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Kestrel Cam
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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (5534)

MD 06/25/17 14:58

Come on kestrels ...... encore.

lizardmomma 06/12/17 17:36

Awww, I'm already going thru empty nest syndrome....(hope I spelled that right!) They grow so fast...(snif!)

Moose 06/12/17 17:35

This one is not as cool as the kestrels, but it is something.

MD 06/12/17 17:02

As soon as the first egg is laid - this becomes the best cam on Opentopia. I keep saying it but we are so lucky to have this cam.

deacon 06/12/17 16:49

I hope so, this camera was so enjoyable the last few weeks.

MD 06/12/17 14:38

Deacon ...... we may be lucky and have a second sitting.

deacon 06/12/17 14:30

Nothing left but a few chicken nugget pieces.

MD 06/10/17 12:19

Deacon ..... I read that they tend to hang about and the parents still help them feed.

deacon 06/10/17 01:34

This might be a silly question, I was wondering if initially they hang out in the same area or go their separate ways?

Rain Shadow 06/09/17 23:32

Thank-you Trix, I am glad they all got away safely in the end.

trix abound 06/09/17 23:24

the last 1 just left at 7:22 eastern time!

MD 06/09/17 21:33

Better to take the plunge at the start of the day.  The parents will keep feeding her.

Rain Shadow 06/09/17 21:22

Perhaps this little one will decide to stay the night, so it can have the bed to itself for once.

Rain Shadow 06/09/17 19:31

You can almost picture them rabidly hitting that 'enter' key like a child having a tantrum.

Moose 06/09/17 19:17

Also, I imagine those were quite unladylike thoughts you had when you saw that pesky "S" in your post.

Moose 06/09/17 19:16

MD...Do I detect an objection to my sarcastic poetic license?  At least I spelled it right, as I tried to lighten the mood a little.  The idiot quiclkly swamped my attempt at levity.

MD 06/09/17 19:13

It beats me why they let someone register using that name.

MD 06/09/17 19:11


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