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University of Arizona MMT Observatory - Parking Lot View
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University of Arizona MMT Observatory - Parking Lot View

5 hours ago

University of Arizona MMT Observatory - Parking Lot View

8 hours ago

University of Arizona MMT Observatory - Parking Lot View

11 hours ago

University of Arizona MMT Observatory - Parking Lot View

17 hours ago

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Comments (34)

Langworth Abigale 01/26/22 04:29

Is this the Arizona sky? Reminds me of Lady Gaga's song. But maybe it doesn't sound like the lyrics at all. Lol

Taysy 05/27/20 18:10

What the... was that black spiral-like thing always there?

MD 05/09/20 17:44

Well I did say a few years. LOL

I've no idea.  It used to be a view of the outside.

Taysy 05/09/20 10:36

Haha. I'm going to be here for a long time lol. Anyway, how long has this been empty for?

MD 05/08/20 04:35

Hi Taysy   .... just think .....  in a few years time we might be saying "Remember Taysy?"  LOL

Taysy 05/07/20 23:59

Woah. This conversation didn't last that long.

MD 06/11/18 22:36

It doesn't seem 3 years since that conversation.

Moose 06/11/18 22:22

Just when I think I've seen it all I find trix, MD and way557 talking astronomy.

MD 05/02/17 12:56

Silver Squirrel ....... bad girl.† LOL!

Silver Squirrel 05/02/17 01:50

On a clear night, I'll bet one could see Uranus. † (tee hee)

MD 10/05/16 11:02

A crazy conversation on this cam!† :D

trix abound 02/04/15 02:19

thanks :)))

MD 02/04/15 02:12

Oh alright then.†† LOL!!!!!

trix abound 02/04/15 02:03

MD...perhaps just a quick drive by so we can say we were there!!!!†† and take pics of course!!!!

MD 02/04/15 01:44

I've already been using my binoculars. We 3 are united by the moon!†

Trix.... do we think the Tardis is up to that length of journey? It's had a bit of wear. LOL

Way557 02/04/15 01:44

LOL† I had to look that word up

trix abound 02/04/15 01:41


Way557 02/04/15 01:40

Oh and if you can,† Get a pair of binculars and take a look at them,

Very cool looking.

trix abound 02/04/15 01:40

MD...i'm sure we could get to jupiter with the tardis!!!!

Way557 02/04/15 01:37

Cool Trix, Now you can tell eveyone you saw it.

I think it cool that I get to see this stuff before I die.


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