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Bjuhrs Bil AB on Silovägen

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Bjuhrs Bil AB on Silovägen
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Bjuhrs Bil AB on Silovägen

1820 hours ago

Bjuhrs Bil AB on Silovägen

1823 hours ago

Bjuhrs Bil AB on Silovägen

1826 hours ago

Bjuhrs Bil AB on Silovägen

1829 hours ago

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Comments (13)

MD 03/20/18 16:06

Trix ..... almost 5 years since Zedyer and Alex were having those explosive arguments. It's scary how fast the time is going by.

MD 07/01/14 13:21

When I had an ancient car, I used to come to places like this for parts. New cars today are impossible to work on yourself.

Mira Bilis 04/02/14 20:52

LOL ... well they 'live' a lot longer than many other cars, I gather.  I don't drive, so the longevity of cars is somewhat abstract to me.  ;-)

trix abound 04/02/14 20:41

yes but it's sad to think volvo's die

Mira Bilis 04/02/14 20:35

It's Sweden Trix ... every other car is a Volvo.  ;-)

trix abound 03/26/14 13:47

rather than a impound i think it's a junkyard where dead cars end up...don't i see a few volvo's in here...sad

MD 07/23/13 22:57

There were 7 Zedyer and Alex comments in the usual style. But as I say, that was yesterday. Today has been nice and peaceful.  :))

MD 07/23/13 22:33

Now Zedyer....... I thought it was you that started things yesterday.  But that's in the past. We won't go there!!!!!

zedyer venyar 07/23/13 22:25

Come on MD, he always starts first :)))

MD 07/23/13 22:10

Maybe something to stop you and Alex having hissy fits?  Only kidding. I have no idea what it means.  :)

MD 07/23/13 21:38

Invisible comments?   :)

Flemming Funch 07/23/13 01:23

Well, I am too. Just testing something in the system.

MD 07/23/13 01:08

Hi there. I didn't bother posting when I saw the goings on in the Recent Comments box. You lose touch with others when that sort of thing happens. And as it is now almost 2.10am, I'm off to bed.

Thank you for Opentopia. I love it.



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