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Crea Mall
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Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Crea Mall

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Comments (358)

Ellen Anderson 09/08/19 00:11

JimE - The wearing of surgical face mask in Japan has little to do with air pollution. They're more often worn by people to avoid the spread of illness between people in small and crowded environments, like on a train during rush hour for example.

MD 08/23/19 15:07

Hi Ekaterina .......   I often think about you when I read some of the older comments.  I hope you are well.  You should come on to here more often.  :D

Ekaterina 08/23/19 14:31

Hi DM  !


Ekaterina 08/23/19 14:30

It's raining and I can see almost everyone has got a see-through  umbrella! 

sheri davis 05/24/19 05:27

 dfgdg df gdf fd

sheri davis 05/24/19 05:26
MD 03/19/19 17:16

If only Trump would be so brief!   :D

Hi JimE   ........ I wholeheartedly agree with you.

JimE 03/19/19 15:55

If this many people in Japan feel it necessary to wear masks to breathe clean air, you'd think they would have concerns for the future generations and do something about the air quality.  Seems pretty hyporitical to me to see this happening all over Japan while no one is taking steps to tackle this pollution.  My rant for the day!

MD 02/05/19 17:00

I wonder if Joe Hector and William Victor are still a couple.

MD 01/01/19 13:53
JimE 12/31/18 23:36


MD 09/18/18 18:38

Good.   :D

JimE 09/18/18 17:43

The camera appears to be functioning once again!

48692 08/08/18 20:12

I Love Japan 

48692 08/08/18 20:11
MD 04/06/18 19:08

I'm feeling good, thank you.  I hope things are good for you too.

My favourite cam at the moment is this one:

but I used to like one in Paris  ..... an elderly lady   ...... her apartment was beautiful  She looked a real lady.

Ekaterina 04/06/18 17:36

How are you MD?

What's your favourite camera of all times?

Ekaterina 04/06/18 17:35

He he, one couldn't tell as they're all wearing trousers!

MD 04/06/18 17:29

How about the women?   :D

Hi Ekaterina.

Ekaterina 04/06/18 17:18

Every single man on this cam is drunk!!


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