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Gravel Island at Seedamm on Lake Zurich

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Gravel Island at Seedamm on Lake Zurich
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Gravel Island at Seedamm on Lake Zurich

3355 hours ago

Gravel Island at Seedamm on Lake Zurich

3358 hours ago

Gravel Island at Seedamm on Lake Zurich

3361 hours ago

Gravel Island at Seedamm on Lake Zurich

3364 hours ago

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Comments (64)

MD 08/14/17 15:56

Hear hear!

Rain Shadow 08/14/17 15:36

These are the only kind of seagulls I like to see on Opentopia.

MD 06/03/17 18:48


Rain Shadow 06/03/17 18:05

There are cute and fluffy seagull chicks wandering around now. 

MD 04/12/17 16:28

I'd forgotten it.

Rain Shadow 04/12/17 16:16

I see this camera is back again.

MD 03/15/15 15:33

Yes ... it was my 1 of 7.    ;)   LOL!

trix abound 03/15/15 15:27

very peaceful!!!

MD 03/15/15 15:23

I like this cam.

blanqui suarez 02/25/15 15:09

Contemplar esta camara me da mucho placer ! Gracias !

Mira Bilis 01/07/15 18:46


MD 01/07/15 18:24

Mira... very noisy and greedy as gannets!  I've seen plastic bags of rubbish torn open and the contents scattered everywhere as the gulls had a party.  We get some super buzzards wheeling around the hills. Always remind me of westerns where there's a body stretched out in the desert!  LOL

Mira Bilis 01/07/15 18:07

I used to have seagulls nesting on the rooftop opposite my flat ... they were incredibly noisy ... but they were also handy for getting rid of my kitchen scraps.  ;)

MD 01/07/15 17:35

Mira... thankfully we only get them when the weather is bad on the coast. When my son lived in Torquay, and then Paignton, the gulls used to wake him (and me when I stayed there) just before dawn. It was so annoying.

Mira Bilis 01/07/15 17:17

MD, you must have all our gulls then ... we never have any here.  :)

MD 01/07/15 17:08

Trix... there are so many cams... we just can't keep up with all of them. :))

trix abound 01/07/15 16:52

MD...i haven't been here because i thought the birds would be gone till spring!!!!

MD 01/07/15 16:50

Trix... so you won't need the link that I put on the French cam!  :)

trix abound 01/07/15 16:45

MD...and i finally just answered!!! LOL

trix abound 01/07/15 16:44

hola blanqui ... Espero que hayan tenido unas buenas vacaciones .... me encanta esta cámara en la primavera cuando todos los pájaros de bebé están aquí !!!!!



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