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Kestrel Cam

3 hours ago

Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (5736)

MD 06/20/18 10:55

One chick chooses to sleep on it's own on the right.  The others are all snuggled together and parent is wide awake  looking for early breakfast?


MD 06/19/18 22:49

It always amazes me that they have the sense to stay put.

stargzr 06/19/18 22:48

whew, back in the nest .

stargzr 06/19/18 22:09

Oh of the falcons is trying to flee.

MD 06/13/18 18:09

Hi Jime ....... I hope so.

Jime 06/13/18 17:56

It's early enough, we may see another clutch this season!

MD 06/13/18 12:05

At least twice we have had 2 clutches in a season.  Fingers crossed.

deacon 06/13/18 11:03

Now we have to wait till next year.

MD 06/12/18 15:51

The last one obviously didn't like its own company.   :D

You put that falcon link just at the right time.

stargzr 06/12/18 15:38

And then there were none.

MD 06/12/18 14:55

Only one left ......

MD 06/12/18 14:16

Oh stargzr ...... that's a lovely cam.

MD 06/12/18 14:14

Maybe they don't like heights.   :D

stargzr 06/12/18 14:14

Meanwhile......another Nebraska family about to join the world.

Moose 06/12/18 11:25

I think these last two are chickens.

deacon 06/12/18 11:21

Can't believe it, I just saw the third one take the leap into the big world. Good luck, young chicks.

Moose 06/12/18 11:15

I only see two now.  There were three when I went to bed.

MD 06/12/18 10:43

Maybe today will be the day that one of them plucks up the courage  ....... or gets hungry enough.

MD 06/11/18 23:45

Tussling for position    ....... 


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