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Kestrel Cam
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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (5919)

MD 04/25/19 14:25

Dad's taking his turn.

Homely 04/24/19 06:23

Five eggs? Yay!

MD 04/23/19 12:33

Hi JimE  .... such a small price and think of how much we'd appreciate it.   I've looked at the map .... too far away for you to do the job.   :D

JimE 04/23/19 12:26

Hi MD.  Yes an Infra Red LED with a solar power supply (and battery of course) along with an IR camera would be ideal.  I'd cost that out at about $40.00.


MD 04/22/19 16:43

I only asked for 5 eggs so ..... job done.   Now the wait really begins.

stargzr 04/22/19 16:22

Yayyyyyy! You finally saw a new egg.:)

MD 04/22/19 16:11

5 eggs.    :D

MD 04/21/19 06:36

Mom and dad are here.

MD 04/20/19 18:18

I wish there was a little night-light in here.

trix abound 04/20/19 16:35

LOL....thats what I thought too.

stargzr 04/20/19 16:23

Typical man.......did his part,  :D

trix abound 04/20/19 16:21

I haven't seen the male today :(

stargzr 04/20/19 15:52

Thanks, Trix!!!!

trix abound 04/20/19 15:31

4 eggs now!!!

MD 04/20/19 14:17

And yet other times the eggs are left uncovered for what seems ages.

stargzr 04/20/19 12:28

Beats me.......she won't move!

MD 04/20/19 11:56

Are we still on 3?

stargzr 04/18/19 18:31

LOL    Sounds good to me!

MD 04/18/19 18:10

I shouldn't laugh .......  hahahahahahaha!!!!  I blame him for your D.     :D

stargzr 04/18/19 16:47

I would've been better off if I'd never taken zoology since that's where I met my ex!!!!!!!   :D


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