Nasu Highland Park

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Nasu Highland Park
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Nasu Highland Park

3 hours ago

Nasu Highland Park

6 hours ago

Nasu Highland Park

9 hours ago

Nasu Highland Park

12 hours ago

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Comments (27)

MD 11/10/14 23:21

Mira... thanks.  :)

Mira Bilis 11/10/14 22:41

There's a translation button at the top, although it doesn't translate everything.  :)

MD 11/10/14 22:37

Looks a busy link.... if only I could read it!  LOL

Mira Bilis 11/10/14 22:14
Mira Bilis 09/21/14 04:20

I was beginning to think this place was never open.  Nice to see it with people having fun.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/21/14 02:12

Oooo.... I wanna go on the rides!!

Mira Bilis 08/29/14 22:17

Not much amesement going on at the moment ... it all looks a bit soggy and forlorn.

Enna Mahtal 06/05/14 19:40

I miss this cam. It always made me want to come there all y myself in the off season.

kyle 04/26/14 03:35

MD that is the secret of youth, dont let it go, Im happy someone else likes the ride, not sure how the set up is exactly now, but it plays out the same, the rider controls the up and down like a creazy airplane, next time try follow the leader, as one goes up so does the next and so on, it will try and whip you, if not too many, really fun, best if no more than three, if more you'll likely get banned if it jerks too hard hahahah

kyle 04/26/14 03:25

Wow, they had this type of ride in Sliver Springs Amusement park near DC when I was in Walter Reed some 46 years ago, as i said , Wow, and me and a few of my cohorts from "Reed, neary turned it over, we got banned hahahahahaha

MD 04/13/14 00:15

Love that swingboat ride!

Thrill House 04/03/14 22:55

my secret!


trix abound 03/23/14 00:26

MD...your ride is ready..hang on for dear

trix abound 03/22/14 13:28

oh MD...i'm sure with those rides i would surely have fluids oozing from my body orifices...not a pretty

MD 03/22/14 13:15

Mira Bilis, I've been on that ride at Alton Towers! I loved it. I just love the feeling when your bottom lifts off the seat and your stomach drops into your boots! Also I love the Magic Carpet. You go up, up, up and then DROP!!!!!!!!! Also The Enterprise. You start off standing in a narrow cubicle as the wheel spins and then lifts up until it's turning like a big wheel. One minute you are on your back looking at the sky, then you are at the top of the wheel looking face down to the ground. A few years ago we were there on a quiet day and I was able to have 10 consecutive rides on that. The 3 other people I was with gave up after 2.  I really should grow up!

Hi Trix.

Hi Anne Latham.

trix abound 03/22/14 05:19

it looks like it would be fun...

Mira Bilis 03/22/14 04:13

I remember going on one of those boat rides at Alton Towers years ago ... hair-raising and yet exhilarating. :-)

trix abound 03/22/14 02:35 air balloons behind the boat on the left...

trix abound 03/22/14 02:26

the viking boat was running last week but i think they were just checking them out...would love to try it out:)

Enna Mahtal 03/22/14 02:18

it's finally open!


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