Wachau Valley

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Wachau Valley
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Wachau Valley

5 hours ago

Wachau Valley

8 hours ago

Wachau Valley

11 hours ago

Wachau Valley

14 hours ago

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Comments (14)

MD 09/07/18 11:18

Animation shows the church is illuminated at night.

MD 03/28/16 21:08

I love this view.

MD 08/01/15 22:58

There's a beautiful moon tonight.

trix abound 02/07/15 15:47

ditto :D

MD 02/07/15 15:32

Trix... when the weather is hot for me... I look on Opentopia to find places that look cold. Now I'm looking for warmer places.  :)

trix abound 02/07/15 15:26

WOW...it certainly does look warmer!!!

MD 02/07/15 15:21

It's 30F.... 11 degrees colder than where I am. The sunshine makes it look warmer than it is.

trix abound 02/07/15 15:07

it looks warm...nice seeing a place with no snow!!!!

MD 02/07/15 14:50

I love this view.

MD 07/03/14 23:12

5 hours ago there was a building all lit up. Somebody obviously turned off the lights.  :D

MD 06/23/14 16:24

Mira Bilis, I'm with you on that!

Mira Bilis 06/23/14 04:18

Kyle, I believe the Druids were much more recent ... around 2000 years ago.  :)

kyle 06/23/14 02:58

If I recall correctly, the time of the Druids

MD 10/19/13 13:40

How pretty. I just looked this up on Wikepedia and read that figurines found in Galgenburg and Willendorf, in this valley, have been dated at 32,000 years and 26,000 years respectively. Now that's what I call old crocks!



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