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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (5646)

MD 05/23/18 17:24

They're getting bigger rapidly.

stargzr 05/23/18 16:58

Either they are getting BIGGER or the nest is getting smaller.  : )

MD 05/21/18 20:54

The bliss of finding things where you left them!  :D

stargzr 05/21/18 20:47

Amen, sister !!

MD 05/21/18 20:39

I love it when they are so full they sit with their legs extended in front of them  ..... too lethargic to move.  And the panic when they get a feather stuck in their throat.  Several times we have watched as an inquisitive chick has picked up one of the mom's feathers and tried to eat it ..... getting the darned thing stuck.  And you might know it's at a time when no parent bird is there.  I'm glad my "chicks" have left home.   LOL!

stargzr 05/21/18 20:16

Hahahaha...just witnessed a tug-of-war between two chicks over the same piece of food.  :D

stargzr 05/21/18 20:11

OMG, you poor thing !  Once a Mom, always a matter what species. :)

MD 05/21/18 19:27

Stargzr ....... the chicks don't leave the box at night so once it was dark I snoozed in my armchair:


MD 06/17/13 17:38

Hi lizardmomma. The last one was the worst. The parents kept checking on her and they both brought food. Poor little thing stood for almost an hour - SEVERAL times - before throwing herself into a corner. I watched until it was dark and only slept for 5 hours so I could be there first thing to watch her go. It's been just over 2 months since you discovered this site and spotted that first egg. I so hope we get to watch again next year. Entertaining and educational, not to mention FUN!!

MD 05/21/18 18:08

I certainly did.  The poor thing was a nervous wreck.  It had been alone for a couple of days.  The parents came back to feed it but poor thing lacked the courage to leave. It would sit on the edge looking out and then fall back inside. How could I abandon it?   :D

stargzr 05/21/18 17:19

Did you ever do that ????

MD 05/21/18 17:18

It'll be a little while ........ but I'm not staying up all night to watch the last one leave.  :D

stargzr 05/21/18 17:13

Starting to spread their wings......won't be too long now.  :(

MD 05/21/18 16:07

That's lovely ........ and with sound.

MD 05/21/18 16:06

Well now it looks like a rugby scrum!!!

stargzr 05/21/18 16:05

Meanwhile, on the west coast of the USA......

stargzr 05/21/18 15:51

I think you are right on !  Nice to see SOME affection on this planet. :)

MD 05/21/18 15:47

That's a great link  ...... I'm sure that puffin is snoring.  :D

Do you think the chicks on this cam are saying "Group hug."

Feeding time.

stargzr 05/21/18 15:21
MD 05/21/18 10:33

Oh Liese .... that did make me laugh!   :D

Liese Lindemann 05/21/18 01:37

Hi, MD - I see that the mother is having trouble covering up all her chicks tonight. They grow at some rate! Just as well for us that human babies don't do the same. Can you imagine the bill for shoes?!


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