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The Shed Skate Park

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The Shed Skate Park
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The Shed Skate Park

4076 hours ago

The Shed Skate Park

4079 hours ago

The Shed Skate Park

4082 hours ago

The Shed Skate Park

4085 hours ago

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Comments (9)

MD 02/27/18 14:05

I like it's too.

39078 03/24/16 08:28

Yes you are right when more than 1 person is in here the live feed skips.  Would be a lot better if it showed the entire run lol.

39078 03/24/16 08:15

This is the best cam out of all the cams on here.  Some of the tricks they do now a days is unique.

Avagantamose the Beautiful 01/10/16 03:45

If this cam wasn't so choppy it'd be awesome


trix abound 04/19/15 00:58

WOW....check the date....FLASHBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MD 04/19/15 00:50

I've not seen this before.

Brittany S 09/06/14 03:02

lots of skaters today! 

kyle 07/25/13 01:33

THis might become anothr place for California kids if they allow it to be public hahahaha


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