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Crea Mall

8755 hours ago

Crea Mall

8758 hours ago

Crea Mall

8761 hours ago

Crea Mall

8764 hours ago

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Comments (428)

Joe Hector 04/10/22 20:33

MAN! This isn't the cam i remember, i think they did some construction work in the area or maybe they switched cams for another location. The cam used to be set in gifu japan, and it was an alley if i remember right. interesting cam...must be bars close by, cause i see drunk teens alot on here at night.

MD i hope all is well...been a long time for me on here.

MD 10/12/21 23:37

Hi JimE ...  I always assume you are living a hectic life and have better things to do.  :D

As for the cabbage ... O M G!!!!!!

JimE 10/04/21 01:46

Hi MD,  sorry it has taken me this long to respond!  Yes I know about your weather but can you top this one?  ' It's not uncommon to have cabbages that weigh more than 100 pounds, and the world record was set in 2012 when Palmer's Scott Robb entered a 138.25-pound cabbage!'  Pshaw on a little grass!  LOL

MD 08/27/21 15:20

Hi JimE  ....  nah ... no comparison.  Where I am - a good downpour of rain and the grass is an inch taller in the blink of an eye  ...  well almost.  LOLOLOL

JimE 08/24/21 19:45

Hi MD, yes I agree....  it rates right up there with watching the grass grow as well!

MD 08/22/21 23:01

Hi JimE ...  it's lost all of the animation.  I suppose it is just slightly better than watching paint dry ... but not much.

JimE 08/22/21 14:50

I much preferred the 'old' cam...

Ed Hilver 05/16/21 09:06

Wow......... I didn't expect this cam to be busy;-)

JimE 04/25/21 03:18

I just read thet Sakurajima Volcano has exploded!  Shame we don't get that cam here anymore!

deacon 04/16/21 17:11

Hilarious, two people staggering around.  Must have taken a nip or two (or three) at the local bar.

deacon 03/21/21 05:11

I don't understand why the police would have "shaken" you?

Taysy 03/10/21 14:12

People walking... everything seems normal. I'm still a bit shaken from the "police" though, at least, I think it was police.

MD 03/08/21 20:33

Hi Ed ....  I have the same problem.  :D

Ed Hilver 03/08/21 16:20

Looks like this cam won't focus.

MD 03/07/21 02:37

See animation of last snapshots.

MD 03/06/21 05:05

This is certainly different.

deacon 03/01/21 13:06

Client Hacks, sounds like the corona virus is just your size....

Client Hacks 02/24/21 19:31

I wanna go to Japan! fuck corona virus ong

deacon 02/19/21 15:45

Ed- I wouldn't get on a plane now even if the trip was free.


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