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Kestrel Cam
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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (6201)

Zsombor Udvari 10/27/20 17:41

Some cleaning is necessary!

MD 10/23/20 16:14

By the time spring comes around .... we won't be able to see a thing.  Shame.

I remember Trix emailing Joel (the guy in charge) many times.

stargzr 10/22/20 02:43
stargzr 08/22/20 00:56

Oy !!!!!! It's getting WORSE. :(

deacon 06/25/20 01:15

I would bet their is some kind of "pecking" order on who gets to use the bird house.....

MD 06/19/20 18:43

Hi Deacon .... I found this bit of info:

American kestrels are sexually mature by their first spring. In migratory populations, the males arrive at the breeding ground before females, then the female selects a mate. Pair bonds are strong, often permanent. Pairs usually use previous nesting sites in consecutive years.

Ed Hilver 06/19/20 15:37

There are no birds in here at the moment this is one of my favourite webcams!

deacon 06/18/20 11:13

Hi MD..

I always wondered which ones will use this penthouse for next year. The original parents or one of the chicks from the previous year? They don't have it too tough, atleast they don't have to wear a mask like we do....LOL.

MD 06/17/20 22:32

Deacon .....  that's happened to me several times.  You wait and wait then make a quick dash and by the time you come back .... gone.  You never know - we might get another clutch in a couple of weeks.  I do always wonder about how they get on.  Just imagine standing on that launch pad.  You don't even know if your flying gear works and you have to take that leap into space.  Added to that - you've now got to get your own meals and find accommodation.  It's a hard life.  LOL!!!

deacon 06/17/20 21:55

I was watching the last one this morning hoping to see it take off but I couldn't wait any longer. Now the nest is empty. I wonder when it flew out?

Anyway, good luck to the kestrel's of 2020! May the wind be always to your backs!

Ed Hilver 06/17/20 17:53

I wish this cam was clearer.

MD 06/17/20 15:43

Hi Deacon  .......  show's over until next time.  I wish they would clean the lens.  It really does spoil it.

deacon 06/17/20 13:17

Meant to say "house keeping".

deacon 06/17/20 13:16

Thr runt is on the launch pad. Today will be the day that house will be in to clean things up.

deacon 06/17/20 02:03

Just the runt remains. I would be happy and stretch out and relax now that everyones gone.

MD 06/16/20 01:56

And still on the launch pad.  I once stayed up all night to watch the last one go.

I'd be surprised if one leaves tonight.

deacon 06/16/20 01:16

Two gone two remain. One of the remaining is on the launch pad however.

MD 06/14/20 17:24

Yes .... it's a shame.

Ed Hilver 06/14/20 10:03

This cam looks a bit blury 

MD 06/12/20 15:29

One of them sat on the ledge, looking out,  then dropped back inside.  It must be so daunting to take the plunge.


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