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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (5545)

MD 03/19/18 17:30

I'm hoping the difficulty of the case was reflected in the bill he had to pay.   :D

Homely 03/19/18 16:57

As the mediator said, "You know it's a good settlement when neither party leaves the table happy."  That having been said, my client was quite happy when he left the table, so you can read between the lines. I think it was a fair result, but the case was truly a difficult one!

MD 03/19/18 14:12

Two years!!!!!  But difficult cases are the very best ..... when you win ..... and I'm sure you did.  It doesn't seem 2 years since DS started college. I should think three years of work difficulties must have been awful ...... the dread each morning of having to go there ....... no good for stress levels.  Only DD left now to get sorted.  You won't know what to do with yourself when you've actually got some me-time.   :D

Homely 03/19/18 14:01

Oh, MD - I've had an incredibly difficult case that finally settled yesterday after TWO YEARS of insanity. It was to go to trial in April, and I've been working 18 hour days, six days a week for the past six weeks or so. I've never done anything so difficult in my entire career, this case was so complex. But the most difficult cases make you better at what you do, as with all things in life. Firing up the college tour/sports recruiting bandwagon for DD now. DS has grown up so very much in his two years at college. He realized he needed a better fit and organized his application to transfer to a new college. He submitted that last week and we are keeping fingers crossed. DH has had difficulties at work for three years, those resolved last week. I feel like it's the first day of the rest of my life today! PS - I stayed home from work!


MD 03/19/18 13:33

Hi Homely ....... where on earth have you been?????   I know ......... work and family ..... family and work. Keep raking the money in so you can have a comfortable retirement.  LOL!!!

Homely 03/19/18 13:26

This cam is back and so am I!


MD 03/07/18 14:30

Watch this space!

MD 03/06/18 01:21

Hi Jime .....  great news!   Something worthwhile to watch once they get started.  Amazes me every time how the parents know what to do.  Shame humans aren't so smart.  :D

Jime 03/05/18 23:24

MD, looks like SHE's BACK!!

MD 03/05/18 16:14

Hi Moose ...... I just checked Lincoln weather ...... they are having snow showers.  So this could just be a crafty kestrel sheltering.  :D      But you're definitely correct ..... spring is coming.  I love this cam.

Moose 03/05/18 15:16

Activity here.  Spring must be coming!

MD 06/25/17 14:58

Come on kestrels ...... encore.

lizardmomma 06/12/17 17:36

Awww, I'm already going thru empty nest syndrome....(hope I spelled that right!) They grow so fast...(snif!)

Moose 06/12/17 17:35

This one is not as cool as the kestrels, but it is something.

MD 06/12/17 17:02

As soon as the first egg is laid - this becomes the best cam on Opentopia. I keep saying it but we are so lucky to have this cam.

deacon 06/12/17 16:49

I hope so, this camera was so enjoyable the last few weeks.

MD 06/12/17 14:38

Deacon ...... we may be lucky and have a second sitting.

deacon 06/12/17 14:30

Nothing left but a few chicken nugget pieces.

MD 06/10/17 12:19

Deacon ..... I read that they tend to hang about and the parents still help them feed.

deacon 06/10/17 01:34

This might be a silly question, I was wondering if initially they hang out in the same area or go their separate ways?


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