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Kpmsun GmbH Solar Power Plant
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Kpmsun GmbH Solar Power Plant

5 hours ago

Kpmsun GmbH Solar Power Plant

8 hours ago

Kpmsun GmbH Solar Power Plant

11 hours ago

Kpmsun GmbH Solar Power Plant

14 hours ago

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Comments (24)

stargzr 07/01/19 13:48


MD 07/01/19 13:08

Oh no .....  I didn't get bored .....  I made my own entertainment!!!!!!! 

My kids have seen my school reports.  I was a pest but my teachers didn't dislike me.  Several of them did put that I had an unfortunate sense of humor   ...... and I still have it.  :D

stargzr 07/01/19 12:35

O  M  G   .........Hahahahahahaha

You truly were one of a kind.  I expect you were one of those kids, easily bored, needing a challenge.  Your poor mum !!


MD 07/01/19 12:24

One Christmas I was chosen to do the carol sheets for a nativity performance.   They "chose" me probably to keep me out of a lesson.  So I stood in front of the old gestetner churning out oodles of carols sheets.  There were 5 or 6 sheets that had to be stapled together.  I took great pleasure in stapling them together ...... in various disorder.  No such thing as 1,2,3,4,5,6  ........ I did variants of 1,3,5,2,4,6 etc. All of them had 1 as the first page.  Then I sat upstairs in the gallery as the choir went for their first rehearsal.  They all started off nicely ..... until the time came to turn the first leaf.   :D

stargzr 07/01/19 11:29

OOOOh, you little rebel, you.  :D

I was the exact opposite.....goody two-shoes, teachers loved me.  THEN, I hit my 30's and all hell broke loose !!

MD 07/01/19 11:21

I wasn't a fan of Miss Mottershead and when I saw her on open night ..... before daughter started at Wolverhampton Girls High ...... I told my daughter I thought she would have a terrible time at the school because of my behaviour.  I wasn't a villain but school rules .... well .....  who keeps to them?  How funny that I went on to become a police woman enforcing rules.  Miss Mottershead and I glanced at each other and I was quick to avoid going anywhere near her until she walked straight up to me and asked if we'd met before.  I admitted I'd been one of her "naughty" girls and told her my name.  She nodded and went walkabout round the room.  A while later she came back to me and said she didn't think I'd been naughty .... just mischievous.  When she walked away I said to my daughter "you'll be ok. She must have lost her marbles."  Daughter never had any trouble ...... but then again .... she behaved.  :D

stargzr 07/01/19 10:41

OMG.....what a sad story.  Bless the teachers who dedicated themselves to their work.

MD 07/01/19 10:33

Don't underestimate yourself.

Miss Mottershead in the link was my head mistress and then my daughter's  ..... and daughter also had several of my former teachers.  I think they wised up to what a lazy pupil I was and made sure my daughter didn't get away with anything!!!

stargzr 07/01/19 10:09

So true.  On the other hand, in my case....they could hardly help being smarter !

MD 07/01/19 09:57

How did we bring up our daughters to be smarter than we are???  Should be a law against it.  LOL

stargzr 07/01/19 09:26

Hahahaha.....some of us more than others !  Dtr is a world wide   traveler and hits the foriegn web sites often.  But....that is the LAST time I forward anything to her email !  HEE

MD 07/01/19 09:16

Hi stargzr ...... whilst it's apparent that a lot of the people on the beach look oriental ......  who is to say that they weren't on holiday in sunny Germany?   And .... anyone can make a mistake ... know what I mean?  ;D

stargzr 07/01/19 08:17

To all who spied my obvious daughter pointed out that this beach scene is NOT Germany, but is instead China !  Whatever, HOT is HOT.   LOL

MD 06/30/19 10:29

Hi stargzr ...... that beach scene is my idea of hell.    Where's Wally????   They're all Wallys to bake in the sun like that.  LOL

Moose 08/29/17 14:40

The cam is right side up now.  This is an impressive array of solar panels!

MD 07/01/14 20:49

Oh my.... I think I've fallen over!  LOL


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