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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (6079)

stargzr 10/16/19 18:28

Awwwwwwww.  :(

MD 10/16/19 18:24

If it stays like this - it will be hardly worth watching.  Sad.

stargzr 10/16/19 18:09

Looks like our pleas are going unheeded. :<

stargzr 09/03/19 10:02

Pleeeeeeze, clean the lens !    Thank you.  :>

MD 07/12/19 13:53

Hi JimE ..... we can hope ....

JimE 07/12/19 13:20

I wonder if we'll get a lens cleaning this season?  Maybe a box cleaning as well?

MD 07/06/19 17:00


Hahahahahahahaha    :D

stargzr 07/06/19 16:22

You ????? Never.  :D

They probably just sit on a branch and order from Tesco's.

MD 07/06/19 15:44

I have to admit I worry about them when they leave this box.  How the heck do they know how to get their food?

People will be starting to think I'm obssessed with food.  LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

stargzr 07/06/19 14:23

So I'm guessing this is it until next spring.  Wonder how this year's chicks are doing.

MD 06/22/19 15:46

Take care.  See you asap!

trix abound 06/22/19 15:19

No games... just found the tablet TODAY and hate it... took me all day to get it to work.... but I shall return..... battery is dying...

MD 06/22/19 15:08

Have you been able to play games?

trix abound 06/22/19 14:47

Hahaha....i didn't type that twice, you know....i was hacked too....hahaha

MD 06/22/19 14:41

We know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your last comment on Saturday said that you were happy .... you'd just been fed.  LOL!!!

trix abound 06/22/19 14:37

Yes... and start the pills Wednesday....i haven't been online sinse Saturday.

trix abound 06/22/19 14:37

Yes... and start the pills Wednesday....i haven't been online sinse Saturday.

MD 06/22/19 14:13

Trix ....... in case you disappear again ..... you have an appointment on Tuesday 25th and chemo on Thursday 27th.

Moose will be glad to see you are back.

MD 06/22/19 14:07

My laptop has been hacked.  Someone calling herself Trix has left comments!!!!

You've had us very worried but I'm sooooooo glad to see you.

trix abound 06/22/19 14:05

Hate the tablet... fix or new PC coming soon.


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