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View from Norran on Kanalgatan

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View from Norran on Kanalgatan
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View from Norran on Kanalgatan

309 hours ago

View from Norran on Kanalgatan

312 hours ago

View from Norran on Kanalgatan

315 hours ago

View from Norran on Kanalgatan

318 hours ago

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Comments (30)

MD 05/15/17 11:29

Backhoe in the background.

MD 05/29/15 13:07

Deacon ..... that's better.  :)))

Trix .... well ... you probably wouldn't get wasps! :D

trix abound 05/29/15 01:46

i think i would go on a picnic!!!!

deacon 05/29/15 01:15

I will do something quiet like wax the car then.

MD 05/28/15 11:10

Hi Deacon ..... and if you were my neighbour you'd probably end up wearing your lawnmower at about 2.10am!  LOL

deacon 05/28/15 00:46

I find it interesting that these areas are sun lit in the middle of the night this time of the year. I would possibly mow the grass at 2AM.

Way557 02/05/15 02:52

14°F with light snow 1 to 3 inches tonight here.... Grrrrrrrr

trix abound 02/05/15 02:14

it's -9C here....15F for us...

trix abound 02/05/15 02:07 blows the snow into the back of the truck!!!  how orderly!!!!

trix abound 02/05/15 02:05

yes...they are back now!!!

Way557 02/05/15 01:49

Lastnight there was a bunch of dump trucks hauling snow away.

I lost count after 25 trucks

trix abound 02/05/15 01:36

yes but fluffy white snow is better than brown slush!!!

MD 02/05/15 01:28

Trix... I suppose they have to drive somewhere. :)))

trix abound 02/05/15 00:50

no it doesn't...i would take snow from the snowbank and cover that dark strip in the road!!!

MD 02/05/15 00:43

Trix... they obviously don't use salt or grit. The traffic doesn't seem to have any problems.

trix abound 02/05/15 00:25

snow banks are still clean and white!!!!

trix abound 02/04/15 01:22

MD...this is turning into 1 of my one here is ever in a hurry and it's so clean!!

MD 02/02/15 12:38

Trix.... it was beautiful when the sun came out. And it's sunny now.... but cold.... not your sort of real cold though!!!

trix abound 02/02/15 01:56

MD...i don't mind a's a 12 inch burial i can do without!!!!...i bet it was pretty when the sun came out!!!

MD 02/02/15 01:50

Trix.... I woke up to find the fields were covered in snow and it was still snowing like crazy. A few hours later it had all gone and the sun was shining.


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