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University of Minnesota

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University of Minnesota
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University of Minnesota

3612 hours ago

University of Minnesota

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University of Minnesota

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University of Minnesota

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Comments (6)

Kyle 01/13/11 21:34
before someone takes issue, The professor can only use what is given him, the best he knows how, no matter his personal opinion, if he wants to keep his tenure. I think in reality, the global warming thing is partly right, they omit many factors that scare the hell out of me, if they try and cool the planet down quick, we will all perish,, a few thousand years from now some alien will dig one of us out of a block of ice, and wonder what meteor came down and caused a freeze like this, Lol. I've no problem with them screaming and bullying, but draw a line at messing with the natural , Amen?
Kyle 01/13/11 21:21
PS, if this is accounting for nation wide temperatures using ground base measurements, it is sorely flawed. THey , the guages have lost their separation, and no longer measure true temperatures, that is the basis for Global warming, they omitted all the ocean temperatures in their equations as that would have thrown their claim out the window. It is both correct and super flawed, it only brushes barely on what is happening, there is something happening, but not what they say, its more frightening that way hahahahahahah, as the Canadian science teams are screaming, but no news will carry it, NEWS loves controversy, and will claim they understood all along , such clap trap, byeeeee
Kyle 01/13/11 21:15
hi and by folks
Kyle 01/13/11 21:14
heck this looks very much like spatial temperature ratios for weather, hahahaha shows how much I know huh
Kyle 01/13/11 21:13
either a linear accelerator or a Stellar cluster, hmmm, perhaps excited electromagnetic heating issues, wish there was sound
Debbie 01/13/11 17:30
I'm sorry Professor, could you repeat all that? I was asleep!

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