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Crea Mall
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Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Comments (407)

MD 01/19/21 02:28

Hi JimE    ....... with 2 straws!!!!

JimE 01/18/21 22:26

I think someone has been sipping the Kool-Aid!

deacon 01/17/21 06:46

Not brainwashed but fact.

MD 01/12/21 01:34


deacon 01/07/21 07:36

Hi MD- Yes the hospitals get that extra money for COVID treatment but they are also at the same time billing patients and their insurance companies too. Basically a legal way to double bill. In so many cases, the covid is a secondary condition many patients have to maybe auto accidents, heart attacks, strokes etc. and show no symptoms but the hospitals take advantage of that for the extra money.

silversquirrel 01/07/21 03:30

MD, I couldn't have said it better.   Deacon, do you live in Ohio?   MD, Ohio is a "red" state and gave Trump its electoral votes.  

MD 01/05/21 20:42

Well Deacon ...... you have me puzzled.  The hospitals do get extra money for COVID- 19 cases but it's to cover for the cost of extra treatment that is required ...... they don't get a "bonus" for each death.  Also  ..... if you think the figures are inflated  ...... does it really matter if it goes on for years  ..... after all  ..... you don't think that so many people are dying.

Which now makes me think why would they close the Oviso bar in Spain?  Maybe they are also inflating figures just for the fun of closing places down.

And after me being so impertinent - can I ask you a simple question ....... do you have a MAGA hat?

deacon 01/05/21 12:12

I also forgot to mention, we have too many people here who resist authority. They do not wear masks as they are asked to do. They collect in large gatherings without taking any precautions when asked not to gather. I hate wearing a mask as much as anyone else. I live like a recluse now. I am willing to sacrifice some now to get this virus behind us. Unfortunately, many here go about life as usual and as a result, this virus will be here for years to come because of it.

deacon 01/05/21 12:02

I really believe the US statistics are artificially inflated. The reason? Our government gives hospitals $$$$ for every covid patient admitted. If they have to go on a ventillator, they get an additional $40,000 dollars. If someone dies in a hospital because of an accident, heart attack etc. BUT also tested positive for covid, the death certicate states "covid". Then the hospital gets more money from our government.

MD 01/01/21 00:12
Hi Deacon, US reports record daily death toll from COVID-19

Country reports more than 3,900 deaths amid escalating pandemic.

Total deaths from COVID-19 in Japan since the pandemic began  - 3,243.


Oleg Fun 12/31/20 03:03

MD 12/30/20 15:06

Total deaths from COVID in the whole of Japan = 3,196    ... and that includes 44 deaths yesterday.  Maybe safer than the US.

deacon 12/30/20 07:18

I wouldn't be there for anything. A covid breeding ground.

Phoenix 11/14/20 13:06

Busy place! .... but why is the woman/girl, sitting on the ground?

MD 10/02/20 18:28

Or maybe not!   Go to Google maps ...... in the search bar type Crea Mall, 1 Chome-17-5 Shintornicho, Kawagoe.  It will show the map .... including Crea Mall ..... and also shows a picture.

MD 10/02/20 18:24

Ujang ...... this should be all the proof you need:,139.4808866,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x6018da5946c248c3:0x2645788baf6bd5eb!8m2!3d35.9143444!4d139.4830753

MD 10/02/20 18:14

Hi Ujang ...  this is Crea Mall.  Check on Google maps.  Crea Mall address is 1 Chome-17-5 Shintornicho, Kawagoe.

Ed Hilver 09/29/20 20:21


MD 09/28/20 23:32

Hi Ed ...... a young man called Joe Hector used to look at this cam and said that he would love to visit this very town .....   and he did!  Apparently it's a beautiful country ..... and people are very welcoming .......  so good luck!


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