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Hoybakken Marina
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Hoybakken Marina

6 hours ago

Hoybakken Marina

9 hours ago

Hoybakken Marina

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Hoybakken Marina

15 hours ago

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Comments (25)

MD 09/06/18 14:01

The penny finally dropped!    :D

MD 09/06/18 13:59

I'm obviously missing something ....... like brain cells.  I see page 1 to 58.  Are you using page 1 as newest?

Moose 09/06/18 13:51

Sort by newest, then go to page 58 and work backwards.

Moose 09/06/18 13:50

Waste?  Call it historical research and time well spent.

MD 09/06/18 13:50

That didn't last long.   Sorting by newest ....... ?

MD 09/06/18 13:46

Yes ...... I read your method on another cam.  Such a shame you weren't on here when there were more cams.

I'm now going to All Cams. I wonder how much time I'll waste there.   :D

Moose 09/06/18 13:27

Hi MD... I found that one by going to All Cams, sorting by Newest and going to the end.  Then cruising through the first (or last, depending on how you look at it) pages of the comments.  Some of the oldest cams are surprising.

MD 09/06/18 13:01

Hi Moose ......   I've just trawled through the first 85 pages of My Cams looking for early comments but I got so waylaid with reading the comments.   I didn't come across any earlier than the one you mention.

Moose 09/06/18 11:27

The earliest comment I have found anywhere was (on Buffalo Trace):

FredBear 01/24/05 15:52

Please, someone, tell me what this is?!?

MD 09/06/18 10:32

The first comment on The Bench was:


Warjat 05/24/05 20:27
Moose 09/06/18 01:38

I don't think that was the first cam, but the reference to the first post in the blog.  The first comment here was October 2005 (  The first comment on this Buffalo Trace cam was January 2005 (

MD 09/05/18 21:48

I never knew that was the first cam.  I'm sure Zedyer made the comment.

MD 09/05/18 21:46

I often have a look at now-defunct cams.  What's that they say ....... nostalgia is a thing of the past.  :D

stargzr 09/05/18 21:44

This is one of my favorite "old" sites.....not just for the cam itself, but also for the attached info.

stargzr 09/05/18 21:29

Totally agree !  Even though I've only been posting for a couple of years, I've actually been an observer almost since the inception.....through 2 residences, 4 computers and watching my grandsons go from little guys to college students.  I, like you, have fond memories of long ago sites.       (sob)

MD 09/05/18 21:19

Animation of last snapshots shows such a lot.

I asked because sometimes ..... when it says in red across the top of the cam that life feed might not be available .....  there can be times when there is livefeed but Opentopia won't have the cam in the Norway section.  I have almost every cam that Opentopia has had in the last 6 yrs.  Such a shame that we've lost well over 3,000 cams.

stargzr 09/05/18 20:37

I do, fortunately.

For old times sake.....


MD 09/05/18 20:29

That would be fun!!!!      Do you have Mehamn bookmarked?

stargzr 09/05/18 20:04

Meet you at the coffee shop.  :)

MD 09/05/18 19:59

Not St Olaf's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I hope they both come back....... we've spent happy hours at Mehamn.   That does it .......  we have to visit.    :D


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