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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Kestrel Cam

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Comments (5980)

MD 05/19/19 15:33

Yes ...... all those years ago .... and it seems like yesterday.  As for yesterday .....  I can vaguely remember what happened then.  LOL!!

It's going to be hectic when the chicks get to the "wing flexing."

stargzr 05/19/19 15:15

I remember how crowded this nest was last year....with six, it'll be unreal !

stargzr 05/19/19 15:12

Just picturing your 2 with your dtr playing "mommy."    Such a long time ago, yet sometimes seems like yesterday.

MD 05/19/19 15:11

I'm going to say yes ..... there are six ....... but it's difficult to count them as they shuffle about so much.

MD 05/19/19 15:08

Ps ...... when I say "pushed around"  ...... maybe I should have mentioned that he was in her doll's pram.   LOL!

stargzr 05/19/19 15:07

So what's the score here?  Do we have 6????

MD 05/19/19 15:07

There's just 14 months between my 2.  Son was born prematurely.  I have some treasured photogaphs of him being pushed around  (indoors) by my very proud daughter.  She claimed him as her own living doll.  I thought I had my hands full but you must have been kept very busy.  

stargzr 05/19/19 14:41

I had a two year old at home and she was overwhelmed by 2 babies!  I had picked out a first and middle name if it was a girl, so I just split the for each.  :D

MD 05/19/19 14:33

OMG!   I can't imagine the shock .......and then the panic of having to get all the extra stuff!!

These days mothers know what they are having ... almost from day one ...... and some even name them before they are born.  

stargzr 05/19/19 14:14

Hi MD.....I do, indeed.  Carried the 2 of them around in one "container",  had absolutely NO idea I was having twins.  Went into labor 6 weeks early and out they popped!  Surprise !!   Little buggers. :)

MD 05/19/19 14:07

Hi stargzr ..... have you got twins?

MD 05/19/19 14:06

They are being fed right now.

stargzr 05/19/19 13:55

Hi Trix,,,,,,,,yes, I saw them getting something yesterday and maybe a little this AM.  Hard to tell with the cam angle.

trix abound 05/19/19 12:44

has anyone seen these babies being fed yet?

stargzr 05/18/19 19:27

Been there, done that .   LOL

MD 05/18/19 19:18

Stargzr ..... one of those tiny eggs had 2 yolks.  We are going to end up with 6 chicks.

stargzr 05/18/19 18:22

Thanks for that, MD.   Clear as mud !  :D

Lovely to see the chickies.

MD 05/18/19 16:35

It's busy enough with 5 to feed.  6 is going to be challenging.

MD 05/18/19 14:59

Trix .....  I owe you an apology.  There are 3 but one of them is small.  One of those eggs had 2 yolks.  That's the first time it's happened on this cam.  I wonder if mom and dad are puzzled by it.


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