Brewer Bruce and Johnson's East

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Brewer Bruce and Johnson's East
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Brewer Bruce and Johnson's East

4 hours ago

Brewer Bruce and Johnson's East

7 hours ago

Brewer Bruce and Johnson's East

10 hours ago

Brewer Bruce and Johnson's East

13 hours ago

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Comments (26)

MD 03/29/15 15:32

Mira .... there's a boat shop on the RN98 at Port Grimaud and it's common to see boats wrapped like this, even in summer. Maybe it's to keep out unwelcome guests.  :))

Mira Bilis 03/29/15 15:23

Boats all wrapped up in their cocoons.  ;)

MD 02/03/14 16:53

I Googled this place. Seems like a nice little business.

Mira Bilis 02/03/14 16:12

I think hell is finally freezing over!!

MD 02/03/14 14:51

Lol @ Homely!

Hi Sergey, then Siberia is not for me! This looks so cold and bleak.

Sergey Nasonov 02/03/14 14:31

The Snow around. It's looking like Siberia.


Homely 01/22/14 02:16

Oh, Mira, that picture was just the very thing! Must confess, my husband walked by a few moments ago and swiped one out of the cake stand, and it was all I could do not to smack it out of his hand. Now there are only two left! I wonder if anyone will notice if I hide them somewhere and keep them all to myself...

MD 01/22/14 01:31

Thank you so much, NOT!!!! That was very cruel. LOL! What a lovely picture, it looked good enough to eat. If it's not raining tomorrow, I'll be out looking for mince pies.

Mira Bilis 01/22/14 00:34
MD 01/22/14 00:23

I just wish I'd got a mince pie!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Looking at the stills, this place didn't have a single snowflake 12 hours ago.

Mira Bilis 01/22/14 00:02

Yummy Homely!  I like my mince pies with a dollop of double (heavy) cream ... but ice-cream is fine too.  :-)

Homely 01/21/14 23:42

Thanks, MD. I've stayed in safe and warm. Not so much my husband, who had to run our son to hockey practice in this mess. Fortunately, he's got a 4WD truck, but still...

Meanwhile, I'm off in a corner enjoying a mince pie. I'm sure I'm committing some sort of sacrilege by eating it with ice cream, but it is soooo good. Had our Brit friends over for Sunday roast and the husband made these just for us. Yum!

Mira Bilis 01/21/14 22:58

It's like a game of ping-pong across the pond!

MD 01/21/14 22:22

LOL!  The weathermen say that the horrible weather is gonna cross the Atlantic in the next few days. :(

Mira Bilis 01/21/14 21:37

Recently, every time I've phoned my parents up in the UK, they mention about seeing pictures of the severe weather in the north-east of America and hope that I'm okay.  I have to keep reminding them that I'm 3000 miles away from there in the north-west and the weather here is fine. (Bless 'em.) ;-)

Mira Bilis 01/21/14 21:26

Yikes!!  That snow is horizontal at the moment!  :-0  Stay safe, everyone out there who's affected.

MD 01/21/14 21:12

Homely, you stay in and be safe. We've had rain all day without even a minute's break but I'd rather have that than snow. I just watched the man drive off in that chunky truck and I hope he's going home. No fun being out in a blizzard.

Homely 01/21/14 21:05

They're talking blizzard conditions for much of the northeast tonight and tomorrow. Yuck.

MD 01/21/14 21:01

Yes, chunky looking motor. At first I thought he'd left the lights on, I hope not.

Looks like the snow is in for the day.

Tom Mac 01/21/14 20:51

I like the truck, so snowy today.


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