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Kestrel Cam
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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (6232)

JimE 04/18/21 18:03

Hi MD and Phoenix.  This is my third attempt at making this post....  I will give it a final try, although I shall make it much shorter.  Where was I going with this.... Oh yes,  I have never watched Naked and Afraid but I agree that with MD that the more intimate parts are tactfully blurred.  Enough about that!  The 'fellows' strutting theit stuff here on Opentopia, on the other hand, were mostly unaware they were being photographed or published.  MD, do you think our Russian friend, the owner of a certain Yellow Dress, was aware?

MD 04/17/21 18:01

Hi Phoenix .....  the chicks make themselves comfortable by snuggling up together and sometimes almost sitting on each other but I agree with you ..... a bit of soft stuff would have made a difference. I've been watching the cam for 10 years and I never get fed up of watching how quickly the chicks develop.  There is always one that's first in line for food and always one who sits in the background looking wistful.

As for those cams ...  there was certainly nothing to write home about but we all had a good laugh.

Phoenix 04/16/21 00:10

Really MD!!

I know of several cams that we had on Opentopia where men exhibited their crown jewels.  (-_-)

Nah.. not into that stuff!! 😎

Phoenix 04/16/21 00:05

Gosh, I thought that they would collect soft stuff, and twigs, to make the nest cosy for the babies. Doesn't look like that, the eggs are going to hatch, the babies are going to lie on stones.. ? bits of whatever?  All other birds make their nests as cosy as they can for the babies. Well, not all. Penguins don't have cosy, for their babies, and not albatrosses either. 

MD 04/15/21 01:05

Now we have a full set! 

Hi JimE.


JimE 04/14/21 18:50


MD 04/14/21 15:22

Hi Phoenix ....  Naked and Afraid is tastefully done, they blurr things.  However ...... I know of several cams that we had on Opentopia where men exhibited their crown jewels.  (-_-)

MD 04/14/21 15:14

Hi Homely .....  last I saw of Lizardmomma her son was about to start work in a different town and she was going to be looking after her grandson.  I'd been hoping we would get some funny stories.  Nothing untoward has appeared in Lizardmomma's local newspapers.

I'm glad you are back in time to watch the eggs hatch. Just one more egg and we'll have the set!

Homely 04/14/21 03:38

I made it back for the season :-). Would love for LizardMomma to check in <3

Phoenix 04/13/21 12:41


deacon 04/13/21 07:15

I knew she could do it! Four eggs now!

Phoenix 04/11/21 14:15

Three eggs now!! 

Phoenix 04/10/21 14:57

Depends who it is that is naked....   😎

Phoenix 04/10/21 14:55

I see that someone is sitting on the egg. (eggs?) Exciting times ahead... 🥰

MD 04/10/21 00:48

Me neither ...  but it's fun to watch someone who is!!!!  LOL

Phoenix 04/07/21 20:33

Don't think I'd like to be Naked and Afraid! ☹️

Phoenix 04/07/21 20:32

An egg, an egg! this is great, now I have something to look forward too!! 😍

MD 04/07/21 00:41

I'm watching Life Below Zero right now, there are 2 eps ..... and then Naked and Afraid. 

I wonder if we shall have the usual 5 eggs.

Phoenix 04/07/21 00:07

Someone is there in the nest... laying eggs?? Yeahhh!

Phoenix 04/05/21 14:04

Thanks for the tip about "Life below Zero", MD, must have a keek at it. 


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