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Bass Lake
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Bass Lake

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Bass Lake

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Bass Lake

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Bass Lake

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Comments (205)

MD 11/20/18 20:17

Hi stargzr .....  I love The Late Show ...... daughter downloads it so we can watch it on Saturday night.  I love the fact that Finland's president didn't back up his lies.  We know all politicians tell lies but Trump tells such blatant whoppers that can easily be debunked.

stargzr 11/20/18 20:03

Ladies and gentlemen.........behold the words of our beloved president.  :(

MD 11/20/18 00:53

There was also an article about him saying he'd pointed out in his book in 2000 that Osama Bin Laden was a bad man.  Turns out that was a lie.   He just can't tell the truth about anything.

I think I might adopt "oh my stars and garters!"   LOL!!!

stargzr 11/20/18 00:11

Kinda leaves one speechless.  (too bad HE wasn't)  As my Grandma used to say, "oh my stars and garters" !!!

MD 11/19/18 18:00

Hi stargzr ......  shows how much he cares.  I often think he has dementia or altzheimer disease ..... coupled with delusions of grandeur and a bunch of temper tantrums.  He must be paying Melania a fortune or  ...................  she knows where the bodies are buried.   :D

MD 11/10/18 21:53


stargzr 11/10/18 21:39


The whole Bay Area is unable to breathe good air.

MD 11/10/18 17:21

Hi Stargzr ..... that's a good link.  All of the pictures can be enlarged.  I've just been studying what that container ship is transporting!

It's just so sad about the fires.  Awful.

stargzr 11/10/18 16:32

Unbelievable.  Beautiful San Francisco and the Bay area covered in smoke.

MD 11/10/18 02:11

Oh my gosh ...... that's terrible.  So sad.

stargzr 11/10/18 01:29

MD......this little town (Paradise, CA) is now gone!  I spent many a weekend up there, beautiful, so sad!!

MD 12/05/17 23:33

So frightening for the people who live there.

stargzr 12/05/17 22:52

It is horrible!  One would think the fire season to be over, but those Santa Ana winds are definitely present and causing havoc to So. Calif.



MD 09/03/17 18:24

I wish I could send you some rain. It's so bad now that I can't even see the opposite hill.  I'm not complaining. I spent ages yesterday looking at the conditions in Texas. But of the 2 ..... fire or flood ..... I think fire is the worst. I hope they manage to get a bit of control over it but it seems that the fires must be merging into each other.

stargzr 09/03/17 17:52

Thanks for the kind words, MD.  Between the long hot summer here in the west and the flooding for those poor folks in Texas, it's been a challenging season.  But we'll keep on keeping on!!   PS Could ya send us some of the rain you're getting today? : )


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