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Amarube Railway Bridge

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Amarube Railway Bridge
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Amarube Railway Bridge

17241 hours ago

Amarube Railway Bridge

17244 hours ago

Amarube Railway Bridge

17247 hours ago

Amarube Railway Bridge

17250 hours ago

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Comments (32)

MD 01/17/16 14:15

Hello Joe ..... I visited my daughter last night and told her the story of you and William and the Russian cam. Then I told her that you'd gone off to Japan and William had sent you that music and dedicated a song to you. She wanted to know which song but I couldn't remember so she went to Opentopia and looked at this cam so she could listen to the song. She said the whole story was the most romantic thing she'd ever heard. So then it was on to Twitter to look at your photo.

You look so comfortable with each other ...... I never had that feeling with either of my husbands. You make a great couple ......... and what a lovely dog. Sigh ...........

Thank you for sharing.


Joe Hector 01/17/16 03:21

@N Q thanks for linking the photos,.i wasn't sure how to do that, & sometimes it takes awhile for the internet to catch on to a person's social site or where they may post things. You all are more than welcome to follow the twitter account if you are on twitter. I work alot so sometimes i am unactive online.

Much Respect,

Joe Hector

Joe Hector 01/16/16 22:25

I may try to dig up some more this week, life has changed so much for me in the last year or so,.but it all worked out for the best. I still can't believe my relationship all started over a crazy web cam in russia,.but im glad it did.


Mira Bilis 01/16/16 22:14

Thanks NQ!   Joe, that's a great photo.  :)

Joe Hector 01/16/16 22:04

That would be it! Thanks for finding it.

N Q 01/16/16 19:57

MD & Joe

Here's the picture Joe posted of himself and William on twitter-

Joe you're both good looking men and your dog is a cutie :)

MD 01/16/16 15:15

Hi Joe .....never mind the wait ..... it shows you have a life!   LOL

I'll make sure Mira sees this.  :D

Joe Hector 01/16/16 15:14

My computer typing is off today,.sorry about that.....

Joe Hector 01/16/16 15:11

@Mommie Dearest in Devon & @Mira Bilis  Hey there! Sorry about the wait,.but i was able get some time off from work & got a twitter account open today. All you have to do is look for opentopia on twitter and JHector133,.i found the site in twitter and i am only folling them right now, and maybe the Maroon5.

Have A Great Day!


Mira Bilis 01/07/16 23:57

Thanks Joe ... I'll look for you on Twitter too.  :)

MD 01/07/16 23:42

Hi Joe .... I don't have Facebook either. I enjoyed reading the comments on the old Office cam. I see you left me a comment on 17th of December 2014 saying you were back from Japan and that you and William are together. All that time ..... it must be love. LOL

I'll do my best to find you on Twitter.


Joe Hector 01/07/16 23:19

Hello Mira Bilis & MD! I didn't think about that,..but you are right,.that is very risky to do so i won't do that. I will open up a twitter account later this week then you could search the name threw twitter. How you will know it is to see who i follow. Opentopia is on twitter,..and i will only follow them. Once you find me threw them i will tweet the photos on my account..that way you can see them. Lol,..i don't have facebook thow.

Much Respect To You Both,

Joe Hector

Mira Bilis 01/07/16 15:51

Hi Joe ... if you want to share an email address with MD it might be more advisable to go via the admin, Flemming Funch.  Click on the 'About/Contact' link at the bottom of this page and drop him an email explaining what you want to do ... he's normally very accommodating.

MD 01/07/16 15:42

Well!!!!  I've spent the last hour looking through "My Cams" searching for that Russian office cam and I found it!!

I'd love to see photo's of you both but isn't it a bit risky putting email addresses on here?  And of course you were missing something in Japan ..... William.  :D


Joe Hector 01/07/16 14:40

@MD,..i was only in japan for 2 weeks, & William sent me a CD with those songs on them. I must have listened to that CD 189 times,..caught a flight back to colorado and 3 days were the most happy i had ever been. My time in Japan was very insightful,.but i was missing something. Living with William in colorado now has changed my life in many ways. If you might be interested in seeing a photo of the 2 of us and a few photos of me before i left for Japan..i will share an email address with you.

Much Respect,

Joe Hector

MD 01/07/16 14:06

PS Joe ...... don't regret a thing. If you hadn't have gone to Japan things might not have turned out as they did. Things happen for a reason. Absence made the heart grow fonder.   How lovely to have such songs dedicated to you. I'm envious.  :D

MD 01/07/16 13:58

Hi Joe ........ I knew about you and William up to a point. I remember reading comments on that Russian web cam about the dishy looking men. I think that was when you and William started chatting. I'm very happy for you both and I'll listen to the songs again. I really wish you both a fantastic 2016 and more!

Please keep in touch.


Joe Hector 01/07/16 13:53

@MD, is another song he dedicated to me,..i like this one alot better. I sometimes regret leaving the US only to discover that what i was looking for was in front of me the whole time.

Take Care,

Joe Hector

Joe Hector 01/07/16 13:41

Hi MD! When i left for Japan a year ago,..William dedicated that song to me. It was what brought me back to the united states. I should be careful what i admit online,..but William & i are partners..and i felt alot better when i returned to the US. I had no idea who the Maroon5 even were till i got back,..but they sound great! I will try to touch base with you when i can....hope all is well....and wish you the very best.

Joe Hector

MD 01/06/16 12:38

PS Joe ....... lovely piece of music. The video reminded me of the rain we've had in the UK ..... wettest December on record!  Please give my regards to William Victor next time you speak to him. And again ...... have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.



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