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Branch Brook Park
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Branch Brook Park

270 hours ago

Branch Brook Park

282 hours ago

Branch Brook Park

285 hours ago

Branch Brook Park

288 hours ago

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Comments (14)

MD 03/30/20 00:20

Hi Debbie Mac   .... really good to see you.  And yes ..... spring is a time of new beginnings.  There are lots of flowers in bloom in Devon.  Makes you feel glad to be alive.

Debbie Mac 03/29/20 23:59

In a world of bad news, its nice to see blossoms.  Makes me think of new beginnings.  :)

? ? 07/07/19 14:39


MD 03/08/18 01:24

Hee!!!!!!   I've just eaten some.   :D

stargzr 03/08/18 00:20

MD, you just HAD to mention Ben and Jerry when I decided to be good and forgo the ice cream tonight.!!!!  :D

MD 03/08/18 00:15

I was going to say Ben and Jerry but yes ...... having Googled .... definitely Currier and Ives!!!  The Currier and Ives that I saw would make lovely jigsaw puzzles.

stargzr 03/07/18 22:36

Currier and Ives !!!

MD 07/11/14 11:28

jime.... happy days!

JimE 07/10/14 22:22

I used to go ice skating in Branch Brook Park as a kid!


MD 04/15/14 22:44

Yes, very nice. I always enjoy a bit of extra info.  :)

Mira Bilis 04/15/14 22:23
Dave Osborne 03/23/13 21:59

Can confirm with Chuck.  Found the original webcam on its host site.  Have attempted to update details above, but not easy.


MD 03/22/13 14:22

Thanks Chuck K.

Chuck K 03/22/13 11:53

This is the Essex County "Branch Brook Park" in Newark, NJ.


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