Bass Lake

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Bass Lake
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Bass Lake

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Bass Lake

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Bass Lake

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Bass Lake

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Comments (190)

MD 12/05/17 23:33

So frightening for the people who live there.

stargzr 12/05/17 22:52

It is horrible!  One would think the fire season to be over, but those Santa Ana winds are definitely present and causing havoc to So. Calif.



MD 09/03/17 18:24

I wish I could send you some rain. It's so bad now that I can't even see the opposite hill.  I'm not complaining. I spent ages yesterday looking at the conditions in Texas. But of the 2 ..... fire or flood ..... I think fire is the worst. I hope they manage to get a bit of control over it but it seems that the fires must be merging into each other.

stargzr 09/03/17 17:52

Thanks for the kind words, MD.  Between the long hot summer here in the west and the flooding for those poor folks in Texas, it's been a challenging season.  But we'll keep on keeping on!!   PS Could ya send us some of the rain you're getting today? : )

MD 09/03/17 17:46

Stargzr .... when I lived in France we experienced several forest fires but nothing as bad as this ..... and I found that frightening. We lived right on the sea front so I always convinced myself that if the worst happened ... I'd be safe in the water ..... but you've still got to breathe. Horrible for you.

stargzr 09/03/17 17:28


stargzr 09/03/17 17:27

Hi MD,  yeah, it's pretty severe.  We're driving around with lights on midday because of smoke, and breathing the air i "extremely unhealthy."  Don't know what the alternative is.......not breathing?

Moose 09/03/17 17:27

The thread here might add a little info.

MD 09/03/17 17:20

Stargzr ...... I didn't know it was so bad.

stargzr 09/03/17 17:12

CA and OR pretty much on fire, smoke filled skies and extreme temperatures (triple digits in places.)  But of course, global warming is just "fake news"!

Rain Shadow 05/01/17 15:12

That was a good one, Deacon.

MD 05/01/17 14:50

Deacon ....... brilliant!!!   LOL

deacon 05/01/17 14:36

There was an altercation here over a lousy fish.


deacon 04/12/17 18:29

Hopefully Humpty Dumpty doesn't fall into the lake.

MD 03/18/17 13:44

Let's get my Accles and Pollock.  :D

MD 03/04/17 19:54

Courtesy of Rain Shadow.

deacon 03/04/17 18:57

Now for the most part, the drought in California is over, except in a few small areas.

MD 02/26/17 18:50

Deacon .... last year .... or the year before ..... there was a fire in the background and I remember thinking the water looked too shallow to be of any use for fire-fighting. You could see large dry areas at the left of the cam .... no water whatsoever.

deacon 02/26/17 17:55

I remember a few years ago, this lake was drying up.


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