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Comments (39)

MD 08/26/17 20:40

La Vida Loca would be one of my desert island songs.   :D

Moose 08/26/17 19:49

MD...I'm glad you liked that song.  It always makes me feel better when I have Kylitis.  Now I forgot which page I looked at where you coined that term.  It is all green and blurry now.  Anyway, that is one of my "Desert Island" songs.

MD 08/26/17 19:28

Orright mate!   :D

sinister smile 08/26/17 19:25

Lol i'm sure they appreciate this burden she puts up with. I have enjoyed chatting to you  but i must be off and hope to chat again so for now tarrah abit 

MD 08/26/17 19:05

Sinister Smile .... your wife is very caring and sensible. I'm sure the moths appreciate it.  :D

MD 08/26/17 19:01

Moose ....... I just went to Youtube and listened to it.  Very good. And life has been good to me so far ...... fingers crossed.   :D

sinister smile 08/26/17 19:01

Well because my wife is concerned about the environment she ensures that she keeps the money in her purse rather than my wallet, so as not to harm those moths :)

MD 08/26/17 18:56

Sinister Smile ....... some of the money I counted actually smelt bad .... real dirty money.  Funny how moths congregate in wallets and purses are moth-free. :D

Moose 08/26/17 18:50

Just to CMOA

Songwriters: JOE WALSH © Spirit Music Group For non-commercial use only.
sinister smile 08/26/17 18:49

Hahaha it's always worse having to count other peoples money. I'm glad i don't even have to count my own...besides i would hate to evict the moths that have lived in my wallet for a good many years lol 

Moose 08/26/17 18:48

MD... You just made me think of  a classic Joe Walsh lyric:

Lucky I'm sane after all I've been through
(Everybody say I'm cool, he's cool)
I can't complain but sometimes I still do
Life's been good to me so far

MD 08/26/17 18:35

LOL!!!   I got bored in the bank ...... counting other people's money.  Police work was definitely more fun but the hours were antisocial. You do what you have to do to make a living.  Both jobs pay me a bit of pension so I can't complain.

sinister smile 08/26/17 18:26

I also had a job where i had to assemble a nut and bolt for a scaffolding factory, i just had to twist the nut onto the bolt and do thousands of them all day. If it was screwed on too far, or not enough i was told off for it. I really wish they had tricoethelene at that job lol. I don't know how i kept sane in some jobs.

MD 08/26/17 18:18

Hahahahaha!!!!  Going to work to get high .... and being paid for it!  Varied work is obviously better than doing the same boring thing. I once met a woman who worked at a place that enamelled cooker doors. Her job was to watch the "dipped" doors go by and remove any drips from the bottom of the door. She did that for 8 hours a day. Unbelievable.

sinister smile 08/26/17 18:11

Yes the one at Walsall. That was the best factory job i had...but i'm not sure whether it was the varied work or the amount of tricoethelene i inhaled during degreasing work :)

MD 08/26/17 18:05

I was going to ask after your wife in my last comment but changed my mind in case things had changed. It's lovely to hear you are a happy chappie.

That would be Crabtree at Walsall?

sinister smile 08/26/17 17:58

I worked at Crabtrees for a while and enjoyed that because they changed your jobs around. But that went years ago and is now a housing estate. I even met my wife there and we've been married for 18 years. So i got something good out of it 

MD 08/26/17 17:50

Bostin ower kid!  Factory work used to be hard work but now everything seems to have been reduced to pushing buttons. It's a shame that so many factories have gone but that's how it goes. At one time I worked for the Midland Bank in The Green, Darlaston. Then Rubery Owen and Garringtons and others closed down and the bank shut its doors for good. It had been built in the mid-sixties and I don't think it lasted more than 25yrs ..... if that.

Retirement is so much better for you.   :D

sinister smile 08/26/17 17:34

Hi MD, ow am yer gooin? You are right the factories are dying which is a shame really. But I wont miss some of the work i had to do in them.

MD 08/26/17 17:26

Hi Sinister Smile.  Long time no see. Not many factories left in The Black Country now.  At least, that's what I read in the Express and Star online.


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