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Saint-Raphaël Marina

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Saint-Raphaël Marina
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Saint-Raphaël Marina

9718 hours ago

Saint-Raphaël Marina

9721 hours ago

Saint-Raphaël Marina

9725 hours ago

Saint-Raphaël Marina

9802 hours ago

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Comments (19)

MD 05/25/17 11:24

Hi Moose ..... yes ..... Carol and Mira Bilis did a lot. NQ, Trix and myself did a few. I was very proud of identifying Lemony Snicket's living room and a square, wooden building that turned out to be a church. I did others too  ...... that's why I'm glad I kept all the cams.

Moose 05/25/17 02:13

Pretty nice little system.  Seems like Carol did a lot of editing.

MD 05/24/17 21:57

Moose ...... most of these cams were unidentified. They had to be investigated. Someone would edit the details and a green and red thumb symbol would appear underneath the cam description. The person who edited would ask for a green thumb to get the details accepted by Opentopia. This just needed someone who agreed with the findings to click on the green thumb symbol. If you disagreed then you clicked on the red thumb.

Moose 05/24/17 21:19

Can somebody enlighten me about this "Green thumb please" business?

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/15/14 15:28

Green thumb please.

MD 07/14/14 11:26

Today is Bastille Day. When we lived here we would go for lunch at La Sangria restaurant, Frejus. They used to serve a special dish of stuffed peppers, only on Bastille Day and only at lunch time.  In the evening we would go to Le Bishop restaurant, St Raphael and have whatever took our fancy. Both places were within walking distance of home so we really did join in with the celebrations!  Vive La France!!!!!

MD 06/05/14 17:19

On both sides of this place there are beaches that can only be reached by the intrepid.

MD 11/09/13 00:17

We read Peter Mayle's books before we went to live in France and they were pretty accurate in most respects. We didn't experience unreliable workmen because my husband did most of our renovation but we did have neighbours who gave us unprompted gifts. Our immediate neighbours had vineyards so we obviously had grapes. They also had almond,cherry and apricot trees as well as a pomegranate tree, I'd never seen one of those before. They grew almost every vegetable you could think of, except potatoes, and we were lucky enough to be given some of everything.

I think I'll be reading "A Year in Provence" again!

Mira Bilis 11/08/13 23:04

You're very welcome.   I stumbled across her having read Peter Mayle's "Provence' books.  :)

MD 11/08/13 18:35

Hi Mira Bilis, thank you very, very much for the link. I didn't realize that Carol Drinkwater was an author but I shall certainly be reading her latest book. Anything to do with France is never "old hat."  My last home in France was not far from a garden centre where you could purchase fully grown olive trees, and fully grown palm trees. Seeing a delivary vehicle with a huge tree on the back was a regular thing. The actor Dirk Bogarde used to have olive trees and I'm thinking his place must have been quite near to where Carol Drinkwater lives.

Thanks again for the link.

Mira Bilis 11/08/13 16:35

Did you ever read Carol Drinkwater's Olive Farm books?  LOL - made me want to drop everything and move down to the South of France.  ;) Of course, as you've been there and done that, I'm sure it's all old hat to you.  :)

MD 10/03/13 23:47

I lived in Frejus-St Raphael for 6 years and then, from 2002 to 2009, in Port Grimaud. It truly is a beautiful part of the world. And like you, I went camping there in the 70's when they were still building Port Grimaud.


Mira Bilis 10/03/13 19:16

I went on two camping holidays as a child in this region, back in the 70's - Frejus the first time and Gremaud the second. Fond memories of beautiful beaches, scenery and great food.  :-)

MD 09/18/13 12:42

Hi Dona. I used to live just along the seafront from here. It's lovely at this time of the year when most of the holidaymakers have gone home. I wouldn't mind being a holidaymaker there right now!  Instead I'm off next week for a few days with friends in deepest England!!

dona brantley 09/18/13 00:37

nice after dark very nice    dona

MD 07/14/13 11:48

I wish I was in the Sangria Restaurant, Frejus, right now having my favourite Bastille day lunch of stuffed peppers and courgettes.

And in the evening I'd love to go to Le Bishop restaurant in St Raphael for port and melon starter, salad with lardons and all the trimmings, followed by a plate of Roget's delicious desserts. I say "A plate" of desserts because I could never make my mind up what to have and Roget used to put me a small portion of all of them!

Both of these places were very short walking distance from my home and I highly recommend them.

MD 05/17/13 15:15

I lived in St Raphael. I'm sure this is Les Issambres, a few miles along the coast, towards Sainte Maxime.

MD 05/04/13 11:13

True, but obviously not Paris,which is also awesome.

23332 05/04/13 03:08



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