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Comments (29)

Tomas Andrious 02/04/22 17:36

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stargzr 09/06/21 17:08

Hi there, Sue and MD....Been a while, but I think of you people often and hope all is well with you and yours.  Oregon is getting hit with another wave of Covid so we're tightening things up again.  On top of that, my poor old car needs repairs so I've been benched for awhile.  :(

I kinda miss the good ole days of Trump-bashing, but not enough to want them back again.  Sue...I'll be looking forward to reading about your Eastern trip.  I haven't been back to my native Maine since 2004.  MD...How is BJ ???  Are you making any travel plans yet?

Keep me up to speed, folks!  I DO check in often, just too lazy to write.  LOL. Keep well and fight the good fight!!!!

Phoenix 09/04/21 16:44

It's a very poor community there. Have a keek at the area nearest in Google Earth. The Community Humanist School (TCHS) in Kasanje, Wakiso, Uganda

Phoenix 09/04/21 16:42

Hi MD, got the GoFundMe up and running.. so hopefully they'll get some donations.. here's the link..

MD 09/03/21 13:34

Hi Sue ...  booster shots are starting in the UK right now.  I'm on the list to have one.  I shall also have the flu jab. You must be really looking forward to your trip to the East Coast.  I think I'm finally going stir crazy.  LOL!

Another shout out to Stargzr ... and Homely .... and Ed ..... and Moose - and everybody else who has a life!!!!!!

MD 09/03/21 13:19

Hi Phoenix ....  a very worthwhile cause. We get tv ads asking for donations.  Some of them are quite gruesome - the real thing must be even worse.  I hope you manage to get your GoFundMe up and running.  Is it for a particular school?

Arizona Sue 09/03/21 00:22

Hi MD and Phoenix:   Just checking in (aka Silver Squirrel).   I've been bingeing on Peaky Blinders this past week, sad because the great Helen McCrory died this past Aoril.  She's a marvel.   Not much going on here.  The usual crap with our Governor and the mounting numbers of Delta variant clogging the hospitals.   I just had my yearly flu shot and hope that it works to keep me healthy when I get on a plane in October to fly to the East Coast to see my family.   I also hope that the Pfizer booster jab is available to us old folks before then.   I'll feel like a pin cushion by then but of course will be grateful to stay safe and masked.  Hope you are both doing well.   Hello to Stargzer if you're visiting this camera.  

Phoenix 09/02/21 19:31

Hi Md, i'm watching it now.. September 2nd, almost 13.25 our time..and it's bouncy bouncy, rather funny really, but if I kept watching it for a while, I'd get seasick! I haven't been popping in to the webcams as much as i'm trying to set up a GoFundMe page for a school in Uganda as I feel so sorry for the poor children. It's taking me while as I have to be careful what I write, etc.. and choosing the right photos to put in it.. Almost done, but now  have to figure out a way to get it on as many media platforms as possible.. been reading up on that..


MD 08/27/21 15:24

Hi Phoenix ...  it's a shame you're not watching it right now.  The wind is picking up,  the camera is moving slightly and the chimney pots are starting to gently bounce.  Really.

Phoenix 08/27/21 12:38

MD, I'd loved to have seen that!

MD 08/22/21 22:57

Hi Phoenix  .... it really was a strange experience. It was moving so much it made the chimneys look as if they were jumping up and down.

Phoenix 08/22/21 12:46

Hi MD, i remember Deacon mentioning the high winds once.. never seen the camera wobbling about, would be interesting to see, maybe make us seasick....?    LOL!

MD 08/21/21 15:27

It's obviously windy. The cam is wobbling like crazy.

Ed Hilver 06/04/20 23:06

This is a nice view' i do like camera's that are looking at mountens:) 


i do like that petrol station that is lit up all around:D

Jennifer Grace 04/09/19 23:42

Sitcoms are entertaining. The entire multi-cam sort is dependably a ton of fun. You toss a live group of onlookers in the blend, and it's far and away superior. I could carry on a thousand years and still not know everything, still not have had a go at anything.

MD 04/09/19 04:12

Lovely view.

MD 03/10/18 02:58

Detailed and meticulous?


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