Beachmere Inn - Beach Cam

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Beachmere Inn - Beach Cam
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Beachmere Inn - Beach Cam

5 hours ago

Beachmere Inn - Beach Cam

8 hours ago

Beachmere Inn - Beach Cam

11 hours ago

Beachmere Inn - Beach Cam

14 hours ago

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Comments (76)

MD 09/03/18 00:56

You have to stay friendly with the ex ........    :D

stargzr 09/02/18 23:41's gone.

stargzr 09/02/18 23:40

Actually, it's not that far for ex to travel........;hahahahaha

stargzr 09/02/18 23:37

DO NOT even go there!!!!!!   :D

MD 09/02/18 23:33

We could have a guessing game as to what it is.   Or maybe not.   :D

stargzr 09/02/18 22:47

uh oh, it's back!!!!

MD 08/26/18 15:50

It looks a lovely inn.

stargzr 08/26/18 15:14

All clear.

MD 08/25/18 18:27
MD 08/25/18 18:25

That might be pushing your luck.   :D

But I do wonder what it is.  Must remember to look again tomorrow.

stargzr 08/25/18 18:14

HAHAHAHA.  I could try!

MD 08/25/18 18:13

Is this too far to send the ex???    LOL!

stargzr 08/25/18 18:05

Wonder what it is.

MD 08/25/18 18:00

Check out Animation ...... the shadow moves from side to side.

stargzr 08/25/18 17:55

Interesting effect!

stargzr 05/27/18 14:34

Beautiful surf today......but I think their clock is a LITTLE off !

stargzr 04/15/18 18:14

A wild day on the rocky coast of Maine.

Neku Sakuraba 03/02/18 17:29

It's a really nice view just wish it wasn't so choppy.

deacon 04/09/17 19:08

I wish I found this cam when the northeast was getting hammered by nor'easters this winter.

MD 03/14/17 18:56

A comment on 9th of March 2015 says how calm it was. Such a difference. I wouldn't want to be out at sea.


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