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Consiliul Judetean Bra?ov on Bulevardul Eroilor
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Consiliul Judetean Bra?ov on Bulevardul Eroilor

695 hours ago

Consiliul Judetean Bra?ov on Bulevardul Eroilor

698 hours ago

Consiliul Judetean Bra?ov on Bulevardul Eroilor

701 hours ago

Consiliul Judetean Bra?ov on Bulevardul Eroilor

704 hours ago

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Comments (10)

MD 05/06/19 13:31

Andrew Hobb (bot)  If this is a sample of your work ..... I'd rather get a five year old to do it.

Andrew Hobb 05/06/19 13:14

The most recent away at the Prefecture's building were set aside a few minutes when the prefect, when the façade exteriors that have fallen after some time have been reestablished. The Brasov Prefecture sent to Bucharest the documentation mentioning crisis assets from the state spending plan for the fix of a roof part affected.

MD 09/19/14 20:53

Trix.... that's a heck of a ufo!!!

MD 07/02/14 13:53

This looks nice.

MD 02/03/14 11:37

Mystery solved. Like the Hollywood sign, it says BRASOV. You can read it clearly in daylight. I enlarged the picture.

MD 02/02/14 18:10

Thanks Mira. I KNEW there would be a logical explanation!  :)

Mira Bilis 02/02/14 17:52

Maybe a crashed alien spaceship being repaired?  ;-P

MD 02/02/14 17:43

I wouldn't have thought so. It was daylight when I first noticed it and there was no smoke or anything. I'd laugh if it was a mark on the cam!

N Q 02/02/14 16:22

same here--you don't suppose it's a volcano ?

MD 02/02/14 16:08

I'm intrigued by the white patch on the hill.


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