University of Jefferson City Library

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University of Jefferson City Library
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University of Jefferson City Library

6 hours ago

University of Jefferson City Library

9 hours ago

University of Jefferson City Library

12 hours ago

University of Jefferson City Library

15 hours ago

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Comments (11)

Moose 01/28/18 20:37

Nice try.  The IP address of the cam says University of Minnesota.

Mike Magma 01/28/18 19:17

This is not in Minnesota. Pehaps in Misery.

Moose 12/07/17 02:23

This cam is unusual.  The live feed is kinda blurry and the info on the cam is big letters, but the saved stills and current stills are clear and crisp and the letters are smaller.  Very mysterious.

MD 11/22/17 18:33

Moose ...... how do you know they are offensive until you read them?   :D

Moose 11/22/17 18:14

But you still read them!  Everybody is a lot quicker to be offended nowadays.

MD 11/22/17 18:07

They would indeed. There's just no need for some of the language that was used.

Moose 11/22/17 18:02

Many of them would result in banishment or legal action today!

MD 11/22/17 17:47

Well this one has stayed in the shadows for upwards of 6 years for me.  I agree about the old comments. I can spend ages reading them.

Moose 11/22/17 17:18

Hi MD... These obscure cams can lurk in the shadows for years and then suddenly pop up on Random Cams.  And the old comments are just amazng.

MD 11/22/17 17:03

Hi Moose ...... I've never seen it before. I've just added it to My Cams ...... one of over 4,000.

Moose 11/22/17 16:32

This cam has been around a long time, but everybody forgot about it.


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