Crea Mall

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Crea Mall
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Crea Mall

3 hours ago

Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Comments (345)

48692 08/08/18 20:12

I Love Japan 

48692 08/08/18 20:11
MD 04/06/18 19:08

I'm feeling good, thank you.  I hope things are good for you too.

My favourite cam at the moment is this one:

but I used to like one in Paris  ..... an elderly lady   ...... her apartment was beautiful  She looked a real lady.

Ekaterina 04/06/18 17:36

How are you MD?

What's your favourite camera of all times?

Ekaterina 04/06/18 17:35

He he, one couldn't tell as they're all wearing trousers!

MD 04/06/18 17:29

How about the women?   :D

Hi Ekaterina.

Ekaterina 04/06/18 17:18

Every single man on this cam is drunk!!

Stefan Reed 10/13/17 06:49

Busy place.

bullet force

frank west 10/06/17 06:24

man I'm glad I live in america where there's room to walk and no need for air aids masks :(

MD 08/21/17 11:40

Yes ..... it's an interesting cam.

teacher9527 threegun9527 08/21/17 03:43

very good,i love .

teacher9527 threegun9527 08/21/17 03:43

very good,i love .

Hamka Diver 06/14/17 22:54

school time .. 

MD 06/13/17 10:35

Such a busy place at this time, 7.30pm local time.

Hamka Diver 06/13/17 05:28

rain season .. 

Rain Shadow 05/27/17 18:26

I see police cars lined up.  It is not often you see this kind of activity here.

andre irawan 04/18/17 13:04

It,s Amazing

Rain Shadow 01/02/17 00:19

January sales, judging by the crowd.

MD 12/08/16 02:04

Well ....... it's 2am for me so I'm probably not at my brightest but I can't see the 150 sign ... or a man in blue.  I'll take another look tomorrow. 

rollo_tomasi 12/08/16 00:33

And we know exactly when the googlemobile took those pictures, too.

Down by the 150 sign you'll notice a man in blue. At 08:50:00 every morning he rolls up the chains and pushes down the posts. He's very punctual.


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