun!

N Q 03/03/14 19:26

LOL I meant part not park !! I need to start proofreading before posting :(

Dona I'm sure the printing press had to be extremely loud and probably not at all enjoyable to be around if you had a headache !

dona brantley 03/03/14 19:14

hi ladies  its very noisy  dona   smile

MD 03/03/14 19:13

N Q, nit picking and getting paid for it. Heaven.  :))

N Q 03/03/14 19:10

MD I enjoyed the nit picking except for when I found a problem with something and the managment would use the park anyway because they didn't want to shut down the assembly lines.

There were 8 women and only one man working quality control in our department--yup women are better at it :)

Dona that's cool that you also worked quality control :)

MD 03/03/14 18:28

Hi Dona, obviously women are better at the job!  :)

dona brantley 03/03/14 17:50

nq hi  i was also quality control       hi md    dona   smile

MD 03/03/14 15:28

N Q, I'd not heard of Toro so I looked it up on Google. I should imagine quality inspection is the same in any line of business. I'm sure I'd have enjoyed doing that, I love nit picking!

I wonder if it's noisy in there, nobody wears ear protectors.

N Q 03/03/14 13:52

MD not in the printing field but I used to be a quality control inspector for the Toro company---many years ago !

I see now that it looks like a couple guys working on the first printer. They're looking at a computer monitor.

MD 03/03/14 13:40

Hi N Q. Dona was in the print industry for 20 years or thereabouts. Sounds like you have experience too.

N Q 03/03/14 13:25

I was watching this last night and again now and it's really interesting watching how they inspect the print. They pull out a few printed pages and put them up on an easel board and use a lupe to check the print.

Last night they rejected a large foot high pallet of printed material on the nearest printer and this morning I'm watching them reject printed material on the 2nd printer.

You can tell that when they reject printing material because they pull it out of the printer and throw it on the floor and walk across it as they adjust the machine.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/28/13 21:13

Although where I come from, it was the exact opposite. You went in a factory looking miserable then came out happy as hell once u got that nice paycheck. 

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/28/13 21:11

Lmao, your right, these people don't look miserable until they get their paycheck. 

MD 10/30/13 09:13

Oi!!! Carol, how dare you lol???  :))   Maybe I'm getting old but in my day factories were grim buildings where people went in looking miserable and came out looking dirty.  Now I ask you, does this look THAT kind of place?  OK, maybe they DO go in looking miserable.

Have I dug myself in deep enough?

Come back Kyle and save me!   8-)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/30/13 05:51

Lol, it could be a printing factory.

MD 06/21/13 23:10

Hi Dona. It says "Factory" but I was sure it had something to do with printing.

dona brantley 06/21/13 22:44

this is the same job my husband had when he was working diffrent paper plant he worked here in savannah  we met at the paper        dona

MD 06/21/13 21:26

Hi Dona. This looks interesting.

Thank you zedyervenyar.



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