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National Naval Aviation Museum

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National Naval Aviation Museum
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National Naval Aviation Museum

128 hours ago

National Naval Aviation Museum

131 hours ago

National Naval Aviation Museum

134 hours ago

National Naval Aviation Museum

137 hours ago

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Comments (78)

MD 04/08/18 19:05

Laughter is good for you.    :D

Moose 04/08/18 18:48

Now it was my turn to laugh out loud!

MD 04/08/18 18:40

Hi Moose  ..... of course I saw it but felt the uncontrollable urge to go and urinate in atmospheric turbulence.  And when I came back - it was still there so I did 7 comments on other cams to bury it.  I promise I didn't go speaking to any bots.  :D

Moose 04/08/18 18:09

Hmmm.  No reply.  Surely MD did not miss this.  She never misses anything.  Must be incandescent at me again.

Moose 04/08/18 11:45

MD... This is one of the earlier instances of a stolen comment.

ella scott 01/31/18 08:27

Is today something special?  This place is packed!

Rain Shadow 08/25/17 20:28

I am not sure, Moose.  They seem to have quite a lot of regular events here.  Their website does not seem to have any helpful information either

Moose 08/25/17 19:57

Rain Shadow...  Is today something special?  This place is packed!

Rain Shadow 08/19/17 18:27

Happy National Aviation Day.

MD 07/04/17 15:35

Hear hear!!!!

Rain Shadow 07/04/17 15:30

Happy 4th of July to all those celebrating.

Rain Shadow 06/16/17 17:31

Plenty of activity here today.

Moose 05/29/17 15:27

Thank you, Rain Shadow.

Rain Shadow 05/29/17 15:24

Remembering the fallen on Memorial Day.

MD 12/12/16 23:22

If you visit the place again ..... we expect a big wave.  :D

isaiah A. 12/12/16 22:23

I was here over the summer and didn't even know this was on Opentopia at that time or else I would have waved!

sinister smile 09/23/15 18:56

This place always makes me think of an evil villains lair...for some reason :)

Mira Bilis 09/19/15 18:39

Another ceremony.

Mira Bilis 08/09/15 19:53

I wonder if they watch The Last Ship?  That's a good tv drama.  :)

trix abound 08/09/15 19:48

they watch a lot of movies here, don't they!!!!!!


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