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Crea Mall
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Crea Mall

4 hours ago

Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Comments (393)

Phoenix 11/14/20 13:06

Busy place! .... but why is the woman/girl, sitting on the ground?

MD 10/02/20 18:28

Or maybe not!   Go to Google maps ...... in the search bar type Crea Mall, 1 Chome-17-5 Shintornicho, Kawagoe.  It will show the map .... including Crea Mall ..... and also shows a picture.

MD 10/02/20 18:24

Ujang ...... this should be all the proof you need:,139.4808866,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x6018da5946c248c3:0x2645788baf6bd5eb!8m2!3d35.9143444!4d139.4830753

MD 10/02/20 18:14

Hi Ujang ...  this is Crea Mall.  Check on Google maps.  Crea Mall address is 1 Chome-17-5 Shintornicho, Kawagoe.

Ed Hilver 09/29/20 20:21


MD 09/28/20 23:32

Hi Ed ...... a young man called Joe Hector used to look at this cam and said that he would love to visit this very town .....   and he did!  Apparently it's a beautiful country ..... and people are very welcoming .......  so good luck!

Ed Hilver 09/26/20 14:07

That is true MD i am maybe thinking of going to Tokyo japan next year in February-;)

MD 09/25/20 23:51

Hi Max ...... it's fun to go around the world and not have to pack your cases!

Max Othy 09/25/20 08:38

I wasn't prepared for how strangely beautiful it is to watch another part of the world light up in real time when it's so dark and quiet where i am.

Ed Hilver 07/28/20 18:03

Yes Taysy opentopia is good

Taysy 07/28/20 13:26

I'm back, and holy jesus have I missed out on a lot of things.

Ed Hilver 07/24/20 17:17

Me too j_mak i am thinking of going to Tokyo next year :)))

J_mAK 07/16/20 20:10

God, those are some bright signs. Hope to visit japan sometime.

Ed Hilver 07/16/20 15:07

I think the same china cat:)

China Cat 07/10/20 00:33

Wow, people must be staying home. It's usully so busy!

JimE 07/07/20 19:40

Cam has gone 'Wonky' again.  Maybe time for new mounting hardware?

MD 06/30/20 15:35

Hi Tag ...... masks are common on this cam ..... and have been for ages.  Sensible people.

tag 06/30/20 03:20

Good to see so many masks. Wish people in the US would wise up.

Ed Hilver 04/23/20 16:22

Ive been watching this webcam for years.

Ed Hilver 04/19/20 19:18

So busy.


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