Pointe Santo Condos

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Pointe Santo Condos
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Pointe Santo Condos

5 hours ago

Pointe Santo Condos

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Pointe Santo Condos

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Pointe Santo Condos

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Comments (17)

MD 04/25/17 15:59

Good.  I like cams that pan.

Rain Shadow 04/25/17 15:28

It looks like this camera is working again.

MD 07/22/15 23:13

Mira ... as usual - it zoomed in on a couple of young ladies.

Mira Bilis 07/22/15 23:03

The camera is controllable but a user name and password are required, so I expect the zoomers are residents, LOL!  http://pswebcam.bbhlabs.com:19910/view/viewer_index.shtml?id=7926

MD 07/22/15 22:33

And we have a zoomer!

Mira Bilis 07/22/15 22:21

First time I've ever seen this camera pan around.

MD 02/21/15 21:14

Not too many people on the beach today.

MD 03/23/14 16:53

N Q, what a lucky friend you have! I suppose it MUST feel like the Arctic for you. The weather's gone mad.

N Q 03/23/14 15:22

LOL MD my friend did just that. She went down to the Bahamas when it started getting really cold. Her and her husband bought what I call a small yacht and cruised down to the Bahamas with that while I froze my a** off up here in what has become a tundra region :(

MD 03/23/14 15:13

You just don't expect to get cold weather in Florida. People will have to migrate to another warm spot!

N Q 03/23/14 14:20

I have a friend who lives in Fla during the winter months and Wis during the rest of the year. She stated there were a few times this winter that she had wished she had brought her long underwear with her for her Fla stay.

MD 01/07/14 22:33

You sadist!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Mira Bilis 01/07/14 22:27

If the polar vortex really is going to get down as far as Florida, then I'm looking forward to seeing people in shorts, tee-shirts and sandals ... with thermal underwear peeping out.  ;-)

dona brantley 07/19/13 22:45

md i had extra large jars  glass bricks  fish bowls  ect  all full of seashells   all over the house  my neice has them now                    SMILE DONA

MD 07/08/13 00:31

Hi nickthegreek, lovely view. I can't resist picking up seashells.


nickthegreek 07/07/13 23:35

I tried to do a correction on this but it will not let me enter the state of Florida. Anyway, this cam is at Pointe Santo Condo Rentals in Sanibel Island, Florida. Sanibel and Captiva Island's are located together in the Gulf of Mexico and have the largest collection of sea shells in the united states.  :-)


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