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Viterbo University - Courtyard
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Viterbo University - Courtyard

5 hours ago

Viterbo University - Courtyard

8 hours ago

Viterbo University - Courtyard

11 hours ago

Viterbo University - Courtyard

14 hours ago

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Comments (17)

MD 05/03/19 20:43

You are as good as they are. :D

M H 05/03/19 19:51

I wish I was not afraid of people

stargzr 05/04/18 18:45

It does indeed. :)

MD 05/04/18 18:40

Looks like fun. :D

stargzr 05/04/18 18:19

Okay, I give up. What is it......invasion of the body snatchers?

Way557 01/14/18 21:34
deacon 03/24/16 10:35

Looks like a whole heap of snow overnight.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 10/29/14 14:52

Green thumb please.

N Q 09/28/14 13:27

Here's the webcam that shows this is Viterbo University-

Mira Bilis 04/09/14 20:41

Prepare for a drought! LOL. ;-P

N Q 04/09/14 20:37

It's Spring in Wisconsin, temps around here are in the upper 60's and lower 70's...finally !

MD 03/21/14 15:45

The writing is still there.

Mira Bilis 01/28/14 01:05

Awww ... you might be right NQ .... that's kind of sweet, in a sad way. Maybe he/she wrote it to face the others dorm room? :-)

N Q 01/28/14 00:34

awww I just realize that with it being a Universary campus that maybe some guy ask a gal out and she turned him down so he decided to let everybody know--or maybe it was a gal who asked a guy out and got turned down.

MD I agree it was rude of them to write it upside down for us !

MD 01/28/14 00:30

Tsk! They COULD have written it the right way up! :)

Mira Bilis 01/28/14 00:21

TURN DOWN 4 WUT? Whatever that means! Hahahah! Must be a university campus because of the lousy spelling! ;-P

N Q 01/28/14 00:17


4 WUT ?

or maybe that's a T in front - TURN DOWN 4 WUT?


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