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Crea Mall
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Crea Mall

5 hours ago

Crea Mall

8 hours ago

Crea Mall

11 hours ago

Crea Mall

14 hours ago

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Comments (384)

Ed Hilver 07/28/20 18:03

Yes Taysy opentopia is good

Taysy 07/28/20 13:26

I'm back, and holy jesus have I missed out on a lot of things.

Ed Hilver 07/24/20 17:17

Me too j_mak i am thinking of going to Tokyo next year :)))

J_mAK 07/16/20 20:10

God, those are some bright signs. Hope to visit japan sometime.

Ed Hilver 07/16/20 15:07

I think the same china cat:)

China Cat 07/10/20 00:33

Wow, people must be staying home. It's usully so busy!

JimE 07/07/20 19:40

Cam has gone 'Wonky' again.  Maybe time for new mounting hardware?

MD 06/30/20 15:35

Hi Tag ...... masks are common on this cam ..... and have been for ages.  Sensible people.

tag 06/30/20 03:20

Good to see so many masks. Wish people in the US would wise up.

Ed Hilver 04/23/20 16:22

Ive been watching this webcam for years.

Ed Hilver 04/19/20 19:18

So busy.

MD 04/10/20 15:23

JimE!!!!  JimE!!!!!!    I don't gobble chocolates  ...... I savor every morsel ..... just as I'm doing right now with the chocolates delivered yesterday.  It's all about priorities.  People are stripping the shelves of what they consider necessities.  Nobody is emptying the shelves of what I consider vital supplies.   LOL!!!

I like the idea of a picture spread.  I have lots of photographs on my walls of places I've visited.  I never get tired of looking at them.  I hope you are going to Hawaii again next year.

JimE 04/09/20 23:21

Thanks MD, yes I can see you now with your feel up on the setee gobbling some chocolates!  You know, the ones that were delivered!  Anyway good to see that you are well and your spirits high.  I'm still working on a picture spread from the last visit to Hawaii.  In these times; no big hurry.  Stay well!

bill dude 04/09/20 16:45

11PM and no one.

MD 04/05/20 02:24

Hi JimE    ........  it seems to be happening more frequently with this cam.

I have to admit I'm quite enjoying myself.  Peace and quiet and all shopping delivered ....... including the expected box of chocolates or two.   I'm partying like there's no tomorrow.  LOL

You look after yourself and be safe.

JimE 04/05/20 00:54

Looks like someone has 'whacked' the cam again!  I hope everyone is safe and well and your spirit is up!

Homely 12/19/19 02:27

Hi Ekaterna!!!

MD 12/16/19 12:08

Yaaaaaaay! Thanks stargzr.

MD 12/08/19 15:06

It did exactly the same a week or 2 ago.  Such a shame.


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