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Pointe Santo Condos
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Pointe Santo Condos

4 hours ago

Pointe Santo Condos

7 hours ago

Pointe Santo Condos

10 hours ago

Pointe Santo Condos

13 hours ago

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Comments (39)

Ed Hilver 07/22/20 22:13

And me.

MD 07/22/20 21:07

Me too.  Makes me wish I was there.  :D

China Cat 07/22/20 20:27
Ed Hilver 07/15/20 18:33

This looks like a good cam.

MD 06/26/20 21:49

Hi JimE ....  missed it but we are expecting one of our own.  :D

JimE 06/26/20 04:10

If you're not watching now, you have missed one great lightning storm!!

MD 02/29/20 18:11

JimE  ......  what a lovely clear cam  ...... but no white bikinis yet  ....  maybe too breezy.

MD 02/29/20 04:57

You're just waiting to see those white bikinis!   LOL

JimE 02/29/20 01:23

Some minor tweaking on the autoocus and it will be perfect.  Can't wait till the daylight to see how it looks.  Great job to the guys/gals that did  this!

MD 02/22/20 00:43

No yellow polka dots for you!

JimE 02/21/20 19:37

I see that a new camera is going to replace this one, I hope the new cam isn't as abused as the old one.  I still say that it's white bikini's in the hot tub or no bikini's at all!

MD 11/11/19 13:43

Another beautiful day.

MD 11/11/19 01:13

JimE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's working.

MD 11/11/19 01:12

I'm well  .... thank you.  There's a good chance the cam will come back.  As you say  .. the fact that it came back fleetingly gives us hope.  You are lucky  ..... Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and then you can have holiday fever.  LOL!!!

JimE 11/11/19 00:40

Hi MD, looks like I spoke (typed) too soon!  Yes this is one I saved just in case it came back to life.  Maybe the little bit I saw today means that they are working on it?  Anyway, no Holiday fever yet...  Christmas has to pass before that happens.  Hope  you are well.

MD 11/10/19 23:32

Hi JimE   ..... back in operation but you only know that because you were wise enough to have it in your "stash."  It won't be widely available until that red notice disappears.  I have thousands of cams stored away and often take a look at random cams to see if they've come back to life but that's only happened a handful of times.  I agree with you ....  nice cam.

Is it too soon for holiday fever?   :D

JimE 11/10/19 22:32

This is one camera I am glad to see back in operation!  Night time parties in the Hot Tub!

MD 06/17/19 06:27

Hi JimE ..... I agree about society today .... and sadly it starts at the top ..... at the moment. ;D

JimE 06/16/19 14:30

Sure, now that I am finally able to log back into this camera, I see some clown has it locked out of focus.  Some people just enjoy tormenting others.  I'm not tormented by this, just making a general statement about todays society!

JimE 05/28/19 19:05

Hi MD, No it never zooms to the right spot!  I haven't figured out the password and username to GET control either!  If you're referring to the 5.8 quake yesterday, no I was spared experiencing that one as it was too far away!  I am planning another trek to the Big Island at the end of January next year - the one with the coffee shop camera. No telling what mischief i will raise this visit, but it will all be on cam. Hope all is well there  and that you are well.


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