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Kestrel Cam

5 hours ago

Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (5828)

MD 03/18/19 19:04

LOL!!!   I can see it's affected you.  :D

stargzr 03/18/19 18:14


stargzr 03/18/19 18:11

OMG........of course I'm joking!  I almost had a coronary just typng it.   :D

MD 03/18/19 18:05

It was the proxy IP that got me  ....... that and the declaration that you are a Trump fan.   Thank goodness I know that you're joking!!!!!!!!   :D

stargzr 03/18/19 17:45

Yeah, I'd go for the latter.  I think it's just blocked outside the US.  I've seen that before.  You're not missing anything.

MD 03/18/19 17:39

This is BJ's take on it:

I get same page, different ip, same proxy ip, different ID   Their site code must be fucked. Or hacked.   Or they’re blocking any ip outside America, which could actually be happening.
stargzr 03/18/19 17:26

Hahahahahahaha..........Waaaay over my head! Sounds like something for BJ to handle!  :>

MD 03/18/19 17:17

As well as that it puts what it says is my IP .... then what they say is my proxy IP ...... followed by an incident number that's about 20 digits long.  I'm baffled.  I wouldn't know my IP if I tripped over it.  As for having a proxy IP ... WTF???

stargzr 03/18/19 16:01

ps.  I can view the site just fine....but then, I'm a loyal Trump fan! HAHAHAHA.

stargzr 03/18/19 15:54

Who ARE you.....some kind of Mata Hari?   LOLOLOLOL

No matter.  If I remember correctly, we eventually saw the tips of wings over the left hand edge.  

MD 03/18/19 15:42

I tried that link and it wouldn't let me look.  All I got was: -

Access Denied

Error code 16

This request was blocked by the security rules

stargzr 03/18/19 15:04

I think he got the info by going into the Woodman Bldg links.

MD 03/18/19 14:44

I'd forgotten that until you mentioned.  I was so relieved when Moose told us about the other ledge.  I've just looked at the link again and I'm still gonna worry.  How did/does Moose know there is another ledge?   I shall be having palpitations.  LOL!!!!

stargzr 03/18/19 13:24

MD, remember last year when we panicked because we thought the babies had fallen off the building and Moose jumped in to assure us that there was another ledge we couldn't see and they were safe?  Lesson learned !  LOL

MD 03/18/19 13:13

Thanks for the link ...... the more the merrier.  :D

stargzr 03/18/19 12:56

Meanwhile..........there's been a visitor here in the falcon nest.  Recon?

MD 03/18/19 09:11

Hi stargzr ...... that's good news.  Let the fun begin!

stargzr 03/18/19 08:28

Kestrel present !

MD 03/18/19 06:34

I haven't seen a kestrel but animation of last snapshots shows the base has been disturbed.

MD 03/12/19 04:16

We've had a visitor.


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