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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (6137)

stargzr 04/01/20 20:49

Well, mama is here.  We might get a glimpse of the eggs eventually.   Last year they began to arrivve on 4/14.

MD 03/26/20 01:41

Hi JimE   ..... I remember.  Its such a shame but although it annoys me ...  I shall still watch the the fun.  You really would think that if they're gonna have a cam -  they'd make sure you can see the subject.

Stay safe JimE   ... you've got to get plenty of wear out of that new hat.  :D

JimE 03/26/20 00:00

Hi all, yestrday I sent yet another request asking that the lens/camera housing be cleaned prior to this years occupancy.  Some of you may remember that I sent a similar request prior to the snow flying in Nebraska last winter.  Now that the spring snow has melted we shall wait and see what happens.  Do NOT hold your breath however!  Hope you are all well.. JimE

MD 03/13/20 05:00

I'm not surprised.  It had to be all or nothing.  Maybe the cruise being cancelled did you a favor .....  made the decision for you.   It's disappointing but maybe it's for the best.  I shall miss it.  LOL!!!

Silver Squirrel 03/13/20 04:50

Hi MD.  No, we have canceled our entire trip.   We will not get to see our Scottish friends.   Sad about that. 

MD 03/13/20 03:13

I never swore in front of my parents  .... in fact ....  I didn't swear fluently until I joined the police force ....... and I had my first alcoholic drink at police training course.  I was 19 years old.  :D

stargzr 03/13/20 02:33

Atta girl !   LOL

MD 03/13/20 02:09

That's where BJ and I differ.  I would have said it.  LOL

stargzr 03/13/20 01:55

HAHAHAHA....I'm sure it was difficult to restrain herself !   Some people are just unbelievable.  :)

MD 03/13/20 01:34

Stargzr   ......  I've always been a hand-washer. It's just natural.   BJ went back to work this evening after 2 weeks off.  The store has a new cleansing rota with about 20 things listed  ... wiping down handles, screens, surfaces etc  .... all to be done 4 times a day. Monday and Tuesday's had been filled in but Wednesday and Thursday ... nothing was signed.  So  .... was the cleaning done but not signed  ..... or was the cleaning not done.   BJ decided to have a blitz and did the lot.  You can't be too careful.  BJ said that a man was coughing into his hand but then used that hand to pass the money.  When BJ pointed that out he said "It's ok  .... I haven't got that virus thing."  BJ said she had difficulty refraining from saying "How the #### do you know?"

MD 03/13/20 01:19

Hi Silver Squirrel ..... are you still going to Scotland?

stargzr 03/13/20 01:13

Thanks, SS, so glad you're getting refunds !  Scary times, indeed.  Thanks for keeping us updated.  :)

Silver Squirrel 03/13/20 01:04

We do have travel insurance.   At our age, it would be unwise not to have it.  

Silver Squirrel 03/13/20 01:01

Hello MD and Stargzr.   Our cruise has been canceled.   Husband spent the morning talking to airlines and hotels regarding a refund.   So far, most of our money is being refunded.   I think we will get a voucher from the cruise company for another cruise next year.  Scary times.  

stargzr 03/13/20 00:26

I've always been a hand-washer.

Spring break is a who knows.

I studiously avoid the news, listening to our public radio station occasionally.  But mostly sticking to my reading, music and video routine.

How's BJ handling it.....are they taking any precautions where she works?

MD 03/13/20 00:17

All you can do is not wittingly place yourself at risk   ..... and wash your hands. How long is spring break?

I really did spray/wipe all of my shopping with Dettol.  

I open these 2 tabs early and as they update  ... a little number appears - to tell me how many updates there are.

stargzr 03/13/20 00:02

The states of Washington and California are 1 and 3 for highest cases and we're right in the middle. :(   

Seattle area has closed all schools until 4/27 at least.  Daughter teaches here in Oregon and so far they've cancelled all after school events and games but are trying to keep classes going for one more week when spring break starts.

MD 03/12/20 23:37

To London for an overnight stop then flying to Lyon to join the cruise ship, back to London for a few days then up to Scotland to see friends in the Glasgow area.  I'm sure they usually have insurance but I'd imagine the premium would be loaded with this coronavirus pandemic. 

stargzr 03/12/20 23:12

Ouch !!!!!

They were flying into London, then on to river cruise in France, right?  She's done so much travelling I'm sure she'd have insurance.  Hope it goes well.

MD 03/12/20 22:59

I just checked the situation in Scotland.  5 confirmed cases in Greater Glasgow, which isn't a lot considering the population   ... and there are no travel restrictions in place.  I do wonder how Silver Squirrel would get on with travel insurance.  I never go abroad without it now.  Way back in 1966 I was booked to go Spain with my youth club.  The week before we were due to travel they had an outbreak of smallpox.  My mom wanted me to cancel but that wasn't going to happen. They would only allow you into the country if you had a certificate showing you'd been immunized against smallpox. Luckily the family doctor convinced my mom it would be safe. I still have the lumpy scar from the jab. A permanent reminder of my first trip to Spain.   :D


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