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Kestrel Cam
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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (5797)

MD 07/01/18 18:59

Our kestrel chicks can't hide!!!    :D

stargzr 07/01/18 18:26

Agreed, MD.  Here's to the next bunch of chicks !

MD 07/01/18 18:14

Hi stargzr ....... no fun looking at any empty box.

stargzr 07/01/18 18:02

So.... unlike our kestrels, the falcon chicks appear to be camera shy.  I'll leave them in peace and wish them good journey when they finally take off.

MD 06/29/18 15:04

Hi Moose ....... I agree ...... it's so annoying to read the latest comment and respond to it ..... only to find that someone got there before you. 

Moose 06/29/18 15:01

stargzr posted while I was typing, and we both say the same thing.  I hate when that happens!

Moose 06/29/18 14:57

You guys need to relax.  There are flashes of movement over to the left.  Some wing flapping and an occasional head popping up.  They are just exploring the ledge or whatever is over there.

stargzr 06/29/18 14:53

okay, I just saw a fluttering wing off to the left.....I'm sure there's a ledge we can't see.  I'm away to do some're in charge !  :D

MD 06/29/18 14:49

Very worrying.   I'm sure they're doing it on purpose.   :D

stargzr 06/29/18 14:42

and now it's just the parent....

stargzr 06/29/18 14:34

Oh MD, I looked back 4 hours ago and there was only one at that we go again !

MD 06/29/18 10:51

I can only see one chick at the moment but I'm not panicking ......... much!   :D

MD 06/29/18 01:23

No secrets on Opentopia ........ though we did have a chap who once told me something in confidence and seemed surprised that others knew his business.  :D

stargzr 06/29/18 01:02

Hahaha, MD, I wondered about that....thought maybe Jime had some secret connection I wasn't privy to.   :D

MD 06/29/18 00:34

'scuse me ........... I never even saw a map!!!!!!!

stargzr 06/29/18 00:28

Yes, Jime, I agree.  That's what I concluded when I saw my city's map and got your input.  Weird, huh!

JimE 06/28/18 23:53

MD, strgzr;  when I looked at the map it showed my whereabouts up here in Alaska and when MD looked she saw her location.  Pretty sure that URL defaults to the viewers locale!  That's the logical, and only, explaination I have!

MD 06/28/18 15:51

I'd be asleep all afternoon if I had a drink so early in the day.   :D

We can't help but worry.  At least there's no worry about cats getting to them.  LOL

stargzr 06/28/18 15:38

I would join you in that toast, but 11.30 AM is a bit too early for me !  :D  Yes, it'll be worrisome until they fly away.  Once a Mom, always a Mom.  


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