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Crea Mall

4960 hours ago

Crea Mall

4963 hours ago

Crea Mall

4966 hours ago

Crea Mall

4969 hours ago

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Comments (427)

MD 10/12/21 23:37

Hi JimE ...  I always assume you are living a hectic life and have better things to do.  :D

As for the cabbage ... O M G!!!!!!

JimE 10/04/21 01:46

Hi MD,  sorry it has taken me this long to respond!  Yes I know about your weather but can you top this one?  ' It's not uncommon to have cabbages that weigh more than 100 pounds, and the world record was set in 2012 when Palmer's Scott Robb entered a 138.25-pound cabbage!'  Pshaw on a little grass!  LOL

MD 08/27/21 15:20

Hi JimE  ....  nah ... no comparison.  Where I am - a good downpour of rain and the grass is an inch taller in the blink of an eye  ...  well almost.  LOLOLOL

JimE 08/24/21 19:45

Hi MD, yes I agree....  it rates right up there with watching the grass grow as well!

MD 08/22/21 23:01

Hi JimE ...  it's lost all of the animation.  I suppose it is just slightly better than watching paint dry ... but not much.

JimE 08/22/21 14:50

I much preferred the 'old' cam...

Ed Hilver 05/16/21 09:06

Wow......... I didn't expect this cam to be busy;-)

JimE 04/25/21 03:18

I just read thet Sakurajima Volcano has exploded!  Shame we don't get that cam here anymore!

deacon 04/16/21 17:11

Hilarious, two people staggering around.  Must have taken a nip or two (or three) at the local bar.

deacon 03/21/21 05:11

I don't understand why the police would have "shaken" you?

Taysy 03/10/21 14:12

People walking... everything seems normal. I'm still a bit shaken from the "police" though, at least, I think it was police.

MD 03/08/21 20:33

Hi Ed ....  I have the same problem.  :D

Ed Hilver 03/08/21 16:20

Looks like this cam won't focus.

MD 03/07/21 02:37

See animation of last snapshots.

MD 03/06/21 05:05

This is certainly different.

deacon 03/01/21 13:06

Client Hacks, sounds like the corona virus is just your size....

Client Hacks 02/24/21 19:31

I wanna go to Japan! fuck corona virus ong

deacon 02/19/21 15:45

Ed- I wouldn't get on a plane now even if the trip was free.

Ed Hilver 02/02/21 15:46

I was ment to go to Tokyo this February. 🗾 lol maybe when corona is over:D


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